Wolf Submission 1 - 3 - Arya Hucovv - E-Book

Wolf Submission 1 - 3 E-Book

Arya Hucovv

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In this three-book-bundle, you will find submissive humans submitting to Alpha Werewolves in every way imaginable. The innocent young women are conditioned and trained to accept more than just one lover and surrender everything to the powerful men who are downright savage in claiming what's theirs. This book contains Ruined Innocence, Massage Therapy, and Mating Moon.

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

Excerpt from Mating Moon: 

They had blindfolded her in the car on the way to the forest, like they were worried that she would find her way back if they didn't take precautions.

She rolls her eyes at the thought. The more she thinks about it, the less sorry she is about them giving up on her so easily.

The new pack, the one that had challenged her current caretaker for her, had rattled them so completely that she had caught them discussing with the authorities a late that evening, asking if they were in any danger. She had been so naive then, thinking that they are worried about her safety when all they were worried about was their own.

It should have warned her. She could have had a head-start if she had started running when she overheard them. Instead, she had gone on blind faith that they would keep her safe for longer, that they would wait until the government officials come for her in the morning.

She had been so stupid, and now she's paying for it.

A rumbling snarl echoes through the trees and she stumbles in her surprise. Her heart jumps up her throat like it's trying to escape through her mouth. She yelps, and steadies herself with a palm on the forest floor. It comes away damp with mud and she has to make herself to get back up and continue running.

The wolf is close. She needs to run further.

Howls respond from all around her, some closer than others. The entire pack is coming for her. The forest isn't large enough for her to hide in, not when she's stinking of fear and anticipation.

She draws a deep, shuddering breath and keeps running. She is curious to meet her new pack, but not curious enough to stop and let them have their way with her.

She needs to run.

It is at times like this that she wishes she was normal. That she wasn't a human born with the ability to carry werewolf pups. Werewolves lost the ability to carry on the genetics that allows them to shift into werewolves decades ago, or to pass it on with a mere bite. The only way for a werewolf to have children that are like them is if they have a human companion. It is what makes them so special. It is also what makes having them dangerous. Only the strongest packs have human companions because only the strongest packs can keep them.

She scoffs. 

A sharp howl goes up right behind her, so close that she can feel it vibrating through her bones. She freezes and twists around to stare in the dark. The forest is too thick for her to see anything. "Who's there?" she calls out, not really expecting an answer. She jumps when she does.

"Stop running, little lamb..."

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Wolf Submission 1 – 3

BDSM | Werewolf | Menage

by Arya Hucovv

Copyright 2018 Arya Hucovv

This is a work of fiction. Similarities to real people, places, or events are entirely coincidental. All characters depicted in sexual acts in this work of fiction are 18 years of age or older. No part in this book may be reproduced, transmitted, stored, or distributed without permission of the author or publisher.

These three steamy short stories feature innocent young human women being filled by fertile werewolf males. There are scenes of stripping, groping, public humiliation and public fingering, bondage, lactation, gangbang, voyeurism, exhibitionism, werewolf knot kink, daddy kink, and so much more.

In this bundle, you will find:


Wolf Submission 1: Ruined Innocence

Anna is eighteen when she meets the man she's supposed to love for the rest of her life. The self-made millionaire is older, more experienced, and a lot bigger than her. She is even more intimidated when she realizes that he is a werewolf. She's heard stories about werewolves sharing their lovers and how huge they can grow.


She isn't prepared for him to be so kind and gentle with her, taking his time to make sure she is comfortable with every little development in their lives. Little does she know that he is only conditioning her to accept the changes to come...

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Wolf Submission 2: Massage Therapy

When Savannah is asked to accompany her brother’s fiancée to a spa, she thinks of it as an opportunity to relax from her strenuous college classes.

What she isn’t expecting is for her masseur to be a werewolf who’s not only ready to massage all the stress from her body, but also introduce some other form of relaxation. Just what kind of spa did her brother’s fiancée bring her to?! She finds out quickly that her future sister-in-law to be into some seriously kinky stuff.

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Wolf Submission 3: Mating Moon

Emma has just celebrated her eighteenth birthday, which means she is no longer under the protection of her foster werewolf pack. She is expecting things to be done the proper way, for proposals to be sent her way and she can sit comfortably in front of a crackling fireplace and flip through all the werewolves interested in her as she sips a mug of hot cocoa.

