The Sci Fi and fantasy Edition - The Cheat Mistress - E-Book

The Sci Fi and fantasy Edition E-Book

The Cheat Mistress

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Cheats Unlimited are the specialists when it comes to video game cheats, tips and walkthrough guides. Fronted by the glamorous and gorgeous Cheatmistress, Cheats Unlimited has helped over five million gamers worldwide over the last 12 years. Through phone lines, fax machines, the Web and WAP sites and now eBooks, we have been there for gamers when they've needed us the most.
With EZ Guides we aim to help you through the top games on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii, DS and PSP, step by step from beginning to end in an easy and entertaining way. Along the way we'll teach you about the game's top secrets and the best way to unlock that Achievement / Trophy. EZ Guides are written by dedicated gamers who are here to help you through the difficult times in gaming.
EZ Guides: The SciFi/Fantasy Collection covers walkthrough guides for six of the top action games on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360: BioShock 2, Halo 3: ODST, Killzone 2, Ghostbusters: The Video Games, James Cameron's Avatar and Batman: Arkham Asylum. Ease your way through these hardcore titles, with a lot of help from our detailed and entertaining walkthrough guides.
Formats Covered: Xbox 360, Playstation 3

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EZ Guides

The Sci-Fi / Fantasy Edition

Cheats Unlimited

ISBN 978-1-907649-31-8

Published by ICE Games Ltd

Copyright © 2010 ICE Games Ltd

This book is not published, authorised by, endorsed, or associated with in any way with Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo or any of the  game developers and publishers. All images, names and game titles are trademarks of their respective companies.

BioShock 2

Introduction Notes

This walkthrough is based on playing the game on Medium difficulty.  Easier and harder difficulties will result in a different game play experience.  The places and times some enemies appear will vary even on the same difficulty, as enemy spawning is affected by the order you do things in the game.  Also, the default control system is required for controls to correspond for the Xbox 360 and PS3 controls mentioned later on.  PC controls are not used here in this walkthrough.  As a whole, this walkthrough does not take a direct route through the game, but is rather aimed at the player who is interested in exploring Rapture to its up most, obtaining all Gene Tonics, and collecting all of the Audio Diaries so that the full story of the game is revealed.

Most importantly, unlike the first BioShock, players are unable to go back to previously explored levels.  So if a player desires to gain all collectibles on a level, they must do so whilst they are in the particular level that mentioned Audio Diaries, Gene Tonics and Plasmids are in.


Locations for all collectible Gene Tonics, Plasmids and Audio Diaries are given through the course of the walkthrough in line with how you progress through the game, as well as context sensitive achievements/trophies.  There are many Plasmids and Gene Tonics that can be bought in the course of the game, and while suggestions are given as to what to buy at times, you are welcome to deviate.

Researching Enemies

When you get hold of the Research Camera in the level Pauper’s Drop, it is expected that the player will make an effort to use it at every opportunity they can, so that research tracks for enemies are quickly maxed out and the player gains access to extremely helpful Gene Tonics and other bonuses (as well as an achievement/trophy).  If you are ever unsure during the course of the game, how your enemy research is going, check it by looking through the screens available via pressing BACK/SELECT.  Also, as the player gains access to several Gene Tonics that help with research it is expected that the player will equip these in order to speed up research, and have them equipped until all research tracks are maxed out.


Though it is possible to gain the majority of the Single Player achievements/trophies available through following this walkthrough, you will be unable to gain Against All Odds, which is awarded for completing the game on the hardest difficulty.  Also, if you follow many of the purchasing recommendations for Plasmids and Gene Tonics, you will not gain the achievement/trophy All Plasmids.  To get around this see a note at the end of Part 8, level Persephone.  For other achievements/trophies that require you to perform an action a certain number of times before you gain it, if you follow certain battle tips as given in this walkthrough you should eventually work towards gaining these certain achievements/trophies.

Part 1: Adonis Luxury Resort

Ten Years Later – Adonis Luxury Resort

Finally in control of your Big Daddy, Delta, follow the onscreen instructions as you take your first steps by the nearest Vita-Chamber.  Should you die at any point in the game, you will respawn at the last Vita-Chamber you went past.  However, if you wish to gain the Achievement/Silver Trophy Big Brass Balls, which you get for never using a Vita-Chamber during the course of the game, then save regularly, use different save slots, and if you die just reload your last save when you are resurrected in a Vita-Chamber and try again.

Your current goal becomes: Find a Way Out of Here.  You may check you active goal at any time by pressing BACK/SELECT when not looking at an item, as that will bring up a description of the item you are looking at.

Character movement is controlled by the Left-Stick, and POV using the Right-Stick.  You are able to jump by pressing Y/Triangle.  You are able to use your drill with the RT/R2 button, however it does use fuel so don’t waste it now.  Also, you can perform a melee attack with your equipped weapon by pressing B/Circle (this doesn’t use up any fuel).  During the course of the game the Drill is your most powerful melee weapon.

You will notice the two coloured bars in the top left of the screen.  These are your health (red bar) and EVE (blue bar).  EVE is used to power Plasmid based abilities, of which you have none so far.  Health obviously dictates how many hits you can take before you die.  Health is fully restored by using First Aid Kits, paying to use a Health Station, or restored through small amounts by using bandages, eating some foods and drinking some drinks.  EVE is restored through using EVE Hypos, but later on in the game by using certain Gene Tonics you will be able to restore EVE through several other methods.

Once sure of how to move, proceed across the room from the Vita-Chamber and go up the staircase.  When you get to the pink coral blocking your way, use your drill with the melee attack (B/Circle) to bash the coral away.  Press in the Left-Stick to crouch and pass through the hole you have created if you find it difficult to make a hole large enough to walk through.  Pressing the Left-Stick in again will return you to an upright position.  Continue on and then use crouch to go under the broken pillar.

