The Magic Unicorn - Bedtime Stories for Kids - Hannah Watson - E-Book

The Magic Unicorn - Bedtime Stories for Kids E-Book

Hannah Watson

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Make Your Child’s Imagination Come to Life While Improving Their Vocabulary & Lowering Their Stress Levels with the Magical Unicorn Storybook!

Did you know that reading bedtime stories to your little one is more than just a cozy ritual that helps prepare them for sleep?

Hundreds of research have concluded that reading bedtime stories also gives you a great opportunity to create warm, wonderful memories with them, cultivate their imagination, foster empathy, lower their stress levels, and encourage engagement and conversation between parent and child.

But perhaps the most recent and profound benefit discovered is that bedtime stories are able to rewire children's brains to accelerate their mastery of language and boost their vocabulary.

So, when looking for the perfect bedtime stories for your child, it’s important to look for tales that meet your child’s language and emotional needs.

And this is where Hannah Watson’s book, “The Magic Unicorn”, comes in. This book is a collection of short bedtime stories that help your toddlers fall asleep and relax, so they can dream about great unicorn fantasies all night!

In this magical bedtime storybook, your child will:

  • Relax their worries away in a comforting space, where you get to snuggle and read bedtime stories together
  • Strengthen their bond with you and feel safe, knowing they are loved and that their mom or dad is right next to them as they float away to dreamland
  • Enhance their empathy, vocabulary, and imagination as they explore the wonderful world of majestic, adventurous unicorns
  • Cultivate their idea of friendship and exploration as the Magic Unicorn goes on an adventure with numerous mythical, colorful friends
  • And so much more!

Children are like porous sponges that absorb every bit of information from the environment around them. When you read The Magic Unicorn to them every night, they will be able to simmer in the positivity as well as the educational bits that every chapter has to offer!

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