Interpenetrating Polymer Network: Biomedical Applications -  - E-Book

Interpenetrating Polymer Network: Biomedical Applications E-Book

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The book focuses on novel interpenetrating polymer network (IPN)/semi-IPN technologies for drug delivery and biomedical applications. The dynamism of the design and development of interpenetrating network polymers is based on their ability to provide free volume for the easy encapsulation of drugs in the three-dimensional network structure obtained by cross-linking two or more polymer networks. Natural polymer-based IPNs can deliver drugs at a controlled rate over an extended period of time, while novel IPNs ensure better mechanical strength and sustained/ controlled drug-delivery properties.

This book presents an overview of the use of this technology to fabricate nanomedicine, hydrogels, nanoparticles, and microparticles, thereby unlocking IPN’s potential in the area of drug delivery and biomedical engineering. It also discusses applications of IPN systems in cancer therapy and tissue engineering, and describes the various IPN systems and their wide usage and applications in drug delivery.

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