Soon you will see movement up ahead.  Move on to the next area.

Adonis Baths

Go to the right of the pool to find a door that won’t open.  Walk further into the baths on the right hand side, you will see items that you can eat, but you shouldn’t have lost any health yet, so leave them for now.  Use the can of Drill Fuel to increase your available supply of fuel.  To use or collect an item, get them in your view then press A/X to use/collect them.  As a general rule, this walkthrough does not mention all consumable items, ammo, First Aid Kits, EVE Hypos and their positions, whether they’re lying around or inside something, so it is always worth fully searching a room before moving on.

When you’re done investigating items, move over to the sparking generator on the left side of the pool.  A woman will rant from the other room you have yet to go inside, but she is no threat at the moment.  To the left of the generator is the Audio Diary – Attention: Workers!  Pick this up, the first of over one hundred available in the game, to work towards the Achievement/Silver TrophyRapture Historian.  The diary also gives you a hint at what you need to do, hold A/X to listen to the diary.  You need to use a jolt of electricity to get the generator going.

Go through the archway you have yet to go through.  To the left fork a woman, Thuggish Splicer, is gunned down.  To deal with her assailant, a Leadhead Splicer, just melee him a few times until he is dead.  Once the Leadhead Splicer is dead, check his corpse for things such as First Aid Kits, EVE Hypos, ammo, Dollars and many other items that enemies often carry around in the game.  Use A/X to interact with the corpse’s belongings and A/X to take them.  This option is only available if items are on the corpse.  As a standard rule, always search an area for corpses with items, and searchable containers when the area has been made safe.

On the right side planter in the area where the Leadhead appeared there is an EVE Hypo, even though you have no Plasmids yet still pick it up, as you will be able to choose when to use it later or it will be automatically used if you completely run out of EVE.  You may also be able to get an item from the Thuggish Splicer corpse, the one who was gunned down.

When you are done searching corpses, go back to the fork and go to the right.  There is a locked door with a keypad beside it on which you can enter a code.  The code for the door is right next to it, written backwards on the steamed up door: 1540.  Enter the code by pressing A/X and selecting the numbers that need to be used by moving the Left-Stick.  When you have the correct code press A/X to input it and the door will slide open.  Inside this small sauna, search the woman’s corpse and pick up the various items on the floor and benches, including the Audio Diary – Fitness.

Done with the sauna, go back to the left fork and proceed further in until you can see a counter with a till on top.  Jump over the counter, search the till/cash register and look to the right to see an EVE Dispenser.  Keep selecting it until you have picked up as much EVE as you can carry, (there will be an interval of a couple of seconds before you can reselect it to gain EVE Hypos), which are currently five.  With the EVE in hand, proceed further into this new area, there is some Drill Fuel to the other side of the room to the counter, which you’ll only be able to pick up if your fuel tanks is not already full.  Delta has a brief flash back as he gets closer to the Gatherer’s Garden.

Plasmid Therapy

Pick up the Plasmid Electro Bolt from the Gatherer’s Garden.  A brief cutscene will follow.  Press the LT/L2 button to use your currently selected Plasmid.  If you want to try out using your new Plasmid you can, as with an EVE Dispenser near by you won’t run out of EVE to use your Plasmid with.  The rooms to the left and right of the Gatherer’s Garden contain some Dollars and a searchable corpse.

Once sure of your new ability, and with a full batch of EVE Hypos, move back to the left fork you originated from, and use your Electro Bolt on the damaged Door Panel in order to open the door.  If you ever want to refill your EVE gauge without waiting for EVE shots to be automatically used, hold the LB/L1 or RB/R1 button to bring up the Plasmid/Weapons radial menus, from which you choose to press X/Square to use an EVE shot whenever you want (so long as you have spare EVE Hypos available).  The same can be done with First Aid Kits in the radial menu by pressing B/Circle.

Adonis Baths

Back in the pool area, take care of the two Splicers that have appeared, one on the diving board the other by the generator.  A good tactic to use is to shock simple enemies, like these, with Electro Bolt and then melee attack them (B/Circle) whilst they are stunned.  With lower level enemies such as the Thuggish and Leadhead Splicers, shocking them and quickly hitting them with the Drill melee attack is normally enough to kill them.  But you have to hit them with the melee attack less than a couple of seconds after shocking them or else the effects of the shock will wear off and the melee attack will do less damage.

Search their corpses and then use Electro Bolt to start up the generator by firing it at the glowing yellow panel.  Once you have started the generator a woman called Tenenbaum contacts you on your radio.  You now have the new goal: Find Tenenbaum.

Go through the doorway that the generator has opened and then go into the ladies’ loos on the right side of the staircase at the top.  On a bench is the Audio Diary – To My Daughter; the lockers beside it may be searched.  Go further into the toilets, to pick up some Dollars on the floor, and then spend $5 to open a toilet stall to get at more back on the floor of the stall.

A Thuggish Splicer will attempt to ambush you as you leave the toilets.  Now would be a good time to try out your Electro Bolt on water.  Back away from the Splicer and lure her onto the pool of water by the toilets.  When you are not standing in the water, but she is, use Electro Bolt on the water and the Splicer will be shocked to death.  Search her corpse and move on when the electricity has left the water.

Go to the door on the left of the window in the main corridor the toilet backs onto and go through it.  Two Thuggish Splicers will be standing in some water in the next room so quickly use Electro Bolt on the water to take care of them.  Search their corpses, and then look back to the door you came in from.  On some benches to the left of the door is the Audio Diary – Return, so be sure to pick that up.

