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Anita Stephen

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There is something inside every man that wants to conquer the resistance of any woman regardless of her class, status, beauty or education. As a man, we always strive to be seductive, to be romantic, to loving and caring. And with all these and even more - we eternally hope it makes the opposite sex falls eternally to our sledgehammer.

Sadly, it sometimes weary the men; it leaves us feeling stuck, overwhelmed, and having to constantly deal with our own fear, doubt, and uncertainty!  

Hence as a man, you look at yourself and thus wonder: Wasn’t it all supposed to be easy seducing and getting the woman of your choice? While your inner voice is telling you that it is, however what is obtainable in the outside is in direct contradiction to what your inner world is actually telling you!

But you want to meet up to her expectations! You want her to fall madly in love with you! You want her to quit other guys and follow you - and you alone!

Interestingly, and whether you are single or married as a man, Untamed is both an intimate exposition and a wake-up call to every man who wants to know how to get and influence any woman. Untamed will show you, not just how to seduce or how to get any woman you want, but also how to make any woman love you and live only for you!

Untamed is written for the sake of romance, for the sake of seducing and making a great impression on any woman of your choice even if she appears' to be out of your league, or whether you've been together for long or you are just meeting her for the first time.

Untamed, Anita Stephen's newest book, shows any man how he can enjoy a successful and romantic relationship with the opposite sex, and what to avoid so as to stay as long as you want and still remain relivant in the relationship!

This book is written just for you - because it empowers you to find yourself, your inner ability i.e. voice and get into the spirit, the soul, and the emotion of any woman to do your bidding!

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- Anita Stephen

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This book is fondly dedicated to all those seeking for meaning and purpose in their love life, for those who wants to build their relationships and/marriage and thus, become an inspiration in 2021 to their dates.

Table of Contents




Chapter One: Paying More Attention to Your Woman


Chapter Two: Don’t Judge a Woman by Her Looks!


Chapter Three: Know What to Look for in a Woman


Chapter Four: Building Your Confidence in Dating Women


Chapter Five: Setting the Mood with Your Date


Chapter Six: Find Out As Much As You Can From Your Date


Chapter Seven: Places to Meet Women to Date


Chapter Eight: Waiting to Meet Ms. Perfect?


Chapter Nine: What to Talk About on a Date


An Appeal to You



Chapter One

Paying More Attention to Your Woman

THE word communication, according to Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, the 6th Edition, is defined as “The activity or process of expressing ideas and feelings or of giving people information”.

Interestingly, one of the things I really like in regard to the dictionary definition is the very fact that it uses the word, the process of expressing ideas and feelings.

And please notice the word, expressing ideas and feelings - and not necessarily debating, arguing, or doing any of such!

Hence this suggest that communication, as we all know, is certainly such an important factor in all relationships, business and personal life as well, that it should come as no surprise that we need to discuss it here as well.

So the question to be asked is this, what is communication, after all? And how does it affects our relationships?

Now, aside from the dictionary definition, communication is the two-way interaction that occurs between two or more people, and both verbally and non-verbally.

As such, it pontificates to the fact that what is said with actions is as important, if not more so, than what is said with words.

Sadly, many of us often time miss this fact.

But here we're going to focus our attention on the importance of verbal communication and what it will mean for your relationship.

Keep in mind, however, that when I talk about how things affect your relationship, that I'm mainly concerned with your success in the realm of seduction!

Communication with words is something we all do on a daily basis - which we can’t deny the fact - and which most of us have to learn or better still, unlearn and then relearn!

But then, just like when you're asked to give an impromptu speech, being asked to communicate in a particular situation just makes many of you cringe, lock up, and find yourself at a loss for words!


Well, mainly because when you have to think about what to say, you begin to develop cool feet.

You suddenly become concerned about what you're saying.

But if you just let it happen without any expectations, somehow everything works out a whole lot better!

That being said, think of your past relationships and where communication failed you.

Was it something you said in a particular conversation that you came to regret later?

Or was it something she said that you either treated as unimportant or simply didn't hear at all? Or could it have been a time when you should have said something to her, but didn't, and the results were equally regrettable?

Surely, we all can relate to this.

Because all of these, either in one way or the other, have happened to nearly everyone at one time or another.

Therefore, the trick is NOT to let these past failures define how you communicate now and in the future of your current relationship.

Talking is something we all think about when we hear the word 'communication'.

Sadly that is not so.

But again, and unfortunately, that first thought is the wrong one if you're looking for a good relationship with potential for romance.

Believe me, talking will get you nowhere, and worse, it may cause things to fall backward or even to fall apart.

When you talk, you're expecting someone else to listen, right? Okay then.

But what about the listener? When does she get the chance to be heard?

That's why it's so much better to change your view from one of simply talking, to one where you see communication as the carrying on of a conversation.