The Dragons Energy - Susanne Edelmann - E-Book

The Dragons Energy E-Book

Susanne Edelmann



The Dragons Energy is a high-frequency form of energy that supports in a variety of ways. Therefore, this book invites you to dive into the energy, thus get to know it and then, let it be valuable part of your everyday life. May it serve you!

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The dragons energy

Injured femininity

Perfect femininity

Connected to your own essence


Conscious work with energies

7.1 Energy serves you

7.2 How exactly can energy have controlled?

7.3 Directing energy for the benefit of others

High-frequency forms of energy

8.1 Ajishar

8.2 Li

8.3 Anchor

Live energy-based

9.1 The energy-based laws also work in the material-based living space

9.2 To build up trust

9.3 Focus - Change

The energy-based kingdom of dragons

1. Introduction

We are. Dragons. Representative of an empire that, from a material-based point of view, has extinct on planet Earth. At the energy-based level, however, it has never ceased to exist.

People just could not perceive it (anymore).

Dragons. So much more than all the stories and myths, which are told about us. We were not many anymore in the last centuries of this era.

The planet Earth went through difficult and dark times and this caused most of us to settle on other planets. However, our heart has never forgotten the Earth. A planet of rare beauty!

A planet whose fundamental vibration frequency now increases more and more. Yet, this increasing of the vibration frequency makes it possible for us to live again on planet Earth.

We yearn for this planet. Yet, we yearn for you.

Just as more and more of humans, yearn for us.

There was a time when we lived united in peace and abundance. A wonderful and rich time that we all carry a little bit further in our cells and in our hearts. Yet, we long to have contact with you again. We wish to be able to take part in this time of change that is currently prevailing on planet Earth. We would like to build the new together with you and make the Earth back to what it used to be. A place of peace, wealth and beauty. For all of us.

You currently live between two realities and it takes all your strength to run energy-based through this currently almost exclusively material-based world. We are watching you increasingly exhaust yourself in this high demand and thus, we would like to support you with the dragons energy.

Therefore, we invite you to connect consciously with the dragons energy so that it can serve you to keep you stable and grounded. Regardless of how much your vibration frequency will increase in the near future and regardless of what happens on the outside. Your consciousness is currently expanding extremely rapidly.

Something that you can look forward to, but that also challenges you to remain completely stable.

Because, meanwhile, you still live a highly human life in an almost exclusively material-based society. And so you are repeatedly asked to deal with very practical everyday things. This, even though you are going through a highly demanding process of expanding your consciousness in parallel. A process that cleanses your body and your human mind and thus adapts to the new conditions. Something that in turn influences your everyday life. You are now more and more subject to the law of attraction and thereby lose, sometimes suddenly, the connection to things and people who have been very valuable to you for a long time.

At the same time, on the other hand, you repeatedly face situations that your human mind has neither sought nor wanted. You feel that your now is filling you in depth. Yet, at the same time, it makes little sense what you are doing, right now, based purely on material-based thinking and thus socially seen. Something that, in turn, not only irritates you repeatedly, but also lets your surroundings talk to you.

By doing so, you are doing immeasurably important things and part of you is aware of it.

Right now, you may get for it, however little respect from your fellow human beings. You can live with that, we know. Yet, at the same time, we ask you allowing in a conscious inner decision, that this aspect may change now visibly. It currently depends solely on your conscious inner permission that you may now receive the respect and honor that you deserve.

No more and no less.

In addition, allow, here and now, that you are free at your disposal, also in financial and material terms, which corresponds to your actual size.

Something that is currently also very challenging for you is the holistic balancing act between two habitats that are sometimes contradicting each other. In addition, you often feel unsecure about material security in your next few months. You can currently perceive almost every hour how your life is changing rapidly. In a direction that you only partially understand and you cannot even guess where this path will lead you. Which is not, the most difficult in and of itself. It is the purely material uncertainty that is bothering you.

You are currently at the point where you are finally leaving the material-based dimension and get connected with the energy-based one. Even though you still live in the material-based habitat. An apparent contradiction that drives you around inside, but dissolves at the very moment, when you let go all your sorrows and surrender to your divine life plan and thus your very personal path.

Admit your own suffering. Acknowledge the suffering your human self has to go through.

Appreciate your own path. Respect and the distress will dissolve.

This book attracted you and we wish that it serves you and supports you in many ways on your very personal path. The book has not only interwoven with our great love, it encloses also the dragons energy. An energy-form, which has the ability of touching you in the depths and thus sustainably supports, as no other energy can do in this way.

Yet, we would like to introduce ourselves to you:

Kwan Yin, Ascended Master and Teacher of Female Energy.

Nayla Og-Min, Ascended Master and currently embodied as a human woman, Susanne Edelmann

Njishar, dragon, representative of the empire of the dragons and representative of the dragons energy

Auwrhohra, divine being and dragon, guardian of the dragons energy

Susanne Edelmann, current human embodiment of Lady Nayla Og-Min and writer

We write this book as collective energy, combine it with our knowledge, skills and energies and interweave them in this book.