Instead, she is driven out the woods and set free like some sort of misbehaving pup. She does the only thing she can and runs, werewolves hot on her trail.

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Wolf Submission 1:

Ruined Innocence

BDSM | Werewolf | Romance

by Arya Hucovv

Copyright 2018 Arya Hucovv

This is a work of fiction. Similarities to real people, places, or events are entirely coincidental. All characters depicted in sexual acts in this work of fiction are 18 years of age or older. No part in this book may be reproduced, transmitted, stored, or distributed without permission of the author or publisher.

Look Inside

"Take your fingers out, baby," he says.

She keens, reluctant to part with the pleasure, but manages to pull her fingers free with a little whine.

"Lie down flat on the bed and hold your legs wide open for me."

She scrambles to follow orders, not having time to be embarrassed over how naked and exposed she feels. She is, however, starting to feel a little cold from being naked for so long.

"Have you ever let anyone see you like this, Anna?" he asks and she shakes her head quickly. His hot palms are tracing over her ankle and up her leg, curving down to her inner thigh.

Her breath hitches and stops.

"Have you ever let anyone touch you like this?" he continues.

She shakes her head again and he hums in response, pleased by her answer. He rubs the inside of her thighs, his stubble scratching her delicate skin there to make it redden instantly.

"And you won't, would you, baby? Cause you belong to me now," he rumbles. "Every inch of you belongs to me," he says.

She feels as though everywhere his hands and lip touches is catching on fire. Blood hums beneath her veins and her tight heat is throbbing with the need for something hard and hot inside it. She whimpers. She finds herself bucking her hips up, trying to coax him into putting his mouth between her legs where she wants them most.

"Answer me, Anna."

"I'm yours," she answers instantly.

His chest rumbles in satisfaction and she hisses in pleasure when his fingers ghost over the throbbing lips between her legs and spread her open.

Her head falls back into the pillow and she is wheezing, breathing through her mouth instead of her nose because she doesn't remember how to inhale suddenly.

"Breathe, baby," he says, his tone turning low and soothing. "That's right," he rumbles. "Good girl," he says and turns his attention back between her legs. He's back to spreading her open again and he seems satisfied with just that, pinching her pussy lips and opening her up, watching intently without making any progress.

His hot breath tingles on her skin and her inner walls tremble. He smirks as though he knows exactly what he's doing to her.

"Hold still," he whispers, pressing his palms to her inner thighs to keep her spread open. She whimpers in protest.

"Jav- Jav- don't," she begs, trembling when he breaths against her opening, warm air brushing over too-sensitive skin, driving her crazy with arousal.

"You'll like it, I promise,' he says.


But his tongue is already moving, circling her entrance and lapping at it like it is coated in sugar. The flat of his tongue is textured and rough, rubbing all the way up to her clit before flicking off. He does this again and again, making a satisfied sound deep in his throat that vibrates all the way up her spine to melting her brain. She arches further into his touch rather than away, her own fingers curling on the underside of her knees to keep her legs spread open despite the tensing muscles on her inner thighs, trying to close them together.

He presses his face more insistently into her heat, tongue sliding up and over her clit, and then sliding back down, delving inwards and spearing into her with the wet organ.

"Oh! Oh!" she cries out, fingers tightening on her thighs hard enough to hurt. She flexes her fingers against her flesh and resists the urge to pull away. It feels so good that it's almost unbearable.

Then, he adds a finger to join his tongue and she gasps as pleasure courses up her spine like an electric current.

"Oh! Oh!" she cries out. She was right earlier. His finger feels so much better than her own. He slides his finger knuckle-deep inside her as his tongue continues to work on her clit and lap up the juices leaking from her tight heat. "Please, please," she gasps.

Chapter One: New Hucow

Anna is eighteen when she first meets the man she's supposed to love for the rest of her life. He's supposed to love her back, but they know nothing about each other.

She's eighteen-years-old and not quite comfortable in her own body, with long, skinny arms and legs, a small waist with large breasts and hips that her guardian promises she will grow into. Eventually. She wishes it was sooner rather than later, but it's not like it matters one way or the other. The man doesn't seem to mind the way she looks. He is looking at her like she's good enough to eat. She wonders if he will have fangs when he smiles. She's never seen a werewolf before.

