Powerful Weight Loss Hypnosis for Women - Harmony Academy - E-Book

Powerful Weight Loss Hypnosis for Women E-Book

Harmony Academy

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Who doesn’t wish they had more control over some aspects of their life? Whether it's a want to quit a harmful addiction, increase self-confidence, self-control, focus, lose weight, get out of debt, or improve our general dispositions, we all have a desire to become better. The good news is, you do have control over your future, and hypnosis can help you get the future you want.

Powerful Weight Loss Hypnosis for Women is something that you need to have in your life. It’ll allow you to change your dieting and eating habits, and by the end of it, you’ll also be able to have a better time when it comes to your control of food. Remember, this isn’t just for your benefit when it comes to the number that is seen on the scale, but it will also benefit you in the manner of being able to change your outlook on life. You don’t need to think that the only thing to do is to stick with the diet you’re on. Couple it with hypnosis for weight loss, and you’ll have an even better time. It’ll make all the more difference in your life as well.

You’ll learn about:

  • How you can use hypnosis to program your mind over your body
  • How to develop self-hypnosis as a means of learning about yourself
  • How to improve your eating habits with hypnosis
  • How to control urges and cravings while helping your body recognize when it is time to stop eating
  • How you can use the mental gastric band in your efforts to reduce the amount of food you eat
  • How you can control your cravings and urges by reprogramming your mind to the state you wish
  • How you can deal with emotional overeating by digging deep into your psyche
  • And so much more!

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