When you have picked up the Diary, continue on further into the room and take either the right or left archway to come to stairs that meet at a doorway that is not shutting properly.  Beside the doorway is the corpse of a Rosie so search that, and then pick up the Rivet Gun that is stopping the door from closing.  You will automatically switch to this new weapon, but to deal with the two Splicers, Leadhead and Thuggish, in this room I recommend using the Drill.  Press RB/R1 to bring up the radial menu for available weapons and choose the Drill again.  As with previous encounters with Splicers, shocking and then meleeing will work well on the two inside the room.

Near the doorway you opened is an EVE Hypo.  In the alcove to the left of where you came through is a First Aid Kit.  If you need to heal your health and have at least one First Aid Kit on you, use the right button on the D-pad to instantly use one.

Bathyspehere Docking

The right-side alcove has Rivet Ammo near it, and inside the alcove itself is the Audio Diary – They Called It Rapture.  Beside it is some Hop Up Cola.  Follow the right alcove further to find some searchable corpses, another Rivet Gun that you can collect for ammo, and some searchable cases, which mostly contain alcoholic drinks (replenishes Health, but drains EVE).  There is also some Drill Fuel in the cases if you need it.  Head back towards where you fought the last two Splicers, only to come across another Leadhead Splicer, so shock and melee it.

Grand Foyer

Back in the part where the right and left alcoves join a central area, go up the stairs and through the doorway at the top.  There is a cutscene.  Soon a fight against a Big Sister ensues.  Equip your Rivet Gun using the RB/R1 radial menu, as you do not want to get to close to her.  Conveniently she jumps into a pool of water at the beginning of the fight, so use Electro Bolt on the water.  She uses a fire-based weapon that hits you for a lot of damage, when you are far away, and melees you when you are close.  Once half of its health is gone, the Big Sister runs away leaving you free to explore the area.  Switch back to the Drill when this happens.

On the bar near the window is the Audio Diary – Generation, so pick that up.  There are also Bandages, First Aid Kit, an EVE Hypo and other useful items on the bar.  Cigarettes replenish EVE, but deplete health.  One bar in the centre is also home to a Vita-Chamber.  Around the room are Rivets and Drill Fuel, and another First Aid Kit.  Go through the doorway that the Big Sister opened up.

Demeter’s Banquet Hall

There will be another First Aid Kit in front of you after you go up the stairs, so pick that up if you need to, a near by Ashtray may also contain useful items.  Having not gone too far in, you will notice that the Big Sister is still scurrying around.  Continue up the stairs and then jump down into the large banquet area that is flooded.  The Big Sister will damage the room’s windows and run off.

Once submerged, go to where there used to be a window and Tenenbaum will contact you over your radio.  Search a wrecked bathysphere near the broken window to pick up the Audio Diary – Escape From Rapture and a First Aid Kit from one of the corpses inside the sphere.  Use jump to continue navigating around the area.  There are some Rivets on the ground before a huge drop (two lots scattered about) and an EVE Hypo is hidden near three barrels.  Once you have everything you want jump down the cliff that this watery area leads to, as it is the only way you can go.

Continue down the slope, below the cliff, towards the Atlantic Express Maintenance Depot where you will catch a glimpse of the Big Sister.  Go to the Depot and enter its airlock area and choose to use the Airlock Control to secure and drain the room (the Control is the glowing yellow thing at the back of the airlock).  Doing this will award you the Achievement/Bronze Trophy Daddy’s Home.

Part 2: The Atlantic Express

Tenenbaum greets you on your radio once you’re in yet another airtight area.  Your goal becomes: Get To Brigid Tenenbaum.

Ignore the dubious rantings of a near by Splicer and leave the air lock chamber.  There are some lockers to your right in the area just after the chamber so investigate those for items, more lockers are up ahead before an open doorway, so search through those as well.  Head through the next doorway and up the watery stairs, and continue on up the other set of stairs past a near by Vita-Chamber.  There’s nothing you can do about the Splicer near the doorway at the top of this room, who runs away from you and closes the door that he was by.  Tenenbaum radios in, and then you’re on your own again.  Go in to the room on your right.

In this room is a Hack Tool.  Pick that up as well as a Remote Hack Dart, and read the instructions.  Take a moment to collect more Hack Darts from the dispenser on the wall too. You can carry eight spare darts.  To hack a hackable Bot/Security Camera/Turret/Safe/Door Panel (from a distance) aim the Hack Tool at the thing you wish to hack and press the RT/R2 button to fire a dart at it and initiate the hacking mini-game.  Beware: every time you do something incorrectly whilst hacking, you will lose some health, so it is be worth saving before most hacks that aren’t taking place during the heat of battle.

You need to hack a Door Panel opposite the broken window of where you picked up the Hack Tool from so fire a dart at the glowing yellow panel.  To hack you need to stop a needle on the Green sections of the meter that appears, and not the white ones as they will give you a shock.  To select the Green sections, press A/X.  A successful hack will grant you the Achievement/Bronze TrophyDistance Hacker and open the previously locked door.

Go through the opened doorway and you will see a Security Bot lying on the floor.  Rather than fire a dart you can go up to the downed bot and press X/Square to go into the hacking screen.  Pressing the Blue sections as opposed to the Green will give the bot a bonus to the level of damage they deal out to your enemies.  Hacked Security Bots will not attack you, but they will relentlessly pursue nearby enemies and attack them.  Make sure to have a weapon such as your Drill equipped.  Remember that hacked Bots will incur damage if attacked, so until you gain a certain Gene Tonic later on, you have no way to repair them.

