Depressing the Will - Jeremy McHarry - E-Book

Depressing the Will E-Book

Jeremy McHarry

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  • Herausgeber: Bentockiz
  • Kategorie: Krimi
  • Sprache: Englisch
  • Veröffentlichungsjahr: 2023

She had gone out with no particular destination in mind. Wherever she went, she had a dead end and something uncontrollably scary. Yet, something inside her urged her not to give up, a sense of compassion that would nevertheless lead her towards destruction. But, on the other hand, she knew that if she continued, she would be destroyed for such a stupid reason, wasting her life just as her parents had done.

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Title Page

Depressing the Will

Blame Ball

Jeremy McHarry

Depressing the Will / 14th of series: Blame Ball / By Jeremy McHarry

Published 2023 by Bentockiz

e-book Imprint: Calkden Norsh

e-book Registration: Stockholm, Sweden

e-book ISBN: 9789198826630

e-book editing: Athens, Greece

Cover Images created via AI art generators

Table of Contents

Title Page


Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four


Through books we come into contact with everything important that has happened in the past, analyzing also current events and putting our thoughts together to predict the future. The book is a window to the world, acquiring valuable knowledge and sparking our vivid imagination. It is a means of entertainment and is generally seen as a best friend, or as a slave that carries together all valuable information for us. The book is a friend who stays together without demands, a friend you call upon at every moment and abandon when you want.

It accompanies us in the hours of boredom and loneliness, while at the same time it entertains us. In general, a book does not ask anything from us, while it waits patiently on a dusty shelf to give us its information, to get us out of dead ends and to travel us to magical worlds.

This may be the travel mission of our books. Abstract narration, weird or unconscious thoughts difficult to be understood, but always genuine and full of life experiences, these are stories of life that can’t be overlooked easily.

This may be the start of something amazing!

Chapter One

Dawn’s light is just beginning to shine through his bedroom windows when George gently slips out from under Sharlene to take care of his screaming bladder. After his bladder is quieted, he returns and stands next to the bed and looks at her for awhile. He gets in bed and as he turns towards her, her eyes open, she smiles, opens her arms, pulls him to her, and begins to kiss him while her left heel reaches to the back of his right leg to pull him partially on top of her.

When she lets him breathe, Sharlene pushes her right knee between his legs and her smile widens as he groans between panting breaths. Since she knows her leg isn’t as precise in its movements as her hand, she tries to be very careful about how she moves her leg back and forth over his sensitive anatomy through his pajama bottom. He starts to lift himself off of her, but she pulls him back down and kisses him again.

He protests, “I’m heavy . . . on you.”

“Not yet and I want you as close as I can.” She hugs him tighter and when his breathing has settled, she kisses him more intensely and keeps the kiss going and growing by giving him short breaks to breathe. The passion of their kiss only adds fuel to the fire of their desire.

Chapter Two

He feels himself losing control and starts to lift himself on his left elbow to give his right hand access to her body when she pushes him off of her and onto his back. For a brief moment he feels both relief and disappointment, then he groans as she quickly straddles his lower abdomen, presses her pajama clad pubic area down onto his hardened penis, and almost immediately climaxes with a cry. She lifts her hips just a little as she pants for breath.

Even as his hands caress the fronts of her thighs with his thumbs on the insides of her legs, his excitement overrides his reason and he lifts his hips to her body just as she lowers herself back onto him, then she screams in pleasure as she rides his thrusting hips while her voice drowns out his groan of release. She can only quickly inhale once as her hips follow his hips down to the bed, then the vocal expression of her climactic pleasure continues as her lowering body again comes into contact with his now stationary body.

She braces her slumping body on her arms, then she has to quickly lower her torso to his chest, lift her hips slightly, and lay there while she pants for breath. When she can breathe more normally, she nibbles on his ear and tells him, “Thank you, lover.”

It takes somewhat longer for him to finally catch enough of his breath to say, “Thank you. I’m sorry I let my desire get out of control.”

“I didn’t notice, probably because mine was already there. . . . Is this one way we can make love in the future?”


