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Conversational German Dialogues For Beginners and Intermediate Students E-Book

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Being able to communicate effectively in German is a challenge faced by many German language learners.

Do you have difficulties to make yourself understood in German? Is your objective to learn conversations in German? Would you like to learn typical expressions and language spoken in Germany? If your answer to any of the previous questions is YES, then this book is your perfect companion!
Most language learners realize quickly the importance of finding ways to communicate with other people in their native tongue.

It can be very frustrating when you cannot communicate with German people and trivial things can be a cause of major annoyance, especially when you cannot explain yourself using German.

What can you do to improve this situation? The best way to improve your German is reading a book from which you can learn realistic German conversations.

This book is designed to learn German conversations, it contains

  • 100 German short stories
  • for beginners and intermediate students and allows new German speakers to hone their reading skills and learn typical expressions used in daily life. This book is focused on realistic dialogue and is an excellent source to study the language, expand your vocabulary and have fun while learning German!

    Each story comes with an introduction in German.

    The German conversation is followed by an English line to line translation, a key-vocabulary section, and short learning questions.

    The book is divided in three parts. The first 50 short stories are most suitable for beginners, each story is followed by simple learning questions. The next 30 short stories are for intermediate students and those who are interested in reading good short stories with entertaining content. The last 20 short stories tend to be longer and are not necessarily for learners who want to learn conversations, but for those who appreciate humorous stories in German and students who need to focus on grammar and the structure of the language. In that sense the book offers the best of both worlds, combining a conversational German learning book and an entertaining German short story book for intermediate learners.

    So look no further! Pick up your copy of Conversational German Dialogues and start learning German right now!

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Conversational German Dialogues

For Beginners

And Intermediate Students

100 German Conversations

And Short Stories

Conversational German Language Learning Books - Book 1

Academy Der Sprachclub

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Table of Contents



Using this book effectively

1. Buying a flight ticket

Ein Flugticket kaufen

2. Shopping at the mall

Einkaufen im Einkaufszentrum

3. At the police station

Auf der Polizeiwache

4. At the pharmacy

In der Apotheke

5. A taxi to the airport

Ein Taxi zum Flughafen

6. Living abroad

Im Ausland leben

7. Our hotel

Unser Hotel

8. The job application

Die Bewerbung

9. Where are you from?

Woher kommst du?

10. I need to go to the hospital

Ich muss ins Krankenhaus

Dialogues And Conversation About Daily Life in Germany

11. The cinema

Das Kino

12. Winning the lottery

Im Lotto gewonnen

13. At the office

Im Büro

14. Old age does not matter

Das Alter ist egal

15. The offer

Das Angebot

16. Studying in German

In Deutschland studieren

17. I need to go to Spain

Ich muss nach Spanien reisen

18. Our new house

Unser neues Haus

19. Where Is Our Cat?

Wo ist unsere Katze?

