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Consciously grow into a woman who understands the power of her mind and gets things done - Keep reading to learn powerful lessons in personal success and spirituality!
Behind every success story lies love, compassion, and power - not just love and compassion for others and power over everything else, but also for the self. When we cultivate these things inside us, it's easy to grow into an intelligent, courageous, strong woman who knows her truth and makes things happen for herself.

But, like all things, creating the life you deserve is neither fast nor easy, but it is worth it.
The question that now comes begging is: Where do you even begin? As you go through the pages of this book, keep an open mind and be ready to learn life skills that will enable you to emerge into greatness.

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Vana Enlightens

Women Make It Happen

BIBLE VERSIONS – New International Version (NIV), King James Version (KJV)

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Women Make It Happen

Vana Enlightens



1. Be the Best Version of Yourself

2. Whаt dо I Bеlіеvе in?

3. What Inspires You?

4. Fіnd Your Purроѕе in Lіfе

5. Value and Self-Worth

6. The Search for More

7. Where You Start Does Not Determine Where You Will Finish

8. Power of Love

9. Forgiveness

10. Healing in the Mind

11. Blessings in the Lessons

12. What’s in Your Circle

13. You Can Emerge

14. Open and Close Doors (Staying Persistent and Never Giving Up)

15. The Strength in Obtaining Wisdom, Growth and Maturation



Do you desire to have a better job? Launch the project of your dreams? Or be happier? To be successful in life you need to have the following: Trinity (Father God, The Son Jesus Christ, and Holy Spirit), integrity, discipline and a great work ethic. Destiny is not by chance, it's by choice. Life is not going to be easy, each one of us is going to have our own set of trials and tribulations. The truth is, in the world we live in many things threaten a woman’s success. Be it in career, ministry, or family life. When you make good choices and see the results of such, you will be more at peace with yourself.

The key is to continue to become the best version of yourself. The best version of yourself is not a destination, it is a journey. The best version of yourself is not the same as it was 5 years or 10 years ago, or even yesterday. It is the point at which you shine with your light, and you feel a great internal balance that is noticeable on the outside. Your best physical and mental version will not come from being the best at your job or from killing yourself while training in the gym, "You achieve your best version when you feel comfortable with yourself, satisfied, and peaceful; because you know yourself well and accept you as you are." And that happens by learning to enhance your virtues, control your defects, manage your emotions, and trust yourself (the Holy Spirit within you which is also referred to as your intuition). It is a profound, real and constant state, which does not rely on whether a situation is looking to be in your favor from the outside looking in (although it is easier that way, of course). It is a state of mind, things do not happen to you, they happen for you. Romans 8:28 “And we know that God causes everything to work together[a] for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.” When you know yourself as the proprietor of your life since you steer and feel free when you settle on your own choices (albeit some of the time you are incorrect), tame your feelings of dread and give yourself the grace to make mistakes. If you change, everything changes.

When you change, you ordinarily figure out how to improve your associations with others, since when you discover a sense of contentment with yourself, everything around you will change.

"Arriving at your best form is an incredible duty. We are not victims of our circumstances, we are victorious. It takes faith to overcome obstacles that the enemy throws our way.” In 2 Corinthians 5:7 it says, “We live by faith and not by sight.” Philippians 4:13, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” God wants us to be more than a conqueror through Christ. He wants us to be free from malice, anger, vengeance and resentment and have the mind of Christ. This isn’t just useful for you, it's imperative for the world that we live in.

"Women Make It Happen" is everything you need. By the time you are done reading, you will be inspired to make those deliberate decisions that will set you on course to living a purposeful and fulfilling life.


Be the Best Version of Yourself

Turning into the best form of yourself ought to be your objective. Yet, not to become another person, since you can't. Discover how, rather than contrasting yourself with some unacceptable individuals, you can benefit as much as possible from yourself.

What do you mean by being the best version of yourself?

Maybe you also know that you get angry when someone is leaner, taller, more beautiful or more muscular than you. Often one even tends to compare oneself with ideals that are genetically not feasible at all. All people are unique, and not every woman can be blessed with flowing hair. Likewise, getting broad-shouldered is just beyond the reach of some men. The genes do not allow it. Instead of walking through life with a dwindling sense of self-worth, it makes much more sense to consider how you can optimize yourself. If you're young, you can't grow by willpower, but your body weight, muscles, and diet are great examples that something can be changed.

It is never easy to allow a significant change. Often negative self-criticism and a lack of self-love have led to the fact that belief in oneself is lost. Give yourself more mindfulness again and ask yourself what things you don't like about yourself and what you can change about them. With a clear goal in mind, it is much easier to become a better version of yourself.

