The Human - Mohammad Tanbiruzzaman Koushal - E-Book
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This is an science fictional story. The story of science research by some some scientist. How they find out another planet. Grusai is their planet. This is many backdated planet.

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Mohammad Tanbiruzzaman Koushal, Mahedi Hasan Rakib

The Human

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Part 1

The Human

Mohammad Tanbiruzzaman Koushal

Aravi Hossain Shawon

Mahedi Hasan Rakib



Three hundred and twenty-two teams. A team of six people. They got up in the aerospace in Frozen. In addition to these six, there are capsules, coldrooms, armurum, genome laboratory etc. There are several types of lower class animals in different capsules and more about Ekushin Froby. There are also various types of clones, cells, profiles, samples, skeleton etc. in the GNOME laboratory.


They are not specified in their wings. Aimlessly there will be empty space. New planets to find out Whenever the signal of a new planet in the original monitor of aerospace, they will go to the planet with FRABI. Kinist, there is no specific account of how long they will continue like this. In this way, their journey will be taken from the planet.


The name of their world is Grasai. The civilization has been created for a long time. Their galaxy distance from Milky Way galaxies is a few million light years. The Grusai planet is moving around a very old star. The star will be turned into Blackhole shortly after a few years. That is why Grucai is looking for planets, from a star to another star, from one galaxy to the galaxy.