YourSkillsFuture - Remote Working Planner - Dwayne Anderson - E-Book

YourSkillsFuture - Remote Working Planner E-Book

Dwayne Anderson

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Remote Working From Home
Everybody, be it they are  an employer  or an employee will  want to improve output, maintain respect and trust within their work team, and keep a healthy work-life balance.
How will you cultivate a long-distance relationship - something that can be difficult both personally and professionally - with your remote or hybrid team?
If you operate as if there is no distance, you will be met with a plethora of issues, but if you are to address the distance with some of the following remote team management strategies , or you can keep both yourself  and your employees happy and stay productive too.
Setting the right boundaries to help respect the time and lives of remote working , no matter where one may be, goes a long way toward creating a cohesive and pleasant work atmosphere. As we become more and more interconnected as a species and as a workforce, our teams will need to possess enough strength to propel that ever forward.
While many workers and independent contractors romanticize the idea of working from home, it's not always easy, and it's actively difficult to stay connected. Challenges are many when it comes to managing remote teams, and include the following:-

  • Lack of cohesion -Not being clear on use of platforms or resources
  • Time zone challenges and scheduling
  • Undefined tasks and lack of accountability
  • Tracking on performance
  • Personnel morale and community inclusion

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