20. A big help

Eine grosse Hilfe

21. Elderly people need help

Ältere Leute brauchen Hilfe

22. Down with the pounds

Runter mit den Pfunden

23. An old trick

Ein alter Trick

24. I'll be back soon

Ich bin gleich zurück

25. The birthday party

Die Geburtstagsparty

26. Knocking stones

Steine klopfen

27. After the storm

Nach dem Sturm

28. The vegetarian restaurant

Das vegetarische Restaurant

29. Trains and buses

Züge und Busse

30. Divorced


31. Special shoes

Besondere Schuhe

32. I marry my office

Ich heirate mein Büro

33. In the restaurant

Im Restaurant

34. Only a little pregnant

Nur ein bisschen schwanger

35. Future plans


36. Spring-cleaning

Der Frühjahrsputz

37. We are moving

Wir ziehen um

38. A happy marriage

Eine glückliche Heirat

39. Joining clubs

Klubs beitreten

40. Watching TV in Germany

Fernsehen in Deutschland

41. The ATM

Der Geldautomat

42. The funeral

Die Beerdigung

43. New neighbors

Neue Nachbarn

44. The public swimming pool

Das öffentliche Schwimmbad

45. The tourist guide

Der Reiseführer

46. The painters arrive

Die Maler kommen

47. The recipe

Das Rezept

48. At the bakery

Beim Bäcker

49. My drivers license

Mein Füherschein

50. Appointment at the barbershop

Der Termin beim Frisör

German Short Stories for Advanced Beginners

51. Cheap groceries

Günstige Lebensmittel

52. There is no parking

Es gibt keine Parkplätze

53. We are moving

Wir ziehen um

54. At the circus

Im Zirkus

55. Die Deutschprüfung

The German exam

56. Sightseeings


57. Easter Festival

Das Osterfest

58. Alcoholics


59. Literature


60. Ordering in a German Restaurant

Im deutschen Restaurant bestellen

61. New bills

Neue Rechnungen

62. At the farmer's market

Auf dem Wochenmarkt

63. The child in the shower

Das Kind in der Dusche

64. German Tourists

Deutsche Urlauber

65. Getting drunk

Sich betrinken

66. Burglary

Der Einbruch

67. The broken cell phone

Das kaputte Handy

68. The wedding

Die Hochzeit

69. I can cook!

Ich kann kochen!

70. A small town

Eine Kleinstadt

71. Contracts


72. New Years Eve


73. The bicycle tour

Die Fahrradtour

74. Headache


75. Oncoming traffic


76. Do old people smell?

Riechen alte Leute?

77. Our last hope - The neighbor

Unsere letzte Hoffnung- Der Nachbar

78. Growing pains

Steigende Beschwerden

79. German culture

Deutsche Kultur

80.  The Towtruck

Der Abschleppwagen

German Short Stories for Intermediate Students

81. The client in the sauna

Der Kunde in der Sauna

82. A different opinion

Eine andere Meinung

83. A special crowdfunding project

Ein besonderes Crowdfunding Projekt

84. From Russia with love

Mit Liebe aus Russland

85. A romantic cruise

Eine romantische Kreuzfahrt

86. Together again

Wir sind wieder zusammen

87. American tourists in Germany

Amerikanische Touristen in Deutschland

88. A hermit in Germany

Ein Einsiedler in Deutschland

89. The unexpected treasure

Der unerwartete Schatz

90. The maid

Die Reinmachefrau

91. A Japanese in Munich

Ein Japaner in München

92. An allotment in Germany

Ein Schrebergarten in Deutschland

93. My girlfriend and her secret

Meine Freundin und ihr Geheimnis

94. The German refugee

Der deutsche Flüchtling

95. A final written warning

Eine endgültige Abmahnung

96. The international festival

Das internationale Fest

97. Aupair in England

Au pair im Englang

98. The mysterious art dealer

Der mysteriöse Kunsthändler

99. A special club

Ein besonderer Klub

100. The two star restaurant

Das zwei Sterne Restaurant




Practical books for learning a language are not easy to find. Many students suffer unrealistic learning conditions that take too long to show any practical results. It is all too easy to get frustrated or even to give up on studying and future plans. However, there are better and more practical ways to learn a language quickly. If you can master simple German conversations and if you can have fun learning the language you are almost there. Once you have learned the language to a certain level, you have made a huge personal step in you life, and nobody can take that away from you. This book will help you achieve this.

This book provides you with helpful and practical language learning book and lets you encounter useful and engaging dialogues like you might quite likely experience in real life situations when traveling in Germany. These conversations give you the right expressions to use for just about any likely scenario.

This book contains a selection of 100 short stories for beginners with a wide range of genres, all prepared specifically for German language learners. With it you can practice your newly-acquired conversational skills through the use of over a hundred conversational short stories and examples of typical conversations.

The book is structured so that each story offers a new easy-to-follow conversation.

The content is intended mainly for elementary to intermediate level learners, but it will also be useful for more advanced learners as a way of practicing their reading skills and comprehension of the German language. The stories have been arranged according to their degree of difficulty and each story is accompanied by a key vocabulary section

Using this book effectively

To learn German effectively you just read each German story, one at a time and then study the dialogue after you’ve read the story.