Train Workshop 6A

With your Security Bot in tow, continue down the corridor and be prepared for a Splicer encounter.  Continue on and several Thuggish Splicers will attack you.  Your bot will be quite capable of taking them on, but you can enter the fray if you wish with Electric Bolts and melee attacks.  There is a Health Station in this area where the train falls, that your enemies can use to heal themselves.  Hack it before doing anything else so that it harms them instead, and heals you for cheap.  Remember to select only Green and Blue sections on the metre whilst hacking.  Managing to pick a Blue section will cause the Station to drop a free First Aid Kit on successful completion of the hack.  When the Splicers have been dealt with, don’t forget to search their corpses and heal up.

Go into the room that the Health Station backs on to and search around for some items that include Rivets, Dollars, Drill Fuel and the Audio Diary – The Great Chain Rattles.  Back in the main area, there are some Dollars near the train that fell, atop a set of tool drawers.  When you are done exploring here, continue on up past the train and leave through the doorway marked Gate Control.  When you get into the room the corridor ends in choose to save and then to activate the glowing Gate Control.

Soon a group of Splicers are shooting out the glass in the room you have been trapped inside, after Sofia Lamb is done talking.  You are unable to attack them, and will have to wait to finally fall through the floor once fires have started.  There is nothing you can do to stop yourself from losing health, but you won’t die.  Tenenbaum radios in.

Maintenance Runoff Pumping Station

Move your way underwater, down the waterway away from the window by where you land.  There are some corpses along the way that you may search for items, including a Hack Dart, Rivets and some Dollars.  Tenenbaum radios in once more.  Continue moving down the waterway.  Not far in you will need to crouch in order to go through a tunnel.  Un-crouch once you are through and walk towards the stairs that will take you out of the water.  At the top of the stairs you will need to crouch again to proceed.

Atlantic Express Administrative Storage

Proceed through the new area, which has a Vita-Chamber, and Tenenbaum will give you a warning about the Security Camera on a near by wall opposite the stairs by the Vita-Chamber.  Equip your Hack Tool and fire a dart at the camera.  Make sure to land the needle in a Blue section when you can, as it will cause security alerts against your enemies to last for longer.  Security Cameras will summon Security Bots whenever they detect hostiles, so it is always best to make sure that you have hacked the cameras in an area or else the bots will be coming after you.  Also, it is possible to use Electro Bolt to shock a camera, if you are running low on darts, and then run up underneath it (and if it is low enough) then choose to hack it without using a dart by looking at it and pressing X/Square.  Though in the case of this particular Camera it would be better to use a Dart.

If you accidentally trip the alarm before you have the chance to hack the camera, a Bot-ShutdownPanel is located on a wall to the right of the camera.  Though getting to it whilst dogged by Security Bots would be a rather challenging enterprise.

Atlantic Express Drafting Offices

Once you have hacked the camera Thuggish and Leadhead Splicers will come after you and shoot at you as well as use melee attacks.  Move into the same room as the camera.  Even though Security Bots will be on the way, you will probably find it prudent to take down any Splicers, which arrive in your location, yourself.  Once the Splicers have been dealt with search their corpses and look around the rest of the area near the camera for items such as Dollars, Remote Hack Darts and a First Aid Kit.

When ready, continue on past the Bot-Shutdown Panel, after a vision approach the Plasmid in front of you and pick it up to receive Telekinesis.  Telekinesis is used by using the same controls as Electro Bolt (LT/L2), you can use it to bring objects towards yourself and then to throw them at enemies by releasing the Plasmid button.  Or if you’re just retrieving something, use Telekinesis to get the object near you and then by pressing the weapons reload button (X/Square) it releases it and it allows you to bring something towards you without consuming any EVE.  Select an empty slot to put Telekinesis in to when you get it.

There is an EVE Hypo to the right of where you pick up Telekinesis.  Before you move on go back to the stairs where you left the water, and turn to face a slowly rotating fan.  Behind it is the Audio Diary – Mr. Tape Recorder, so pull it over to yourself.  Back in the room where you obtained Telekinesis, one filing cabinet can be searched for items near the doorway you came from, and there is a Mail Pneumo Control that you can press to send projectiles at you upon which you can practice your use of Telekinesis.  Remember that some enemies will throw things like grenades at you, so being able to use Telekinesis to catch and throw back projectiles is important.  Successfully throwing an enemy projectile back at them at least once will give you the Achievement/BronzeTrophy Counterattack.

Train Workshop 6B

When done, leave the room through the doorway on the left that you have yet to go through and go up the stairs.  From the balcony that you come to, you can see several Splicers in the room below.  Ignore them for moment, crouch and hobble over to a desk on the left to pick up the Audio Diary – Just a Fad. Once you have that, use Telekinesis to discreetly throw one of the gas canisters at the Splicers below.  There is an EVE Hypo up here if you need it.  The Splicers will loose a substantial amount of health from the explosion and have the ensuing misfortune of being set on fire.  Go down and finish them with the Drill.  Once all of the Splicers are dead, search corpses and look around the lower part for other items such as Rivets, Drill Fuel and Dollars.

Under the balcony area where the gas canisters were kept, is a sparking door control panel.  Shock it with Electro Bolt to create a shortcut back to the Administration area.  Go through the doorway marked Cafeteria and hack the Health Station that is just inside the doorway.  To the right of that are some lockers with items and opposite them is an EVE Dispenser.  If you have everything you need, continue past the Health Station towards the Cafeteria.

Cafeteria – Railway Café

Go around the counter and into the kitchen area and go behind this to find a room with the Audio Diary – Ryan vs Lamb: Reality.  You’ll notice that when you enter this back room you will hear a group of Splicers.  The Splicers will be waiting for you in the café part.  As they conveniently run into the water outside the kitchen, use Electro Bolt to deal with them quickly.  Return to Workshop 6B.