Remove negative thoughts from your life

Envy and criticism of others poison your positive energy. Don't let negative vibrations rule your life. Learning to accept is never easy, either with yourself or with others. Try to be open when you meet new people. A person may not meet your expectations, but they can positively surprise you. With an utterly unexpected quality, such a person can enrich your life. Those who learn to look behind the facade can also accept and love themselves much more quickly because everyone has excellent qualities worth discovering.

In everyday life, this means that, for example, you do not automatically classify a fashionable, made-up woman as vain and superficial just because you have already had this experience. The media and other people often influence opinions. Someone who likes to dress and make up fashionably doesn't just have to be interested in themselves. It is also possible that this person is insecure and is hiding behind a mask. Inside, she can be shy and incredibly lovable. You can only find this out if you learn not to pigeonhole people.

How can I become the best version of myself?

In general, there are always opportunities to improve yourself. We are all subject to change, and time teaches you a lot of experience. It would be greatest if you took advantage of these experiences. Those who recognize mistakes and learn from them are guaranteed to become a better version of themselves. Dare to listen to your wishes. Try to listen to your inner voice.

Perhaps meditation will help you get to know yourself better. Don't let anyone, let alone yourself, tell you that you can never achieve a dream. Anyone shy and out of touch as a child doesn't have to stay in the shadow of others for a lifetime. Just take small steps and step into the light. Your self-image will gradually change almost imperceptibly, and you will learn from motivating people what you can achieve. Initially, parents and friends are ideal for receiving encouragement. If this circle doesn't support you, look for alternatives. Allow yourself to be yourself and take on challenges. Set realistic goals towards becoming the best version of yourself.

Steps to get your best emotional version

Mirror tells us the steps to follow to transform yourself.

If you want to achieve your best version, the first thing is to want to transcend the moment you are in and improve yourself. This requires a certain amount of humility. It is also good to recognize that with help, you get there faster. Asking for the honest opinion of the people who love us will help us get to know each other better and discover areas for improvement (always have in mind that it is their opinion, not the absolute truth). You are very brave and wise when you look within and want to improve without waiting for the outside to change.

Don't be in a hurry, it's a long process. Reaching your most excellent version is not a goal that you achieve one day, and the next you can go to sleep. You must constantly maintain it because we possess a terrible habit of falling back into old harmful patterns.

We should. It's tied in with needing to be better each day and figure out how to adore each other definitely, genuinely. That infers setting to the side hair-splitting and overabundance of self-request and realizing that (oddly), even though we can be improved, we are now wonderful as we are.

Neutrally noticing ourselves (without scrutinizing ourselves brutally) will assist us with voyaging this way of personal development without such a lot of torment.

In any case, engraving in the energy of our adoration activities (it sounds senseless, yet it is that way) No disciplines, don't give yourself such a lot of stick! Envision a caring mother showing her child to walk. This is the way we ought to address ourselves inside!

It is acceptable to keep a journal in which we compose how we feel, our advancement, the endeavors we are making, the apprehensions and hindrances that we conquer each day, the bombed endeavors. It is spurring to come back to our advancement, and you can do it from various perspectives: a day-by-day tracker in your Bullet Journal, an application on your versatile, compose or attract a notepad, or make a collection consistently. Make it fun! So you will want to esteem and make the most of your little accomplishments, additionally recognizing the things that come up short. And you can think back now and again to be reasonable for yourself and value the amount you have developed.

What does it signify to be the best version of yourself? How to achieve it?

Within the space of self-knowledge, coaching has propagated a phrase that says -with variations- "Be your best version." For many people, this is not easy to achieve since they have a self-image that does not match with their personal internal choice to take the opportunity to improve, transcend and transform.

However, it is possible to become your best version by progressively following these steps.

1. Do not compete with anyone

Being the best version of yourself implies facing your fears and desires, putting them on the scale, and charting your path.

Most humans live in resistance and opposition to others, to their experiences, to life itself. To assume the possibility of being your best version, it is necessary to put that attitude outside to consider a deep individual commitment.

If your worth is measured by what others do or achieve, you are already at a disadvantage. The only measure is the one that you impose on yourself.

2. Develop your skills

It is known that at the end of the path of life - that uncertain end, although a real one to which we will all arrive - people often take stock as if to know if living was worth it. When you connect with your best version, the end is a step of transcendence towards another plane - regardless of what you believe - since your work will last you.

For this, you need to discover, exercise and reinforce your manifestation of the innate abilities and transform them into a legacy while travelling through the world.

3. Dive inside

Another expected behaviour is that of wanting to obtain different results by always doing the same thing. This does not work because you will need to change course or turn your life's compass to just one degree to generate something different.

The best way to attain this is to dare to dive inside yourself, projecting from within the inner vision of who you want to become and confirming it with concrete facts. The path is exciting, and you will find many people willing to guide you, accompany you and get up when you fall.

