Religion: Help or Hindrance to Development? -  - E-Book

Religion: Help or Hindrance to Development? E-Book

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The decline of religion in the Western world used to be regarded as a direct consequence of development, and it was assumed that this would also occur in the global South once the same levels of economic development had been reached. The current flourishing of religion in the global South and the increased awareness of its significance in the global North prove that religion continues to play a crucial role. In those contexts where religion frames reality, development cannot ignore religion. This collection of essays by scholars and development practitioners from Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin and North America explores the fascinating interface between religion and development as well as the negative and positive potential of religion in development. With contributions by Karel Th. August, Michael Biehl, Carlos Bonilla, Theresa Carino, Andreas Heuser, Eberhard Hitzler, Lindora Howard-Diawara, Martin Junge, Rebecca Larson, Michael Martin, Madipoane Masenya (ngwan'a Mphahlele), Johnson Mbillah, Ambrose Moyo, Kenneth Mtata, Samuel Ngun Ling, Kjell Nordstokke, Muriel Orevillo-Montenegro, Claudia Warning abd Vítor Westhelle.

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