Train Workshop 6B

On the side of the room nearest to the Administration offices, beside the train skeleton are some mattresses.  By these mattresses is the Audio Diary – What Happened to the People? as well as several useful items.  Once you have everything go towards the large door at the end of the Workshop.  The door will slam shut thanks to a Splicer that then runs off.  Tenenbaum talks a bit more and then you need to figure out how to get the door open.  Your goal changes to: Open the Deployment Bay Door.

Head to the near by locker room with the EVE Dispenser and go the end of it that doesn’t lead to the Café.  There is a hole in the wall here that will allow you to use Telekinesis to pull out the pipe that is jamming up the door mechanism.  When you get the pipe out of the way Lamb radios in again.  Your goal changes back to: Get to Brigid Tenenbaum.

Go to the doorway that has been opened, to the left in this new area is a Vita-Chamber, and you need to stick to the left so that you go up a set of stairs.

Control Room

Head in the direction of the room where the door gears are.  On the way there atop a filing cabinet that has fallen over is the Audio Diary – Know the Beast.  There are some Rivets to be found further along if you need them.  When you have picked that up return to the area that the corridor turned off from.

Train Workshop 6B

Take the right side stairs once you have returned to the Vita-Chamber area.  Or if you need some healing items, there’s some food and water in the back of the area by a pair of corpses.  Either way, you need to go up the right side stairs.  At the top of the stairs is another corpse and a Vending Machine.

It is possible to hack vending machines, the advantages of hacking a Vending Machine include cheaper prices on items sold, greater choice of items and if you select a Blue section during the hack you’ll get a free item dispensed to you.  It is unlikely that you will need to buy much in the way of items at the moment, but if you do need to restock on First Aid Kits, EVE Hypos and various types of ammo then obviously take advantage of the machine.

Move on from the Vending Machine to the stairwell that is left of the machine.  Go up the watery stairs.  At the top there will be a Big Sister, but ignore her for now, instead fire a Hacking Dart at the Security Camera on the right-hand side wall near the back of the area and ignore the Splicers that may appear until you have completed the hack.  When you move a certain distance into this area the group of Splicers will appear.  Ignore Tenenbaum’s advice to quickly move to the elevator and take a moment to deal with the Splicers with a combination of weapons, Electro Bolt and Security Bots.

If you somehow set off the security yourself, the nearest Bot-Shutdown Panel is near the bottom of the stairs you came up from.

Once the fight is over hack the Health Station if you need to, and heal.  Search around the area and the corpses for more ammo and healing items.  If you seriously diminished your supplies, go back down the stairs to the Vending Machine.  Once you are ready go to the elevator and activate the Elevator Button, and you will be attacked once you do this but there is no point in shooting at the Splicers that appear as they cannot really do you any harm.  Tenenbaum radios in.

When you reach the top, you’ll witness a Splicer being killed by a Trap Rivet.  It’s obvious where these are set up due to the light they throw out.  In order to disarm them just choose to pick them up via A/X, in fact they don’t actually harm you.  You will be able to use Trap Rivets with the Rivet Gun to set up mine-esque dangers for your enemies.

There are some more Trap Rivets atop some cases near the Vita-Chamber.  Go up the stairs only when you have disarmed the Trap Rivets, then go to the left into the screened off area to retrieve more Trap Rivets and the Audio Diary – Improving on Suchong’s Work sticking out of a filing cabinet.  There is a First Aid Kit beside the entrance doorway that says Ryan Amusements.

Once you are ready head through the doorway.  There is a Vending Machine here, a Hack Dart and some Cure All.  Continue on through the doorway that leads to the Atlantic Express.

Train Station

At the bottom of the stairs are more Trap Rivets, so get pick them up.  There is a Splicer as well, muttering to itself so kill it whilst it doesn’t notice you.  Before pressing the button by the Ticket Booth take the time to find some more Trap Rivets by the Vita-Chamber that is here and prepare for a long fight.  Switch to the Hack Tool and fire at the Security Camera in the adjoining area near the Vita-Chamber and hack it, then switch to the Rivet Gun and use the D-pad to select Trap Rivets.  Fire some Trap Rivets beside the metal gates near the camera and by the metal gates beside the Ticket Booth and switch to your Drill.  When you are ready, press the Intercom Switch by the Ticket Booth.

Your conversation with Tenenbaum is cut short.  Your goal changes to; Hold off Sofia Lamb’s Splicers.  Thanks to your preparations you should find it a great deal easier to handle the five plus Splicers that come after you.  When the gates open go into the main area to quickly hack some Health Stations, which apart from damaging your enemies when done right will give you some much needed First Aid Kits for this encounter.  Return to near the Ticket Booth and wait for Splicers to come to you, and then kill them.  For successfully aiding the escape of Tenenbaum and the girls you receive the Achievement/Bronze Trophy Protector.  Tenenbaum radios in one last time.  Augustine Sinclair contacts you on your radio after the fight.  Your goal changes to: Board the Train.

If before the Splicer fight you did not hack the Security Camera, the Bot-Shutdown Panel is situated at the far end of the train area that the Splicers come from, the opposite end to where the ticket booth is.  Ideally though, you hack the Camera before the fight.

With the fight over pick up any Trap Rivets that weren’t used, and loot the corpses.  There is the Audio Diary – The Situation on one of the benches in this area.  Also, if you feel the need to restock there is a Vending Machine as well.  When you ready, board the train that is at the platform and press the Switch.

Part 3: Ryan Amusements

Park Entrance

Sinclair talks to you when you reach the next station, and suggests that you need to find the Incinerate! Plasmid in the Amusement Park.  You then have the goal: Get A Ticket.

Leave the train and have a look around before passing through the door in the direction of where you need to go (according to the directional arrow at the top of your screen).  There’s some luggage that can be searched, as well as a booth opposite the train stop that contains some Bandages, Rivets and an EVE Hypo.  Pick up what you need and head through the door on the left of where you started (other than the booth it is currently the only working door near you).