4. Know yourself

The famous phrase of Socrates, the Greek philosopher, comes from what he practised and taught his disciples. Neither more nor less marked the origin of what we know as philosophy, based on the fact that it is necessary to govern yourself and direct your own life according to what you want and feel based on what you want to achieve. From the perspective of being the best version of yourself, it is also necessary to think about the common good (how your actions impact your life's direct and indirect environment).

5. You are in control of your life

Many currents will try to control you from the outside, including religion, politics, and dogmas in general. Sheltered in a specific accompaniment format in your development, they want you to follow their precepts so that, in the end, you become someone relatively similar to others. It would be something like manufacturing human beings in series. Is this what you want for yourself?

Being the best version of yourself is not opposed to it if it is what you choose, but it goes further: you are free to take control of your life. If you give it to others (starting with your parents, education, and avoiding assuming responsibility for your actions), you are blurring yourself. This aspect implies a deep level of individual commitment. In doing so, you are responsible for who you are, in thought and deed, and to achieve this, you must keep the course towards building yourself a little better every day.


As I have commented on some occasions, the purpose of Psilotum is not only to bring as many people as possible to different areas of the world of psychology. It also helps the most significant number of people improve their lives and suit the most excellent version of themselves. I believe that each person's potential to change their life is unlimited and that throughout our lives, we are in constant learning and personal development, so it is never too late to improve. If we propose, we can be in constant improvement today better than yesterday, tomorrow better than today! And so on. Of course, with some ups and downs, but each time being an improved version of ourselves.

In today's article, I would like to present in 10 points the philosophy that I intend to transmit on the blog and that which I consider appropriate so that on the day of our death, we think that our life has been worthwhile.

1. Do something worthwhile with your life

Society, our family, our environment, etc., intensely conditions the way we are and live. Sometimes we live at such an automated rhythm that we don't even ask ourselves if what we are doing is really what we want to do or if we are following inertia that, at some point, they have given us but that no longer makes any sense, nor does it make us happy.

We probably only have one life, so we better do something worthwhile with it. So, get out of the hamster wheel as soon as possible and start building your destiny, that destiny that you want, that that you have chosen.

2. Change your way of thinking, and it will change your world

Our thoughts are the main ones responsible for our emotions. Do a simple test: Close your eyes and for 5 minutes think about the good things you have in your life and show yourself thanking him for it. How do you feel?

Now close your eyes and for 5 minutes think about the negative things that you have in your life or that have happened to you, about what you would like to have and do not have. How do you feel? However, your life is the same in both situations. It is not reality that ends up in how we think, but how we interpret that reality.

The way of thinking is a habit that we have been acquiring throughout our lives and that therefore is susceptible to being changed. If you have been thinking negatively for a long time, it is logical that you automatically think negatively. Imagine a room in which the light is turned on and off with two buttons. The green button is to turn the light on, and the red button to turn it off. This has been like this for 20 years, and one day there is a breakdown, and they have to change the controls. From now on, red is used to turn on the light and green to turn it off.

Even knowing the change made in the buttons' operation, how do you think someone who enters that room will try to turn on the light the first few times? I consider that someone who has been turning on the light for 20 years by giving a green button, although these buttons change their operation, expected that the first few times they make a mistake and keep turning it on the green button, right? We suppose that after a series of tests and after a while, this person will not even have to think about it to press the red button to turn on the light.

Well, precisely the same thing happens with the way of thinking; if we ask someone who has been catastrophically interpreting reality for an extended period to stop doing it, it is most likely that, at first, it will not work out. Still, if they do not give up on the attempt after some time and training, it will be done automatically.

3. Don't be scared of your emotions

We have a terrible habit of being scared of our own emotions. We are afraid of feeling sad, we are so scared of feeling frustrated, and we are even afraid of our fear. However, emotions are like a waterfall; if you let the waterfall from the stream, the waterfall will stop once it has all fallen. When you feel bad, observe your own emotion, watch its symptoms, put an image, a colour, a smell, a texture, keep it without feeding it with negative thoughts, let it flow, and it will pass. Accept your emotions, listen to them and learn from them. All emotions have a function, and thanks to them, human being has managed to survive to this day, so let's not let them become encrusted, let's not feed negative emotions and let them flow.

4. Always learn something new

If someone asked me what life consists of, I would say that it consists of being in continuous learning. The more things you learn, the better you will feel about yourself and the world around you. Don't permit a single day to go by without knowing something new. Learn from every person you meet, from every place you go, from every book you read. Learn from good experiences, but squeeze out bad ones.

5. Don't avoid problems

Always be active. I would dare to say that most of the problems we have are due to avoiding many things. When something scares us, or we don't know how to do it, we tend to avoid it, generating, in most cases, a bigger problem. I sincerely believe that if we thought less and acted more, surely life would be better for us.

