Parental Influence on Youths, a Necessity or Not - David Olumuyiwa - E-Book

Parental Influence on Youths, a Necessity or Not E-Book

David Olumuyiwa

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This book is basically about the influence parents have other the demands of their children and the fact that they have a crucial role to play in their development into what they are purposed to be. It gives insight as to what are the measures to take as a parent or guardian in ensuring that we build a future generation that is capable of influencing the world positively. The books entails the role of parent, the type of factors to look out for when understudying their children and the fact that they should also do a thorough check on themselves as children sees their parent as a book to be read in the discovery of their new environment and introduction into the culture of the country or society they are born into. The future of the world is in proper upbringing of the youths and when the foundation is destroyed, it lives a purposeless generation that seeks for a means to close the void created in them which brings about introduction to drugs, alcohol, prostitution, pornography and masturbation, theft, rebellion and so on. Parent are the first educator of a child but many of them have left those duties to their nannies and student teachers, of which, some of these outlets are not well equipped to instill the right knowledge need for a futuristic generation. This book is short and precise on its output in tackling the core issue of the society and the world at large as education or career pursuit isn't enough to instill character and the right attitude in children.

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David Olumuyiwa

Parental Influence on Youths, a Necessity or Not

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Parental Influence on Youths: A Necessity or Not


























































My special thanks goes to the Lord God Almighty, The creator of the heavens and the earth, who has given me the wisdom and inspiration to embark on this work, may HIS name be praised forever.

I also want to say a big thanks to my parent Mr and Mrs Fagbamila, who has been supportive and have, imbibe in me the morals I have learn to respect today.

I want to thank every other personnel, my siblings, my friends and well-wishers and to the youths in which I have designed this work for.

May the Lord God bless you all in Jesus name.




Chapter 1: Parent and their roles

Chapter 2: How to develop a child

Chapter 3: What do you surround them with?

Chapter 4: Friends and Environments matters a lot

Chapter 5: Do parents live up to their roles?

Chapter 6: What can be implemented to undo the wrongs?



Youths are the motivation and the power of the society. The work force of life is dependent on them because they stand in the gap between the children and the adults. It is required that they should be given the right attention in order to achieve the aspect of growth and development in our society.

The youths are endowed with numerous talents and have the ability to think fast which makes them exposed to several things around them. The captivating views around them, motivates them towards achieving their goals, although most of them are not aware of the goal or purpose of which they have been entrust in as a youth.

In this case, their lives has to be directed and guided by those that has gone through those stages, in order not to deviate from achieving their goals and aspirations.

The parental influence is something that must be felt. They are provided by God to direct their footsteps. It may be of interest to you, that majority of these parents never understood what it takes to be a parent or in parenthood.

In this book, we will discover the importance of their roles as a parent, the drawbacks made by some of them due to their own upbringing and their lifestyle, as well as ways in which these mistakes or shortcomings can be rectified.

I beseech you all, to meditate on every word and try to practice it to its full course, so that you will be able to extract the points you desire and need to discover yourself and become a better individual for both your family and the entire world at large.


Parent and their roles

If when asked by people, that who do you think a parent is? The definition that will definitely come to their mind is that a parent is someone that brings a child or children as the case may be into this world. The fact is that, there is more to been a parent than just channeling a child or children, there are several duty as its required of them when undergoing that stage of parenthood.

Providing for the needs of a child is essential, which are basically the primary goal in which most parents understood about parenthood. These provisions could be expressed in terms of their need for food consumption, material wares such as clothing, cosmetics, foot wares, recreational kits and so on. With these material needs provided the child or children as the case may be, as been satisfied and will feel comforted and relaxed, of which to them they regard such a domain as home.