Youth-Community Partnerships for Adolescent Alcohol Prevention -  - E-Book

Youth-Community Partnerships for Adolescent Alcohol Prevention E-Book

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This forward-thinking reference spotlights an expansive and inclusive community model for youth alcohol prevention as opposed to traditional individual and school-based group approaches. Focusing on a long-term intervention in a Southwestern border town, it documents the development of critical consciousness in an affected community, and emphasizes young people as crucial drivers of change in their environment. The book’s Community Readiness Model provides vital context for successful coalition building between youth, families, and community entities (e.g., schools, civic leaders, police) in reducing alcohol risk factors and promoting healthier choices. Given the severity and prevalence of youth alcohol use, this case study offers a viable blueprint for large-scale engagement in prevention.


Among the featured topics:


  • Integrating research into prevention strategies using participatory action research.
  • Breaking down silos between community-based organizations: coalition development.
  • Adult perspectives on nurturing youth leadership and coalition participation.
  • Youth perspectives on youth power as the source of community dev
  • Coalition as conclusion: tips on creating a functioning coalition.
  • Community transformational resilience for adolescent alcohol prevention.

    Youth-Community Partnerships for Adolescent Alcohol Prevention is both practical and inspiring reading for researchers and other mental health professionals in psychology, social work, and public health who work with adolescents, communities, and civic engagement.

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