Violated - Ofelia Garza - E-Book

Violated E-Book

Ofelia Garza

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In the game of international spies, lies and intrigue, Susan Templar is abducted by a gang of unknowns, abused and tortured for no apparent reason or motive. But, why was she abducted and by whom? Will she be rescued or will she be even further Violated... even to death in this erotic thriller!

They led Susan into a small room stuffy with central heating. There was a low divan covered with black satin against one wall. Two chairs, an old-fashioned wardrobe, a washbasin and bidet behind a screen, and several large mirrors completed the furnishings. A table lamp with a red bulb was the only illumination. Lisa opened the wardrobe and took out a black leather corset with trailing laces, a pair of high-heeled knee boots, and a black papier-mache face mask with elastic ear-pieces.

“Put these on,” she ordered.

Susan’s face was a study in bewilderment. “But I don’t understand,” she began tearfully.

“How many times do I have to tell you — you don’t have to understand!” the blonde snapped. “Take off your clothes and put those on!”

Repressing a sob, the voluptuous young brunette reluctantly undressed and drew on the black boots. When they were tight enough for Lisa’s satisfaction, she stood helplessly in the hot room, her softly curved body gleaming whitely in the seductive light, while they laced her into the form-fitting waist corset. Finally, Lisa handed her the mask.

“Why do I have to…?” Susan faltered.

“Will you do what you’re told! All you have to do it follow our instructions. I’ve explained already: there’s a certain client of this establishment we wish to compromise. All you need to know is that! You’re dressed like this, and you’re to wear that mask, because it’s the season of Fasching… it’s the custom to dress up in the south, and they follow it here during this week as a sop to their clients from that part of the country.”

“But why me? Why must I…?”

“Because the client likes a new girl each time he comes and you happen to be the type he likes. If you do what you’re told, you can buy your way out of this — pay your ransom if you like — and we’ll let you go. If not…”

The blonde nodded towards Heinz. The lean-faced youth had taken a wicked-looking, short-barreled revolver from his pocket. Susan gasped with fright as he broke the gun, spun the cylinder, and inserted six cartridges into the chambers.

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