Confusion and apprehension twists in her gut and she wonders if the man can see it, see that she's completely untrained and too innocent to be any good for him. Maybe he'll change his mind. If she's lucky, she will get to go back to the facility with her guardian and he'll try with someone else. It's all just wistful thinking. Even she knows this. He's already signed all the papers. She belongs to him for the next year, and if he deems her acceptable, she will belong to him for much longer.

The stranger is a giant of a man, so much taller than her that she has to tilt her head up to look at his face. She isn't at all disappointed by what she sees. She doesn't know what she was expecting. An old, balding man, maybe. He is nothing like any of the men she's seen in her facility. There's nothing soft or friendly about him, nothing about him that indicates he is ready to help her when she needs her to.

This man is all sharp edges and hard muscles. Even when he smiles, he looks unapproachable and dangerous. He looks like the kind of people her teachers caution them again. Dangerous. She wraps her arms around herself and shivers but forces herself to look him in the eye.

After all, this is the man she's supposed to learn to love.

She tries to look past the intimidating features of his sharp jaws and stern gaze. She supposes he's quite handsome. He has skin as dark as the night and even though his nose is slightly crooked, it makes him look even better, somehow. His jawline is dark with stubble and she wonders if it will prickle under her soft touch. She hopes it would. She enjoys texture.

Underneath the tailored suit is a muscular, healthy body. She can pick up a slight hint of his cologne, but nothing else. Unlike the werewolf in front of her, she isn't blessed with heightened senses and her nose is not sensitive enough to pick up the nuances of scents in the air.

The werewolf takes a deep inhale and grins savagely, his teeth a bright contrast against his dark skin. He looks so much like a wolf that she finds herself backing away in terror.

She's too young to be eaten.

"Hello, Anna," the dangerous, scary man says, holding out a hand. "I'm Javan. I'll be taking care of you now."

She clings tighter to her guardian's hand, but the older man merely gives her an indulgent smile and kisses her on her forehead. He tugs his arm away, prying her fingers free from her grip. "It's okay, Anna," he says. "Javan is going to take good care of you now."

He places her hand in the stranger's outstretched one, and he closes his large fingers around her small digits before she can tug it away. He holds it firmly, encompassing her entire hand in a grip that's too tight for her to escape, but not tight enough to hurt.

"I'm not going to hurt you, Anna," he promises, looking at her, and then gives her guardian and expectant glance.

Her guardian seems to know exactly what to do then. "Be good, Anna," he says. He gives her a chaste kiss on her forehead and avoids her look of betrayal by turning away quickly.

She watches him go with wide eyes quickly filling with tears. Then, she turns to the man who is supposed to take care of her for the rest of her life. They're supposed to take care of each other. She glares at him. It's his fault she's here in the first place. There's six other girls in the facility that he could have chosen. Why did he have to choose her?

"Are you hungry, Anna? Would you like something to eat?" he asks, keeping their hands clasped together and tugging her along into the house. The automatic door slides soundlessly shut behind them and the locking mechanism clicks into place ominously. She feels trapped.

She is trapped. "I want to go home," she whispers.

His grip on her hand tightens and she yelps at the sudden pain. Instead of releasing her, he pulls her towards him until they are standing face to face.

She expects him to look angry. She's not trying to be difficult on purpose. It's just a huge chance for her. She flinches and his expression softens. He doesn't look angry at all. A little sorry, maybe.

"Don't you want to stay with me, baby?" he asks.

She nods because it's what she's been trained to do, but she does it as sullenly as she dares. She wants to stay at the facility with the rest of her friends. He's a stranger to her. But even at the facility, they've made it clear that she's not there to stay. The moment she turns eighteen, she will be listed as a potential mate and be matched off to a suitable suitor. It just so happens that she was chosen the moment she turned eighteen. Some of the girls are there until they're nineteen! She hadn't expected to be chosen so soon. Myra is almost twenty!

"Are you afraid?" he asks, pinching her chin between his forefinger and thumb and coaxing her to look up at him. His eyes are like melted gold. They're beautiful.

