Your First Sailing Handbook - Vedran Bobanac - E-Book

Your First Sailing Handbook E-Book

Vedran Bobanac

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  • Herausgeber: BOBLab
  • Kategorie: Lebensstil
  • Sprache: Englisch
  • Veröffentlichungsjahr: 2019

Your First Sailing Handbook teaches you how to sail on modern cruising boats. It is intended for complete beginners, recreational sailors and those who want to learn how boat and sails actually work. It can also serve as a valuable tool and reminder for sailing instructors or any sailor wanting to teach his friends or family. The handbook provides all the important practical information and theoretical background in a concise form. Language is simple, explanations are clear and largely accompanied by illustrations, which makes the content easy to read and understandable to anybody.

Here is why we believe that Your First Sailing Handbook is best suited to be a fundamental literature in your sailing library:

  • Easy-to-follow structure. The handbook was originally written as a supporting literature for the basic sailing course, so the content is divided into days.
  • Less text, more illustrations. Text is concise, while almost every explanation is accompanied by a simple, yet informative illustration.
  • Step-by-step explanations of all the procedures and maneuvers, together with assignements of the crew members.
  • Many practical tips.
  • Comprehensive glossary.
  • Easy navigation within the e-book by using hyperlinks.
  • Popular misconceptions undeceived. The handbook discusses misconceptions commonly found in the popular sailing literature and provides correct explanations.
  • Competent author. The handbook was written and illustrated by the sailing instructor who also holds a PhD degree in electrical engineering and has a lot of research and teaching experience in various fields.
  • Reviewed by experts. The content has been revised by the senior sailing instructors and by the experts from the fields of naval architecture and meteorology.
  • Go sailing! Remember that sailing is learned at sea, while good literature is merely an aid in the process. So set your sails and take Your First Sailing Handbook with you!

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