Go up the stairs and you’ll see there is a Vita-Chamber to your right on the landing part way up the stairs.  There are also some food items here, Dollars and Rivets, should you need them.  Continue on up the stairs, past the Vita-Chamber and go through the next door.  By the candles beside the “We Will Be Reborn” that has been scrawled on the wall, is an Audio Diary – Eleanor’s Progress, there is also a First Aid Kit near the Diary.

Move on down the corridor and take care of the noisy Leadhead Splicer that is running amok.  Go back to the Vending Machine in the corridor where the diary was and hack it, buy from it if you need to.  When ready go back to where the Splicer was running around and head to a door on the left, as the main door is locked.

Security Wing

Sinclair begins to speak to you as you move further into the Wing.  There are various items to be found in a trashcan, desk and cash register, so keep an eye out for those, before you pass through the next doorway.  When you pass through the doorway you will notice a strange display up ahead of you, go towards it and use the first Weapon Upgrade Station.  If you upgrade a weapon for the first time, you will gain the Achievement/Bronze Trophy Upgraded a Weapon, also if you wish to gain the Achievement/Bronze Trophy All Weapon Upgrades you will need to use every one of these that appears in the game.

Keep in mind that a Weapon Upgrade Station may only be used once, and that there are not enough Upgrade Stations in the game to fully upgrade every weapon.  It is a good idea to stick with upgrading one weapon until it is fully upgraded, then start on another.  There are some searchable lockers in this corridor as well.  It is probably best to upgrade the weapon you currently use the most to attack enemies.

Continue on into the Security Wing.  Just before you go down a set of stairs that end in a Vita-Chamber there is a desk with some Rivets beside it.  Go down the stairs past the Vita-Chamber.

Manager’s Office

On a table in front of you when you get to the bottom of the stairs is the Audio Diary – The Old Sheepdog so pick it up, and there is also an EVE Hypo just above it.  Sinclair advises you to hack the door controls that can be seen through a broken window so get your Hack Tool out.  In this room are a searchable filing cabinet and a spare Remote Hack Dart.  Save and then hack the Door Panel when you are ready to.  (Remember to select the Green parts the needle passes over, touching Orange will set off a Security Alarm, bringing bots to your location.)

Go through the now open door, search a desk and move around the corner to see a Little Sister collecting Adam.  What you need to concern yourself with is the illusive Ticket into the Amusement Park, which is atop another desk.  Sinclair radios in about needing to collect some ADAM and your new goal becomes: Get Into The Park.

Security Wing

Whilst backtracking you will come across a Thuggish Splicer at the opposite end of the corridor with the Weapon Upgrade Station.  Kill the Splicer and take possession of the Machine Gun that has been conveniently released from its glassy tomb.  There are also some rounds for the gun behind it, so be sure to grab those too.

Museum Entrance

The door to the Museum Entrance is closed, and behind it are a group of Splicers.  So arm up with your weapon of choice (watch out for the recoil on the Machine Gun if you’re using it), open the door and take them on.  There are five Splicers, including several Leadheads with guns.  Search their corpses when they’re dead and any Lockboxes that may be around, and then use the ticket to go through the door locked door in this room.  Use the Ticket Verification Unit to do this.

Rapture Museum

Going through the door changes your goal to: Find A Little Sister In The El Dorado.  Walk to the end of the first corridor and pick up the blue glowing Gene Tonic Sports Boost.  Unlike Plasmids, Gene Tonics work passively to improve various aspects of Delta’s ability to move and attack, and various other aspects.  However, they only have an effect if you actually bother to equip them so be sure to do that in the Tonics screen.  Sports Boost allows you to move around slightly faster, and should always be equipped.

Go right first and pick up the .50 Caliber Rounds for the Machine Gun and search the crate for items.  Then head back to the tonic display and go to its left.

To the left is another Vita-Chamber plus an Audio Tour that you can listen to learn about some of the history of Rapture.  Further on from these, under a bench in the middle is the Audio Diary – Volunteer so pick that up.  If you’re wondering what the shiny dark liquid on the floor is its spilt fuel, which you can set on fire once you have the Incinerate! Plasmid.  Go past the bench and pick up the items scattered around.

Move on from the bench and towards the stairs near the entrance to El Dorado and a Thuggish Splicer will jog out in front of you.  Electric Bolt them and melee them with the Drill before they get the chance to see you.  Then back track towards the Gift Shop door and go through.

Gift Shop

There are three Splicers in here.  A combination of Electric Bolt and melee attacks should help you quickly kill them, and then loot their bodies.  Look around the top area of the Shop first to find Dollars, various types of alcohol, .50 Caliber Rounds, an Audio Diary – Cutting Corners.  Your first Ammo Vending Machine is also here.  Hack it to receive discount ammo, however the Blue sections are very hard to select during the hack, but you will be rewarded with bonus ammo if you manage to get a Blue section.

There is a Safe on the top floor of the Shop that can be hacked; hitting a Blue section during the hack will reward you with additional Dollars.  Hacking the safe will lead to more Splicers appearing, a Thuggish one and a Leadhead, so watch out for bullets, try to move towards the door you came in through to surprise them slightly just after hacking the Safe and looting it.

When done with the upstairs of the Shop move down the stairs in the Shop and investigate the toilets.  Search a crate in front of the stairs then check the toilets open on the right first.  There are some Trap Rivets here in a case and another crate that can be searched.  Walking back the way you came will reveal another Leadhead Splicer so shock and attack them before they attack you.  Sometimes retrieving the items here can lead to one of the toilet doors opening, revealing an EVE Hypo, but as soon as you pick it up a Thuggish Splicer will attack you.