She starts to shake her head again when he interrupts with a quick-

"I know when you're lying to me, Anna," he warns, his expression stern, but his grip on her chin is still light enough that it doesn't hurt and he's loosened his hold on her hand entirely, letting her clasps her fingers together in front of her.

She freezes, and then nods. "I'm scared."

"What are you scared of?" he asks.

She blinks at him, eyes growing wider, the blacks of her pupils dilating. "I don't know," she says honestly. She's afraid of many things, but she doesn't know if she has all the words for them. She's been kept alone for many years, interacting only with people like her, hucows meant for breeding and taking care of children. They can take all sorts of males are their mates, but werewolves seem to prefer them, so most of them end up having a wolf as a mate.

"Are you afraid I'm going to hurt you?" he asks.

She swallows and prepares to shake her head in denial. "Are you?" she squeaks after thinking about it for a second.

He shakes his head and looks as though he's trying not to smile.

"But Myra says-" she clamps up and closes her palm over her mouth. Myra is a girl a year older than her. She's supposed to have gone to a suitable male already, but the man who's supposed to be taking care of her didn't pass some sort of test so her guardian took her back and they're waiting for someone else to take her now. She's never seen a hucow come back to the facility after they've left before. Myra is something of a celebrity in the facility. In retrospect, they had been really disrespectful, asking all those invasive questions and expecting her to share everything with them.

"What did Myra say?" he prompts without pushing too hard, letting her take her time to answer.

He looks steadily at her, waiting. It takes only half a minute for her resolve to break, "She says her alpha took her to the bed and started breeding her straight away, and that you'd do the same to me too. That all Alphas are the same and werewolves are the worst because they have knots and they're going to hurt."

He smiles and shakes hit head. "Myra's just trying to scare you, baby. Not all Alphas are the same."

She frowns. "I'm not a baby," she challenges, lifting her chin, her large eyes flashing even though her lips are quivering slightly.

He chuckles and it is a low, pleasant sound that rumbles and vibrates her bones. He places a warm hand on her head and combs her hair over her ear before brushing his fingers down one soft cheek. She leans into the touch without thinking. "I know you're not. It is merely a term of endearment," he explains.

"Endearment?" she echoes, confused.

"It means affection," he explains with patience she's only ever gotten from her guardian before.

She blushes. "Oh," she bites her lower lip. "I didn't know that." They don't teach her too much in the facility, just housekeeping and some basic accounting for if their mates want them to handle finances at home.

"It's alright," he says. "I'm not going to do anything you're not ready for," he promised, his palm resting comfortably on her cheek. "Do you want to talk about it?"

She licks her lips. "Talk about what?"

"Anything," he says. "Mates talk about things. You have to like me as much as I like you in order for me to keep you," he explains. "Is this Myra someone who returned to the facility with after she went away?" he asks.

She frowns and nods, wondering how he would know this.

He hums. "That probably means that either she did not like her mate, or her mate found her unsuitable," he says.

"Oh." The thought of being sent back because Javan doesn't like her fills her with shame. She suddenly understands why Myra would make up things to scare them. Perhaps her mate didn't like her and she doesn't want to let anyone know. Or maybe there's something wrong with the mate they chose for her? Maybe there's something wrong with Myra?

"Come," he says, offering her his hand. "You can ask me more questions and we'll talk over dinner, okay?"

She hesitates for only a second before taking his hand. He leads her into the kitchen, where a full meal has already been set up on the table. There's a bowl of fresh salad, steamed corn, and what smells like freshly baked whole grain bread. There're two empty glasses and a platter of cheese. She glances at him from the corner of her eyes in shock. She's never had cheese before. On the other side of the table is a plate of seared beef with asparagus. In fact, it's the only plate with utensils set on the table, making her wonder if she's supposed to eat the salad with her fingers.

He takes a seat and when she makes to pull away so she can sit on a different chair, he tugs her to him and pats his lap. "Sit," he says.

She shakes her head impulsively, and then regrets it because she does want to sit and his lap seems comfortable.

"I won't do anything," he promises. "I'd just like to be close to you. You don't have to if you're uncomfortable," he offers magnanimously.

"I'm heavy," she says with a blush.

"I'm a wolf, baby girl, and you're tiny. I'm sure I can handle you," he says, smiling with amusement.

