Unix / Linux FAQ - Prof. N.B. Venkateswarlu - E-Book

Unix / Linux FAQ E-Book

Prof. N. B Venkateswarlu

72,99 €


In the recent years, many eye-catching books became available with titles tagged with FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) such as C FAQ, C++ FAQ, Java FAQ etc.  In the same pattern, this book is also designed as Unix / Linux FAQ .The author has vast experience in Unix and Linux and that prompted him to bring a book for the benefit of students to perfect their knowledge in these areas. The questions and answers are taken from various USENET groups in the Internet. Most of the questions are tested under Linux platforms, such as Red Hat, Fedora core or Slack ware distributions.
     The book is divided into four modules – 1. Questions and Answers, 2. Multiple Choices Questions (MCQs), 3. Fill in the blanks and 4. True or false statements. The questions, in each module, range from simple to complex.

  • Most generally asked questions about Linux in Interviews explored in detail
  • A module on filling the blanks includes almost 500 questions with answers
  • About 500 multiple choice questions with answers are included to make the students ready for competitive exams and to test their abilities in UNIX/Linux
  • about 700 true or false questions are included to test the technical knowledge of the candidates
  • Some questions related to System Administration are also included
  • Questions related to C and UNIX/Linux interface are covered

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