Move on to the left side toilets and use Electric Bolt to open their gate.  In here are more .50 Caliber Rounds, a First Aid Kit, new HeavyRivets, Dollars, water and an Audio Diary – Rapture Is Deliverance.  Heavy Rivets are good for doing a moderate amount of damage to armoured targets, and are lethal when used in a headshot against Thuggish and Leadhead Splicers.

When you are finished in the toilets head on back up the Gift shop where another Splicer will be waiting for you, (you should hear them walking around).  Leave the Gift Shop.

Rapture Museum

There will be two Leadhead Splicers wondering around the upper level of the Museum here, one near the Gift Shop entrance.  Kill them before proceeding towards one of the staircases in this central area and going down a floor.  On this lower level there is another Ammo Vending Machine that you may hack as well as a normal Vending Machine.  Restock if you need to.  There is a Health Station on the other side of the wall the Vending Machines are fixed to, so that hack that as well.  Down here there are some crates that you may search as well as a corpse, and some Dollars is on the floor too.

Having thoroughly searched this lower floor, go back up the stairs and head towards the El Dorado Lounge and through the door to get there.

El Dorado Lounge

After passing through the door, but before heading down the corridor, investigate the right hand side area to the door to find some items, including Rivets.  Progress further down the corridor and Eleanor will communicate with you.  Halfway down the corridor is an Audio Diary – Eat Dog and another Gene Tonic: Drill Power, so pick them up.  Equipping Drill Power will increase the power of the melee attacks you do with your Drill, and is another one that you should try to keep equip as standard.

Continue on down the corridor, there is a trashcan to your right before the stairwell that may be searched.  At the bottom of the stairs are some .50 Caliber Rounds and an EVE Hypo.  When ready head up the stairs and through the door.

Going through the door leads to a warning message about fighting other Big Daddies.  Do not engage the Big Daddy yet.  First hack a near by Security Bot (it’s on the floor in front of you), then go around the room looking for items, ammo and a Health Station and Vending Machine that you can hack (they’re behind the back of a bar).  Sinclair will restate the issue of not attacking the Big Daddy before you need to.  There is also an Audio Diary – “Child” and Guardian in a booth area opposite the bar, on the other side of the statue.

When you are ready to fight the Bid Daddy, you have several choices on how to proceed.  Shock him with Electric Bolt and hit him with the Rivet Gun, using Heavy Rivets, or shock him with Electric Bolt and Drill him to death.  Close contact will probably involve a great deal of damage taken by Delta (you), but the room does have a Health Station and if you’re quick enough you may be able to kill him before he seriously hurts you, especially if you corner him in the bar.

You can also use the pools of water to your advantage, leading the Big Daddy into them before shocking the water, the pool between the broken floorboards beside the bar is good for this.  Obviously attack with a gun when using the pool idea.  You could also set up some Trap Rivets that you try to get the Big Daddy to run through after provoking him using the Rivet Gun or Machine Gun.  The choice is yours, but make sure you save your game before proceeding.  One of advantage of using the Drill is that the Big Daddy will have a load of Drill Fuel on its corpse after the fight.  When ready attack the Big Daddy.

Sinclair radios in after you defeat the Big Daddy.  Now approach the sobbing Little Sister and choose to ADOPT her.  Adopting the Little Sister gives you the Achievement/Bronze Trophy Adopted a Little Sister.  The game informs you that in order to have her lead you to an ADAM-FILLED CORPSE you should press and hold X/Square.  You now have a new goal: Gather ADAMfrom 2 bodies.  Before you leave the lounge be sure to heal up, look for items that you may now be able to make use of and restock at the Vending Machine if needed.

Exit the lounge and return to the Rapture Museum.  There may be a Splicer near the end of the corridor just before going out into the Museum, so keep an eye out.

Rapture Museum

Once in the Museum, hold down X/Square to have a trail of white vapour lead you to the nearest corpse with usable ADAM.  In this instance it happens to be a corpse downstairs in this area, near the Vending Machine you hacked.  It may be an idea to put some Trap Rivets down near the stairways, and near the door by the corpse that doesn’t open until you let the Little Sister collect ADAM.  When ready to gather ADAM, save and go up to the corpse and press X/Square when prompted, to put the Little Sister down.  Beware: as soon as you put the Little Sister down to gather ADAM you will come under attack from numerous Splicers, so do your up most to keep the Splicers away from your Little Sister.  Lamb has a word with you once you put the Little Sister down, as does Sinclair.

Once all of the Splicers are dead and when the Little Sister is done collecting ADAM from the corpse, go over to her and press X/Square to pick her up again.  By this point all of the Splicers that were drawn to the area should be dead.  Remember to search the Splicer corpses, heal etc, before moving on.  Your Little Sister will have collected 40 ADAM during the harvest.

Journey to the Surface

Now go through the doorway that was opened during the fight.  There is an interesting Secret Achievement/Trophy to be had here.  First select Telekinesis and look for a golf club by a filing cabinet on your left as you enter the area straight after the doorway.  Pick up the golf club using Telekinesis and then fire the golf club at the Ryan dummy that is sitting at the near by desk, hitting it so that it loses a body part, to get the Achievement/Bronze Trophy 9-Irony.  When you have done this pick up the First Aid Kit by the desk if you need to and search a filing cabinet.

Once you are ready, move further into the area and four Splicers will emerge from a tunnel.  At the top of the stairs is a Machine Gun and .50 Caliber Rounds.  Go down the stairs and kill the Splicers, search their corpses before moving to the left of this area (before the tunnel) and making your way into an office that is hidden in an area under the stairs.  Inside this office are some Heavy Rivets and the Audio Diary – You, Me, and 1959, so pick them up.  A Splicer will appear near the office after you go in, so deal with them before they sneak up on you.