She grimaces at the pet name. She isn't a 'baby girl'. She's eighteen. She's an adult now. It's why she has to leave the facility and she can't live with the rest of the friends anymore. She shifts her weight uncomfortably, but doesn't protest when he draws her up onto his lap until she's settled on his thighs.

It's like sitting on a really hard couch. Her fading flush renews itself on her cheeks, spreading down her upper chest. She whimpers, but doesn't try to move away.

"Good girl," he says, releasing her hand and settling both hands on the table.

His compliment makes her blush harder. She's always liked praises. "Thank you," she says politely, folding her hands together on her lap and trying not to shift too much. She knows he's muscular, but sitting in his lap like this makes her feel even smaller. He's holding her so easily, like she hardly weighs anything at all.

"Are you allowed meat at the facility, baby girl?" he asks, settling an arm around her waist to pull her closer to him so that her back is pressed against his chest.

She freezes, feeling stiff and out of place all of a sudden. She imagines that she can feel the steady throb of his heart on her back. His hand splays on her belly, warmth spreading through the thin material to the skin beneath it.

He looks at her expectantly and she realizes he's waiting for an answer.

She tries to remember the question, and when she does, she shakes her head. "I've never had meat before," she confesses. "We're only allowed salads because of- um... because our animals are vegetarians."

She's never even had her own milk before. It's meant for the facility and their customers. She knows some of the girls have tried it, though... Just pull their nipples to their mouths and pinch their breasts to spray milk directly onto their tongues. They tell her it's sweet and really quite delicious. It's supposed to be highly nutritious. It's one of the reasons why it's so expensive. The other being that it's rare for mated hucows to be allowed to sell their milk. Werewolf mates are impregnated fairly early and will need all the milk they can get for their cubs.

She leans back and relaxes a little against his chest, but she doesn't quite know what to do with her arms or legs. "Do you eat salads?" she asks in return.

"A little," he shares.

"Oh," she gasps. "Did you- did you get this all for me?" she asks, eyeing the buffet of greens in front of them.

He smiles and reaches holds the knife in one hand and the fork in his other. "It pleases me to be able to provide for you, my dear," he says. "We're still half human," he continues, slicing the thick slice of meat into bite-size pieces. It is raw in the middle. "You're allowed a little meat, the same way I'm allowed vegetables and fruits." He lifts a small cutlet of the beef to her mouth. "Open," he says.

She licks her lips and frowns. It smells like basil, black pepper, and other scents she's never encountered before. She opens her mouth and bites into it. The explosion of tastes in her mouth has her moaning. It sweet and savory and chewy in a way that she's never experienced before, the texture and taste making her toes curl in pleasure as she savors it. She chews slowly, letting the flavor sink in her tongue.

"Good, isn't it?" he asks.

She nods eagerly and watches with thinly veiled disappointment when the next slice goes into his own mouth. She whines.

"Patience, baby girl," he says when she shifts and bounces impatiently on his lap. "If you keep moving like that, I can't promise I won't be doing anything for long."

She stills abruptly upon realizing she's been rubbing her ass on his lap.

"Good girl."

The next slice he cuts goes into his mouth again. So does the next, and the one after that. She whimpers and twists a little on his lap, turning her large, pleading eyes at him.

He laughs and scoops a spoonful of steamed corn for her. "Open," he orders.

She pouts, bottom lip jutting out. "I want-"

He stuffs her mouth with the corn and she has to chew and swallow before she can speak.

"I want what you're having," she says rebelliously.

He indulges her by taking a spoonful of the corn and chewing it slowly before swallowing, keeping eye contact the entire time. He reaches for another spoonful and offers it to her. She huffs.

"I want the meat," she demands and she can practically smell the amusement rolling off him as he cuts off a small slice of the beef. He offers it to her with an indulgent smile that she ignores in favor of enjoying the meat.

"Do you want to try the cheese?" he asks.

She nods eagerly. Cheese isn't even allowed in their kitchens. She pouts when she sees what a tiny slice he's cutting from the sizable chunk of cheese, and then opens her mouth wide to take it. He makes a sound from his throat, like a growl but deeper. It vibrates through her spine and makes her feel weak and boneless.

"The sounds you make..." he says, closing his eyes and taking a deep inhale.

She's too busy tasting the cheese to notice what he's doing. It's not as nice as she had imagined, the taste of cheddar sharp on her tongue and she's grateful that he didn't cut too large of a slice for her.

