A possible publishing model profitable for authors - Dejan Brkić - E-Book

A possible publishing model profitable for authors E-Book

Dejan Brkić

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Essay from the year 2019 in the subject Communications - Research, Studies, Enquiries, , language: English, abstract: Here is proposed a publishing model in which the authors of scientific publications are paid from the subscription income of the journal in which their articles are published. In respect to the each article, the journal need to calculate all expenses related to the work of editors, reviewers, staff for technical preparation and all other related costs including profit of the publishing company; in open access model such lump sum is known as the Article Processing Charge – APC, where within the proposed model, two options are possible: 1) if the authors of the certain article cover the APC, all future income provided through the subscription or directly by the readers’ payments for each download (royalty), should be transferred to the authors, 2) if the APC is not covered by the authors, after the certain period (if ever), the journal will cover the APC through the subscription or through the payments per download, after which the authors will start to collect profit in the same way as already explained. Using the proposed model, the authors will have possibility to reinvest in their own future research based on the quality of their personal previous publishing output. In that way, good authors would have additional income, and they would have more freedom to decide in which direction their research would go.

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