Alexander J. Zaslavski

  • Alexander J. Zaslavski 
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​Alexander J. Zaslavski is professor in the Department of Mathematics, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel. He has authored numerous books with Springer, the most recent of which include Turnpike Phenomenon and Symmetric Optimization  Problems (978-3-030-96972-1), Turnpike Theory for the Robinson–Solow–Srinivasan Model (978-3-030-60306-9),  The Projected Subgradient Algorithm in Convex Optimization (978-3-030-60299-4),  Convex Optimization with Computational Errors (978-3-030-37821-9), Turnpike Conditions in Infinite Dimensional Optimal Control (978-3-030-20177-7), Optimization on Solution Sets of Common Fixed Point Problems  (978-3-030-78848-3).