Eine Kulturgeschichte des Französischunterrichts in der frühen Neuzeit - Walter Kuhfuß - E-Book

Eine Kulturgeschichte des Französischunterrichts in der frühen Neuzeit E-Book

Walter Kuhfuß

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A cultural history of French teaching in early modern times (1490-1815)A comprehensive history of the teaching of French in early modern times in Germany is likely to generate wide interest, because it presents an important but until recently mostly obscured part of Franco-German cultural relations and describes the cultural roots of the contemporary school subject French, thereby helping to create historical awareness amongst today's French teachers.This model of Franco-German cultural interchange operating at the interface between cultural, social, linguistic, didactic and educational history, together with Bourdieu's theory of social inequality, is a particularly useful tool for historical analysis. The book emphasises the content, intentions and themes of French teaching. It is based on the author's extensive researches and analysis of primary sources and provides a new explanation of learning themes and intentions where social prestige played a role too little noted until recently alongside education and practical use.

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