Introduction to Public Health in China -  - E-Book

Introduction to Public Health in China E-Book

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This book introduces China’s public health work in detail, including its scope and characteristics, its history and evolution, its achievements and experience, the guiding principles for health development, health service system, public health education as well as science and technology of public health.

In this book, opportunities and challenges of China’s public health are also presented, along with the prospects of future development. Over the sixty years, China has made remarkable achievements in the areas such as the national immunization program, maternal and child health, disease surveillance, the establishment of a public health information system and its application, as well as the improvement of people’s health, with tremendous experience and best practices being accumulated. In the new era, China starts a new journey towards building Healthy China, which is of great significance for the country’s public health development. The international community will have a better understanding of the history and current situation of China’s public health, as well as its achievements and contributions made to date, from reading this book.

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