Now go up the tunnel in the main area.  As you try to walk up it a Splicer will send the remains of one of the small train rides towards you, dodge out of the way and kill the Splicer.  Go right at the waterfall at the top and go over to a Health Station that you may hack.  There are also some .50 Caliber Rounds to be found in the vicinity of the Health Station.  Further from the Health Station, backing into the previous area are some Anti-Personnel Rounds for the Machine Gun.  As their name indicates, they’re most effective against fleshy targets, such as Splicers.  When you have everything you want, head in the opposite direction of the Health Station, towards a fake farmhouse with dummies standing outside of it.  There is an EVE Hypo on the roof of the house, which may be pulled down using Telekinesis.

Continue on past the farmhouse, and a Splicer will attack you.  Once you have killed it, go into the alcove to the left of the direction of where you have come from.  There is a door that will not open and a switch beside it.  Activate the switch to make the Maintenance Access available, creating a shortcut back to the Rapture Museum.  At the top of the access are a searchable crate and some food.

However, back in the Journey to the Surface you need to go through the doorway with an oil slick in front of it, it’s opposite the Maintenance Access alcove.

Ride Cart Garage

There’s a Splicer nearby trying to activate a Turret.  Equip the Hack Tool and hack the Turret to give the Splicer working on it a nasty shock.  There is a Hack Dart near by should you need it.  If you have hacked one of each kind of machine by this point you will now receive the Achievement/Bronze Trophy Prolific Hacker.  Hitting a Blue section during the hack will give an upgrade to damage.

Once the Splicer is dead, hack a Health Station near the doorway you came in through, it’s in the outer ring surrounding the Turret area, and then move into the same room as the Turret and hack an Ammo Vending Machine.  In this room are some Trap Rivets and an Audio Diary – Escape Plan; there is also a Vita-Chamber.  Hold down X/Square to reveal the corpse in the middle of room that is to be gathered from.  Now you need to set up for another ADAM gathering session, where you protect your Little Sister from waves of Splicers.  Put down some Trap Rivets beside potential entrances and equip your weapon of choice.  When you are ready press X/Square by the corpse to let your Little Sister begin gathering ADAM.  Lamb makes her thoughts known when you do this.  Once the Splicers are dead and the Little Sister has finished collecting ADAM, pick her up.

If you ever manage to get through the experience of a Little Sister gathering ADAM, and you take no damage and no one gets to the Little Sister then you will be rewarded the Achievement/Bronze Trophy Master Protector.

Sinclair radios in and you now have a new goal: Get to the Sister Vent.  Before you leave this room, be sure to search the Splicer corpses, heal and restock as needed.

Journey to the Surface

Exit the room via the doorway directly beside the Health Station.  Once by this part of track, go left towards the falling water, there is an EVE Hypo and some .50 Caliber Rounds here, as well as the Audio Diary – Lamb the Problem, Sinclair the Solution.  When you have everything, continue along the tracks in the direction of the This Way sign.  Along the way you will see a Splicer painting on the wall, kill them before they see you.

Beside the wall the Splicer was painting is a hole, go through it and up the stairs that you find there, then along a corridor when you reach the top.  There is a searchable toolbox along the way.  You will reach a balcony with some Trap and Heavy Rivets so grab those then look across the way from the balcony.  See all those Dollars on one of the other balconies? Equip Telekinesis and pull it all over to yourself, a bit at a time.  There is an EVE Hypo on that balcony if you need it.  Go to the right of the balcony you stood on to get the items to find a workbench with an Audio Diary – Truth Is In The Body and another EVE Hypo.  Just a bit on from this is another balcony you may stand on with some Anti-Personnel Rounds.  When ready, make your way back down the stairs, to be greeted by a Leadhead Splicer along the way.

Back on the tracks, keep following the direction the arrow is pointing, but take a chance to investigate several displays for goodies that include .50 Caliber Rounds, Dollars and Rivets.  Once you get past the Artists’ Display, you will see two Leadhead Splicers on the tracks.  Kill them and then go down either of the stairs that are near the Splicers’ position.  Here you will find an Ammo Vending Machine and a Health Station so hack, heal and buy, as you require.

Make your way back up the stairs and continue following the direction of the arrow at the top of your screen.  Just as the arrow suggests you turn off the tracks is a display with a Hack Dart on a desk.  Continue along the track ignoring where the arrow wants you to go for now, until you reach a display with a family scene.  Go to the back right of the display until you find a storeroom of hands.  You’ll need to jump atop one of these hands and move up it to the next level and then follow the balcony corridor until you reach a corpse with the Audio Diary – Deterioration beside it.  Further along the balcony corridor are some Anti-Personnel Rounds a searchable crate and some more Anti-Personnel Rounds may be pulled across to your position from a beam using Telekinesis.  Whilst you are by the crate a Leadhead Splicer will appear downstairs in the family display.  Shock them with Electro Bolt then use a long-range weapon to finish them off.

Having found the Diary and items, move back down towards the hand storage and into the family display.  Start following the directional arrow at the top of your screen again to go to the Vent.

Puppet Workshop

Sinclair radios in, and gives you a hard choice.  Before going to the Vent, hack the Health Station opposite the Workshop entrance.  Move on into the Workshop.  Atop some of the benches/shelves are Rivets and Drill Fuel.  There is also a searchable desk further on and a Safe that you may hack.  Remember to get a Blue section to receive a cash bonus.  Go down the stairs past the Safe to continue, also if you accidentally set off the security alarms whilst hacking the Safe there is a Bot Shutdown Panel on the stairs.

At the bottom of the stairs, in the flooded room, is a Vending Machine that you can hack.  Further on is a Vita-Chamber.  Past the Chamber you will be informed further about making the choice between RESCUE or HARVEST.  If you want to gain the