6. The change is up to you

I would love to inform you that everything in life depends on you, but I would be lying to you. We do not like many things, but we cannot change, and therefore we have no option but to receive them. But if I had to say one thing out of all the things I have learned in my experience as a psychologist, people change when they want to change. If you possess a positive attitude, you will achieve much more than you can imagine.

"You have to have the serenity to accept the things that cannot be changed, courage to change the things that can be changed, and wisdom to know the difference."

7. Don't look for happiness in material things

A new house or a late-model car can only bring you happiness with an expiration date. Do you remember the toy that you longed for so much for kings and that a few months later, it ended up at the bottom of the drawer? Seek happiness in experiences, in relationships, in emotions, in memories, in things that somehow can be part of your life's book forever.

8. Face your worst fears, and they will disappear

The only way to overcome fear is to face it, expose yourself to it. The more you face it, the more strength it loses until it loses all that it had and ends up disappearing. Throughout our lives, we learn to be afraid of different things. Still, just as we realize, we can unlearn it by exposing ourselves to what we fear and seeing that nothing happens and that if it happens, the consequences are not as severe as we imagined.

Being afraid is something natural and tremendously adaptive; the problem is when fear, far from helping us over guard our integrity, hinders our lives, preventing us from achieving the objectives that we propose and living according to our values.

9. Live in the present

Sometimes we forget that the past only exists to the extent that we bring it to the present, that the future lives to the time that we anticipate it and that the gift, which is the only thing we have, only lasts a few moments that we usually fret thinking about the past or the future.

If we pay attention, we will realize that we have a lot of things that we can enjoy every day, but that goes unnoticed because we consider them "normal." Your child's smile, that coffee with your friend, a friendly conversation with a coworker, the singing of the birds at dawn, a warm shower, that plate of food that you like so much, etc. Every day is full of small pleasures and learning to enjoy them is an art that will conduct you with many more benefits than you can imagine.

10. Take care

Take care of yourself, you are the person you will spend the rest of your life with, and you deserve to treat yourself as such.

Sometimes we spend so much time thinking of others, or we live so fast that we forget ourselves. Taking care of ourselves should be one of our priorities in life.

We all seek to get the best out of ourselves, but very few do.

We are the worst enemy when it comes to achieving success, dreaming and living the life we want. Some people even adopt self-destructive behaviours like addictions. No matter how old you are, it is always challenging to get the best version of yourself.

Some are self-destructive without realizing it, and others know it but do nothing to change. If you feel ready and you determined to be the best version of yourself, follow these steps:

1. Stop talking negatively

"I am a failure in love." "I can never have the body I want." "My life sucks." These are just three of the phrases that we constantly say.

When you are having this kind of negative conversation, you will convince yourself that specific irrational ideas are accurate and true. This is a real problem because it causes you to sabotage yourself or stop trying things. Learning to silence negative self-criticism is very important, and you must start by becoming aware of it.

Identify the moments when these phrases begin to appear in your mind. As soon as you see that you have started to sabotage yourself, think of something positive and ultimately change this behaviour. Over time it will be easier.

2. Stop criticizing and judging other people

Have you noticed how easy it is to criticize others? This gives us a feeling of superiority, even if it has no foundation whatsoever. The first step may be to avoid judging others. When you spend time criticizing, you damage that person in their self-esteem and you in your interpersonal relationships.

Allow yourself to meet those around you without creating expectations and without expecting them to be as you wish. Each of us is different, and that's okay.

3. Stop fearing failure

One of the things that keep you from being the best version of yourself is the fear of failure. Maybe you want something with all your desire, but you do not dare to jump because you are afraid of being wrong. So, you choose to avoid risk and spend time feeling that something is wrong with your life.

The rest are only satisfied with receiving what life gives them. Don't be afraid to make a mistake; mistakes are the best source of knowledge and growth.

4. Do what you want

This has a lot to do with failure. If you spend your entire life running from failure, you will likely end up doing things that you don't want to. From studying something that does not interest you to marrying someone who does not make you happy. The best version of yourself appears when you risk finding yourself. Dream and do your best to make those dreams come true.

Finally, forget about being the perfect person for others. That does not exist, and the search will make you very unhappy. If you are going to please someone, let it be only you.

5. Surround yourself with people who motivate you

Another way to be the best version of yourself is to surround yourself with people who make you better. When your friends and family speak positively to you and motivate you to achieve your goals, the path is easier and more rewarding.

In case your friends and family are not exactly good company, look for other alternatives. Do not wholly leave your friends now, but permit yourself to meet new people who generate good vibes. You can also look for counsellors, therapists or coaches to help you find the motivation you need.

Are you ready to be yourself?

As you can see, the path to being yourself will not be the easiest in the world. But what will make the difference between being successful or not is your attitude.