Aufstieg oder Ausstieg? -  - E-Book

Aufstieg oder Ausstieg? E-Book

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The time between a doctorate and a secure professorship is a bottleneck for any career in the German academic system. What must change to make career paths more plannable? The articles in the anthology look at the options in academic careers from a variety of vantage points: They outline the findings of the Federal Report for the Promotion of Young Researchers 2013 (Bundesbericht Wissenschaftlicher Nachwuchs) on the whereabouts of academics, offer insights on European level and discuss models for tenure tracks as an option for plannable academic careers. The volume documents the findings of the 7th Joint Science Conference (GEW-Wissenschaftskonferenz) held in Berlin in 2013, where the "Kopenick Appeal" (Köpenicker Appell) was formulated.

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