This book is divided into three parts, the first for beginners and the second for intermediate students.The first 50 stories are for beginners and the dialogues are followed by an English translation. Vocabulary will be introduced to you at a reasonable pace, so you’re not overwhelmed with difficult words all at once. Here, you won’t have to look up every other word, but you can simply enjoy the story and absorb new expressions simply by reading and, when in doubt, you can check the important words from the vocabulary section or compare the dialogue with the English translation.

In the second part, the short stories tend to be slightly more advanced, and more German vocabulary is used in the conversations. But throughout, the German dialogue is easy-to-understand and uses vocabulary that both, those at the beginner and intermediate levels can understand, appreciate, and learn from.

1. Buying a flight ticket

Ein Flugticket kaufen

Today, I have to buy a plane ticket. I found an interesting offer on the Internet, but I prefer to buy my ticket directly at the airline's office. I want to know all the details of the flight.

Heute kaufen wir ein Flugticket. Ich habe ein interessantes Angebot im Internet gefunden, aber ich bevorzuge, mein Flugticket bei der Fluggesellschaft zu kaufen. Ich möchte alle Details des Fluges kennen.

Good morning, I’d like to buy a flight ticket to Paris.

Guten Morgen, ich möchte ein Flugticket nach Paris kaufen.

When would you like to fly?

Wann möchten Sie fliegen?

Tomorrow morning, the first flight available.

Morgen früh, den ersten Flug verfügbar.

I have an offer for tomorrow at eight, but with a stopover.

Ich habe ein Angebot für morgen früh um acht, aber mit Umsteigen.

I’d like to fly direct, please.

Ich möchte bitte direkt fliegen.

When would you like to return?

Wann möchten Sie wieder zurück?

I’d need a departure and return flight. I have to be back by Monday.

Ich brauche einen Hin und Rückflug. Am Montag muss ich wieder zurück sein.

Would you like to travel business class?

Möchten Sie Business-Class fliegen?

No, I only buy the cheapest ticket. For me it’s important that the ticket is flexible.

Nein, ich kaufe nur das günstigste Flugticket. Für mich ist es wichtig, dass das Flugticket flexibel ist.

That will be three hundred euros. Would you like to pay cash or by card?

Das macht dreihundert Euro. Möchten Sie bar oder mit Karte zahlen?

Do you accept Mastercard?

Nehmen Sie Mastercard?

Of course.


Key Vocabulary

das Angebot - offer

bevorzugen - prefer

möchten - would like to

die Fluggesellschaft - airline

umsteigen - stopover / transit

Learning questions

Where do I have to travel?

Wohin muss ich reisen?

When do I have to be back?

Wann muss ich zurück sein?

What is important?

Was ist wichtig?

2. Shopping at the mall

Einkaufen im Einkaufszentrum

My husband and I are on vacation. Today we want to go shopping. Next to our hotel is a shopping center. First, we would like to buy clothes.

Mein Mann und ich sind auf Urlaub. Heute wollen wir einkaufen gehen. Neben unserem Hotel befindet sich ein Einkaufzentrum. Zuerst möchten wir Kleidung kaufen.

Look Fritz, they also have hats.

Schau mal Fritz, es gibt auch Hüte.

I could use a hat well, let’s go into the shop.

Einen Hut kann ich gut gebrauchen, lass uns reingehen.

Good morning, we are interested in a hat. How much is the black one?

Guten Morgen, wir sind an einen Hut interessiert. Wieviel kostet der schwarze Hut?

This one is on promotion, it costs fifty euros.

Der ist im Angebot, er kostet fünfzig Euro.

Is it fashionable?

Ist er in Mode?

This is a classic hat. You can always wear it.

Das ist ein klassischer Hut. Den können Sie immer tragen.

Do you have this hat in white?

Haben sie den auch in weiß?

No, it comes only in this color. The hat is made of leather.

Nein, der kommt nur in dieser Farbe. Der Hut ist aus Leder gemacht.

You should buy it. Afterwards we buy a dress and a pair of shoes for me.

Den solltest du kaufen. Danach kaufen wir ein Kleid und ein Paar Schuhe für mich.

Alright. I’d like to buy the hat.