When she finally looks at him, she sees that he's staring at her with a thoughtful expression. "It's very delicious," she says and then, she takes a deep breath and leans up slightly to kiss the corner of his lips. "Thank you, Mr. Javan," she says.

He inhales sharply. "Is that how you thank your guardian too?" he asks, his tone kept carefully level and emotionless.

She shakes her head. "Kisses are for mates," she says. "Guardians are temporary. We aren't supposed to do anything with them." There's a girl who claims that she loves her guardian. He was sent away the next day without warning. "Did I do it wrong?" she asks.

He exhales and pulls her into a bruising kiss, twisting her body around so that she is straddling him, her knees carefully balanced on the edge of the seat as her arms wind around his neck.

She has never kissed anyone before, not even when the other girls play pretend mates and mash their lips together, but when his tongue brushes over her plush lips, she parts them instinctively to let him taste inside her. Their tongues touch and it's like electricity is coursing through her veins, blood humming with pleasure. He tastes like pleasure and want and she deepens the kiss, tilting her head and slotting their mouths together, her breasts rubbing against his chest, nipples pebbled and hard.

There is a pressure building in the pit of her stomach and a growing heat between her legs. She rubs it against him, rocking her lower body against his hips without thought.

He groans and puts his hands on her shoulders. He pulls away from her with great reluctance. "We should talk before we do anything," he says, much to her disappointment.

She asks, "So, you're not going to mate me?" His answering laugh irritates her and she growls at him, even though the sound that comes out of her mouth is more like a mewl than a growl.

"Not yet, baby girl," he says.

Chapter Two: Milked

They finish the rest of the meal with little interruption. He paces her and she only gets two more bites of the meat. The man, the 'guardian' who left her with him has given him careful instructions on her diet.

"Are you full?" he asks, trying to rear himself back from rutting into the innocent young girl sitting on his lap. She smells amazing, like home and heat with a hint of arousal that she probably doesn't even recognize. When they kissed, he had been surprised, and then wary. She had done it so naturally, as though she has trained for it.

He had specifically requested a hucow who has never been touched before. Most hucows in the facility hasn't, but he knows some guardians are not as controlled as they should be and enjoy 'sampling the merchandise', as crude as that is. She appears innocent enough, however, and seems to be reacting to her body's wants and her instincts rather than experience.

It's clear that she wears her heart on her sleeve and expresses herself openly. She's very sheltered, as is most hucows. They're kept in the facility together with other hucows their age and don't meet anybody else until they're of age. He rubs his thumbs against the juts of her hips and makes a note to feed her more.

She licks her lips and stares wistfully at the empty plate of meat in front of them, looking ready to lick the juices from the surface if he's not watching her so intently. If she asks him politely, he would probably let her.

"I'm full," she says at last, blush climbing back up to her face now that she's no longer distracted by food.

"Good girl," he says, resting his hands on her hips. He's achingly hard already, his erection straining in his pants. She smells so ripe and fuckable. He wants more than anything to strip her and breed her, fill her up with his seed and keep his knot inside her until she's heavy with his cubs.

"Mr. Javan?" she asks, her voice soft and innocent, eyes so wide and clueless of the turmoil in his mind that he has half the mind to tell her.

Instead, he takes a deep, shuddering inhale, filling his lungs with her scent. She's nervous and unsure, but sated and content after the hearty meal. He wants to know how she would smell after he's fucked her full. He asks, "Do you know why you're here, baby?"

She nods. "You're my mate," she says. "I'm supposed to love you and carry your cubs for you."

Gods. She's such a perfect, clueless little thing, isn't she? He nods, "That's right. But if you don't feel comfortable with anything I do, you just have to let me know, okay?" he says. It's possible that they would go their separate ways, but he doesn't tell her that. There's a one-month trial period and after a year, if she's still not heavy with cubs, then they would both get tested to figure out if there's a compatibility issue. Some werewolves are unable to get their hucow mates pregnant. He doubts that would be a problem.

He is thirty six, exactly twice her age, and is one of the youngest werewolf candidates to be assigned his own hucow. Most don't get one until they're well into their forties. It wouldn't be possible if he wasn't so successful. Money goes a long way to getting what he wants and what he wants right now is a pregnant, beautiful hucow in his home and plenty of cubs running around.

