The Magic Unicorn & Sleepy Dinosaur - Bed Time Stories Collection - Hannah Watson - E-Book

The Magic Unicorn & Sleepy Dinosaur - Bed Time Stories Collection E-Book

Hannah Watson

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Give Your Child the Best Dreams While Enhancing Their Vocabulary & Imagination with the Magic Unicorn & Sleepy Dinosaur Bed Time Stories!

There is nothing more fantastical than a child’s imagination. However, it can be quite easy to inhibit their creativity, especially when they live in a world that requires them to conform.

As parents, you would want your child to believe that anything is possible and that the world is capable of providing them with magnificent opportunities if they keep their creativity alive and burning.

Master storyteller Hannah Watson’s book, “The Magic Unicorn & The Sleepy Dinosaur Bed Time Stories Collection”, will help you with that!

This book is a collection of wonderful short bedtime stories filled with the Magic Unicorn and the Sleepy Dinosaurs' awesome adventures, where they meet new characters and befriend unassumingly and misunderstood monsters, among many others.

These short bedtime stories are written to help your children and toddlers fall asleep faster and relax after a long day!

In this magical book, your child will:

  • Relax their worries away in a comforting space, where you get to snuggle and read bedtime stories together
  • Enhance their empathy, vocabulary, and imagination as they explore the wonderful world of majestic, adventurous unicorns
  • Engage in conversation and exploration as you read about every character and their equally amazing friends
  • Have a peaceful, deep sleep, safe with the knowledge that the world isn’t too bad after all, especially when mom and dad are here
  • And so much more!

Let your child’s imagination run wild, as they embark on a journey towards dreamland with you by their side. In this book, your child will have wonderful dreams filled with great dinosaurs and magical unicorns all throughout the night!

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Hannah Watson

The Magic Unicorn & Sleepy Dinosaur - Bed Time Stories Collection

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Table of contents

The Magic Unicorn


Chapter 1: The Unicorn and Animal Friends

Chapter 2: The Unicorn and More Friends

Chapter 3: The Unicorn and S(caring) Friends

Chapter 4: The Unicorn’s Monster Friends

Chapter 5: The Unicorn’s Mythical Encounters

Chapter 6: The Unicorn’s Colorful Friends

Chapter 7: More Unicorn Tales


The Sleepy Dinosaurs - Bedtime Stories for Kids

The Sleepy Dinosaurs and the Lonely Bird

The Sleepy Dinosaurs and the Unhealthy Mice

The Sleepy Dinosaurs and the Sharing Squirrel

The Sleepy Dinosaurs and the New Dinosaur

The Sleepy Dinosaurs and the Patient Tortoise

The Sleepy Dinosaurs and the Beaver

The Sleepy Dinosaurs and the Fireflies

The Sleepy Dinosaurs and the Different Bee

The Magic Unicorn

Bedtime Stories for Kids

Short Bedtime Stories to Help Your Children & Toddlers Fall Asleep and Relax! Great Unicorn Fantasy Stories to Dream about all Night!

By Hannah Watson


Bedtime is a time for beautiful stories and wonderful friends. Here you will discover both in the magical world of unicorns. While you read these stories, the words, and sounds will soon have your little one drifting on the clouds of eternal happiness and joy as they slip into the land of sleep.

These short stories are especially written to help your munchkin find a peaceful and contented way to enjoy a good night’s rest. Peacefully drifting into an adventure with the joyful and oh-so-cute Unicorn, your child will learn beautiful skills such as friendship, love, forgiveness, and trust.

As you snuggle up together under the covers, enjoy these stories and be transported to a magical world filled with incredible friends and wonderful adventures that will lull you off to pleasant dreams and ensure a peaceful evening. Now, snuggle in and get ready to meet the Magic Unicorn.

Chapter 1: The Unicorn and Animal Friends

A Story of the Unicorn, the Frog, the Caterpillar, and the Fish

Once upon a time, the Magic Unicorn was running through the rainbow valley when she saw a brightly colored stream up ahead. In the land of magic, rainbows were everywhere, and the water soon glowed with these bright colors.

Next to the river was a frog, staring deeply into the water. The frog seemed to be searching for something, and he seemed really upset.

“What’s the matter, Frog?” the unicorn asked, frowning into the water too.

“My friend the caterpillar is missing, and I think he has fallen into the water, and I can’t see him anywhere.” Frog’s ribbit sounded.

“Well, maybe I can help you find your friend?” Unicorn offered.

“Can you swim under the water and find the caterpillar?” Frog asked, jumping up and down in excitement.

“No, no. Settle down, Frog. I can’t swim, but you’re a frog, so can’t you swim?”

“No, I can’t swim; my mommy never taught me how,” Frog sadly said.

“Oh, that’s okay. I know someone who can help us. He is an excellent swimmer, and I’m sure he will be able to rescue the caterpillar soon.” The unicorn gently dropped her bright horn into the water, stirring the surface with the tip of her horn. She smiled happily, sending out waves of joy and friendship into the water.