“Mmm. I’m glad. . . . So how many ways are there to make love?”

“As many as the creative human mind can imagine. However, some of the ways people have attempted take more effort at contortion or physical agility rather than having the intent of being a different way in which to give the other person pleasure.”

“And how many of those ways are you going to make love to me?”

“Whatever you’re willing to try and gives you pleasure without exceeding my physical limitations.”

“So, even after we do make love, the journey of touching can continue with variations?”


“Wonderful.” She lifts her head enough to kiss him breathless. When her own breathing has settled enough, she asks, “How do we try those variations?”

“I think the best way is by experimentation when we want to play with each other. There will be times when our desire runs high and we need sexual release.”

“Like a little while ago?”

“Yes. Other times, hopefully, we’ll want to touch each other, without the drive, so we’ll have the time to play and then we can try different ways of touching or different positions. If our imagination runs dry, there are books we can consult.”

“Wouldn’t that be pornography?”

He chuckles before he says, “That depends on who’s defining it. For a lot of people almost anything written about sexual activities would be classified as pornography whether it was to help a married couple or was related to less socially accepted sexual behavior. If you took the general concept of the more modern dictionary definition of pornography that its intent is to cause sexual excitement, half of the clothes women wear and many of the advertisements, whether in magazines or on television, can be classified as pornography. As they say, sex sells.”

“I haven’t thought about that for a long time, but as a child I wondered why the commercials would have some fancy lady showing off a vehicle. She didn’t have anything to do with the function of the vehicle.”

“The underlying message is that if a man owns that type of vehicle, an attractive woman will be more interested in him.”

She nods her head in understanding and adds her own example, “Just like all of the ads directed at women to enhance their appearance through clothes, makeup, hair, etcetera, is to compete with other women for the attention of the unmentioned desirable male.”

“That’s right.”

“Yet appearances and possessions don’t last forever.”

“Don’t I know. But most people act more like animals which are trying to strut their stuff while they seek the immediate mating conquest.”

“I’m so glad you aren’t like that,” and she kisses him. Since her only thought at the moment is to be closer to him, she lowers her hips then gasps as her pajama covered pubic area touches down on his still erect penis. Almost immediately, she starts to rock her hips back and forth while her groans of pleasure quickly grow towards climax.

His hands slide up her legs, over her hips to rest on the top of her buttocks then push down while he lifts his hips which pushes their pubic areas tightly together. Her climactic cry of pleasure goes on until he drops his hips, lifts hers up some, and she slumps on him while she pants for breath. Gently, he rolls her off of him, straightens out her legs, and pulls her snugly into an embrace.

“Oh, George, you make me feel so good.” A little later, she falls asleep.

He stretches in order to grab a couple of tissues and awkwardly wipes up his release. After he drops the tissues in the waste basket by the bed, he lays there for awhile and again marvels at this beautiful young woman who wants him, of all people. As he searches his mind for understanding, he drifts off to sleep.

* * * * *

Sometime later, she wakes up, slips out of bed, takes care of her needs in the bathroom, slips back into bed, and guides his arms around her. While she lays there, she debates with herself and when she makes her decision, even though she knows it’s very selfish, she unbuttons his pajama top and starts to caress his chest.

It’s not long before he sleepily smiles then hums with pleasure. As she leans on her right elbow while her left hand caresses his upper abdomen, she begins to kiss his chest and works her way up to his neck from ear to ear. When her lips reach his, his response is somewhat sleepy at first, but soon becomes ardent.

She lets him breathe as she kisses his cheeks and nibbles on his ears. When her lips seek his again, he eagerly responds and his right hand slips under the bottom of her pajama top to caress her back while his left hand moves up to behind her head. His deep kiss continues as he rolls her onto her back and leans over her while he supports himself on his left elbow.

He almost has to force himself to lift himself up away from continuing to kiss her in order to breathe. As he looks at her with some apprehension, he only sees a smile on her face and invitation in her eyes. Before his breathing has fully settled, she pulls his head down and kisses him even more deeply.

When his breathing has settled enough, he starts to say, “I . . .”