She licks her lips, drawing his attention to her full, plush lips. He reaches up to press a thumb against her lower lip and draws in a quick breath when her tongue dart out to taste. She's probably chasing the taste of cheese and meat on him, but he'll take it. He dips his finger into her mouth and groans when she licks around his index finger, tasting the salt and slight hint of cheese on it from when he picked up the cheese with his finger. He imagines those gorgeous lips around his cock, soft lips closing over his cock, tongue licking up and down his slit. He groans. He has no doubt he would wreck her when he has the chance.

When he finally pulls his finger free, he is leaking precum, his erection jutting in his pants, eager to join in the fun.

She asks, "When do you think I'll be ready?"

"You'll be ready when you're ready," he answers cryptically. He has to be patient. It's one of the first things her guardian, Nate had told him. It would be so much sweeter when she gives herself to him willingly.

She doesn't look satisfied with his answer, but nods regardless. "Can I have some water, please?" she asks.

He remembers the empty glasses he had set on the table and has a sharp moment of weakness where he growls and juts his hips upwards, rubbing his hard erection against her soft cheeks.

For something so small and skinny, she's wonderfully soft and perfect. He abruptly remembers Nate's words before he had left earlier that day. "You got one of my best milkers," he had said with an air of disappointment, like Javan is taking away his favorite toy and there's nothing he can do about it. "She will have no problems producing milk for your cubs. You will need to milk her at least once a day. She's used to doing it herself, but if you're so inclined to help her, she's familiar with it as well." He does not like the look of reminiscent pleasure on his face, like he's recalling the last time he 'helped' her with the milking.

Guardians are supposed to stay with their wards until they're ready to be mated. They aren't supposed to allow them to grow attached. She shifts on his lap and tries to twist around, only to be stopped by his firm grip around her waist, pulling her flush against his chest so he can rub his erection against her ass.

"Ah- Anh-" she gasps. "Jav- Mr. Javan, sir?" Her cheeks are flushed and her lips are wet and parted. He wants so much to kiss her and ravage her right there. He thinks of how good she would look, her belly round with cubs, her nipples engorged, her breasts heavy with milk.

He pulls himself together. "Your guardian tells me that you need to be milked at least once a day?" he asks. "I was thinking we could have a taste."

For a second, she looks confused. He can see the exact moment she comprehends what he's asking by the bright blush on her cheek.

"Are- are you sure?" she asks. "I'm not- I'm not allowed."

"You're not allowed to milk yourself?" he asks, deliberately being dense to hear her explain further. She's such a precious, innocent thing. He's going to ruin her.

She shakes her head. "It's- it's not that," she stutters, looking away from him. She stares at her fingers on her lap and fidgets, and then remembers she's sitting on his lap when she inadvertently rubs against his erection in the process.

"What is it, baby girl?" he asks.

"It's just- I um... I've never tasted my own milk before," she whispers, like she's sharing a secret with him. "I'm not allowed," she says.

"It's alright, baby. As I understand it, you're not allowed before because they needed to package and sell the milk to keep the facility running. You belong to me now," he says, assuaging her fear calmly. It's not entirely through. The facility is making more money than they care to admit. Selling the milk is just an added bonus. He's paid a lot of money for her. "I don't intent to share you with anyone just yet, but I would like to taste you first, if you're comfortable?" He's not sure what he'll do if she denies him that simple thing. Most hucows are used to milking themselves in front of an audience, however, so he's not too worried.

"Are- are you sure?" she asks, eyes wide when she turns to him. She has such beautiful black eyes, dark enough to get lost in.

"Yes," he nods. "I'm certain."

"Oh," she murmurs, turning back to the table. She spots the empty glasses and understands what they're for almost instantly. Clever girl. She reaches for a glass. "If- if you say so," she murmurs.

"Are you going to take you dress off?" he asks and his cock twitches in anticipation. She is not wearing anything underneath. He would enjoy having her naked on his lap. He could probably come just like that.

She worries her lower lip until it is bright red and swollen. "I suppose I have to," she says reluctantly. The way the dress is designed makes it impossible for her to take just the top half off.