In Ordnung. Ich möchte den Hut kaufen.

Excellent. The cash register is over there.

Sehr gut. Die Kassen ist dort drüben.

Key vocabulary

der Urlaub - vacation / holidays

reingehen - to walk in/into

in Mode - fashionable

tragen - to wear / to carry

danach - after / afterward

Learning Questions

What does Fritz want to buy?

Was möchte Fritz kaufen?

What does the woman want to buy?

Was möchte die Frau kaufen?

What material is the hat made of?

Aus welchem Material ist der Hut?

3. At the police station

Auf der Polizeiwache

Yesterday my passport and my money were stolen. I am at the police station.

Gestern wurde mein Reisepass und mein Geld gestohlen. Ich bin auf der Polizeiwache.

Good morning, I’d like to file a lost report.

Guten Morgen, Ich möchte eine Verlust Anzeige aufgeben.

What did you lose?

Was haben Sie verloren?

My passport and money. It was about two hundred euros.

Mein Reisepass und Geld. Es waren ungefähr zweihundert Euro.

Did you lose your things or was it stolen?

Haben Sie die Sachen verloren oder wurde es gestohlen?

I think it was stolen.

Ich glaube, es wurde gestohlen.

Why do you think that?

Warum glauben Sie das?

Yesterday morning my things were still in the bag.

Gestern Morgen waren meine Sachen noch in der Tasche.

Where were your things stolen?

Wo wurden Ihre Sachen gestohlen?

In a hostel, somebody stole the things out of my bag.

In einem Hostal. Jemand hat die Sachen aus meiner Tasche gestohlen.

When was that?

Wann war das?

Yesterday night at around ten o’clock. I came back late to the hostel. When I came back all my things were gone.

Gestern Nacht gegen zehn Uhr. Ich bin spät ins Hostal zurückgekehrt. Als ich zurückkam war alles weg.

Key vocabulary

verloren - lost

ungefähr - about / approximately

die Sachen - things

jemand - anyone / anybody

zurückkommen - to come back

Learning Questions

Why do I have to go to the police station?

Warum musste ich zur Polizeiwache gehen?

What has been stolen?

Was wurde gestohlen?

When were the things stolen?

Wann wurden die Sachen gestohlen?

4. At the pharmacy

In der Apotheke

I go to the pharmacy, because I need medication.

Ich gehe in die Apotheke, denn ich brauche Medikamente.

Good evening. I have strong stomach ache. Do you have painkillers?

Guten Abend. Ich habe Bauchschmerzen. Haben Sie Schmerzmittel.

What kind of pain do you have?

Welche Art Schmerzen haben Sie?

It feels like a burning.

Es fühlt sich wie ein Brennen an.

Then I would not recommend something against pain, that can make it worse.

Dann möchte ich Ihnen nichts gegen Schmerzen empfehlen, denn das kann es schlimmer machen.

What should I do?

Was soll ich machen?

Take a medication against an ulcer. Besides you must not eat. Keep a strict diet.

Nehmen Sie ein Medikament gegen Geschwüre. Außerdem dürfen Sie nichts essen. Machen Sie eine strenge Diät.

Alright. Also I have an inflammation in my foot.

In Ordnung. Ich habe auch eine Fußentzündung.

You allow me to see it? Your foot is swollen!

Darf ich das mal sehen? Ihr Fuß ist geschwollen!

I cannot move my foot.

Ich kann meinen Fuß nicht bewegen.

I give you a medication against gout. Tomorrow you have to see a doctor.

Ich gebe Ihnen ein Medikament gegen Gicht. Morgen müssen Sie zum Arzt.

That’s exactly what I am going to do.

Das ist genau das, was ich machen werde.

Key vocabulary

das Schmerzmittel - painkiller

die Schmerzen - pain

die Entzündung - inflammation

darf / dürfen - may / allow / permit

der Arzt - doctor

Learning questions

What do I ask the pharmarcist?

Was frage ich den Apotheker?

What is wrong with my foot?

Was stimmt mit meinen Fuß nicht?

What is the pharmacist suggesting?

Was schlägt der Apotheker vor?