He lets her down from his lap with his hands on her hips and has to coax her to look up at him with his knuckle on her chin. "You don't have to do it if you're uncomfortable," he says graciously even though it's the last thing he wants to offer her. Already, her scent is driving his wolf to want. It wants to mount her and breed her until she is leaking cum from between her legs and screaming his name from her lips.

"I- I want to," she says, her eyes shimmering wetly. "Can you help me, please?" she asks, and then raises her arms up in the air and waits for him to pull her dress up and over her head.

Jesus. She's going to be the death of him. She stands absolutely still as he reaches for the hems of her dress and pulls it over her head, sliding the tight black dress all the way off her the tips of her fingers until she is completely nude in front of him. She is absolutely delicious.

She's still young, that much is certain, eighteen and not yet completely comfortable in her own skin. Her breasts are almost too large for her small frame and without the tight dress to hold them up, they are heavy on her chest. Her waist is tiny and there is a hint of visible ribs on her chest right beneath her breasts. He's going to have to fatten her up some more. He likes a little more meat on his lovers.

Her hips are wide and perfect for child-bearing, and there is a dash of hair between her legs, hiding her pussy from view. She crosses her legs, one over the other and tries to hide herself from him even more, but there's not much she can do since she's completely naked.

He should give her guardian a bonus for keeping her in such wonderful condition for him.

She whimpers at the hungry look he gives her. "Do you want to sit back down on my lap, baby?" he asks.

She hesitates for a second, and then, evidently deciding that it would be easier for her to hide by sitting on his lap, nods. He pulls her up to his lap and shifts her legs so that she sitting between his open thighs, her soft ass pushing directly against his erection.

"Comfortable?" he asks.

She folds her arms over her breasts gingerly and nods, her gaze lowered, blotches of red on her cheeks and chest. She's such a shy little thing. They're supposed to be used to being milked, but it appears she's so sheltered that the only people who's seen her like this are her guardian, the doctors, and now, him.

"Can I touch you?" he asks.

She sucks her lower lip between her teeth and chews on it thoughtfully for a few long seconds before nodding. "Okay." She leans back into his chest and lowers her arms, offering him full view or her breasts.

There's a drop of creamy white liquid on the tip of her nipples that lets him know that she's ready to be milked already. He inhales greedily, taking in the scent of fresh, slightly sweet cream clinging to the tips of her nipples.

He reaches around her chest and circles her breasts with both hands, smoothing his palm under her large breasts and then feeling around it. Her breasts are almost disproportionately big on her small frame, but he's certain that can be rectified with time and a proper diet. He's distracted by her sudden inhale. "Did I hurt you?" he asks.

"No," she whispers, peering at him from beneath her long lashes, her cheeks flaming red. She's clenching her fingers into tight fists on her lap and her inner thighs are clenching at intervals in a telltale sign of arousal.

He smirks, but does not point it out. He wants her to be comfortable with him. "Can I continue?" he asks.

She looks lost for a moment, her fingers curled so tightly that her knuckles have gone white.

"Anna?" he prompts.

"Oh! Um... sure," she says softly.

Chapter Three: Lactation

She tries fervently to ignore how good it feels to have the man's warm hands against her skin, rubbing gentle, soothing circles around her breasts without touching her nipples. His skin is so dark compared to her creamy pale tone. She can't help but be mesmerized by how slowly he's massaging her breast, his long, slightly calloused fingertips rubbing soothing circles around her mounds and sending electric pinpricks of pleasure down her spine every time he flicks his fingers over her sensitive nipples.

"Are you feeling alright, my dear? he asks, his fingers still working expertly on her breasts.

She's relaxed in his arms, her eyes closed and almost asleep already. The nurses that milk her are usually professional and prompt about it, pinching her by her nipples and kneading the milk from her breasts without so much touching involved. "I'm fine," she whispers tiredly, leaning her head back to rest on his shoulder.

When his fingers close together, pinching her nipples between his forefingers and thumbs, she has to bite the inside of her mouth to keep from moaning, but the sound escapes her throat nevertheless. She whines when he stops and releases her nipples.

"You're doing it wrong," she whimpers, her voice a shrill pitch that she can't control.

"Hmm?" he hums, and then closes his fingers over her breasts again, but cupping both breasts without actually closing over her nipples. "What am I doing wrong, baby?" he asks.