May it serve you!

From our heart

Kwan Yin, Nalya Og-Min, Susanne Edelmann, Njishar and Auwrhohra

2. The dragons energy

If you already have experience with energies, you know about the fact that each energy has its own energy signature, by which it can have recognized easily. Yet, it is the same with the dragons energy and if you want, we invite you to immerse yourself in this energy-form and thereby get to know it for the first time.


Retreat to an undisturbed place, make yourself comfortable there and take a deep breath in and out. Then ask the dragons energy to show itself and surround you so that you can perceive it. Immerse yourself deliberately and perceive it holistically. Without expectations, without ideas and in particular without evaluations. Just notice.

Open and curious. Remain in it as long as it feels right to you and then loosen up in your own way and return to your here and now.

The dragons energy is a very powerful energy and this sometimes makes one forget or overlook that the energy-form is an energy of femininity.

If you feel into it, it often shows itself to you in a powerful red. It involuntarily touches your lower abdomen, the seat of your femininity, and puts you (again) in your own center.

The dragons energy heals what has been hurt and reveals what is fermenting under the covers.

It brings you back into contact with your inner essence, the "I Am" that you really are. And with that, again in connection with your abilities, your (life) dreams and your (life) tasks.

The dragons energy clarifies and strengthens. Enlivens what drifts there without hope.

It is an energy of life and love: an energy of femininity. Yet, since everyone, in harmony with themselves, consists of 50% femininity and 50% masculinity, the dragons energy appeals to both, men and women. Men also suffer from an injured femininity. At least as often and as strongly as women do. Therefore, in this book, femininity is not synonymous with women.

Reality and truth are not always one. Therefore, you often have surrounded by realities. Created by human minds and often inconsistent with what is actually true. However, as soon as you fully connect with the energy-based dimension, it is always clear what is truth and what is reality.

If you want to know, what is true actually, change the dimension and take a holistic and therefore energy-based view and the truth will reveal to you. If you like, you can also speak “truth and clarity” about an event at any time, thereby allowing you to reveal what actually is.

Truth has often, covered with a thick layer of many realities and sometimes, even for people who have an expanded consciousness and thus an expanded ability to perceive, it is barely or temporarily not recognizable, as long as they are exclusively in the material-based living space.

However, if you are not yet, practiced in energy-based perception, we recommend that you bring your common sense on board, on the one hand.

On the other hand, deposit everything that irritates you at first, into your energetic heart, which is in the center of your chest. Place the statement consciously in your heart and allow truth to show itself to you. Most of the time, you then, wake up in the middle of the night and suddenly have the answer in you or you get up in the morning and involuntarily know what the truth is.

Countless realities circulate about the dragons energy and if you want to know what truth is, enter your heart, ask there for truth and clarity, then perceive it energy-based and you will know.

Of course, we cordially invite you to do the same with any uncertainty you feel in this book.

People are currently highly insecure and therefore repeatedly make themselves dependent on many supposed experts. This behavior not only weakens your life sustainably, it also weakens your self-empowerment. It is up to you to process everything that irritates you within yourself until you have found the right answer. It is up to you to connect (again) with your own inner divine self, in principle. Thus, stay connected with the only and actual security that is available to you: your own inner divine self.

Please read this book not only with your human mind, but also with your heart. Your heart is the seat of your expanded, energy-based perception and enables you to also, perceive the (energy-based) behind it and thus immerse yourself much more deeply in what is written and grasp it much further than the written words can express.

Dragons have little in common with the fire-breathing monsters of human imagination (industry). Dragons are extremely peace-loving and sensitive beings. At the same time, however, they are also powerful, curious, playful, humorous, wise and cheerful.

Synonymous with a healed femininity, if you like.

The dragons energy is a very high vibrating energy. Thus, it can usually only be noticed by people who already live and work to a high degree based on energy. Dragons themselves live in the seventh and sometimes even in the ninth dimension and are therefore energy-based beings. Something that sometimes makes all four of us (authors) desperate to find the right (human) wording for this book. Because: The circumstances and the mode of action of the energy-based level and the material-based third dimension in which people currently live are definitely not the same. However, all lines have well underpinned by energy, which can have involuntarily grasped by means of extended perception, even if your human mind interpreted differently than we meant.

If you consciously connect with the dragons energy and allow it to serve you, it first, usually triggers a - profound - cleaning process.

Something that may challenge you on the one hand, but serves you sustainably on the other.

You are only free in principle, when all the slags have removed from your holistic system.

Therefore, we encourage you to give yourself enough time, space and leisure during these phases, in order to support optimally the process, which carries out on its own. Retreat something from society and your current diverse tasks. Allow yourself to be, and thus provide your system with as much energy as possible for the cleaning process. You will work again. Later.

More powerful and effectively than you have ever done.

The dragons energy grounds you. It does this sustainably and in a way that is much more effective than the grounding and stabilization techniques that you have used so far. Yet, especially when your own vibration frequency increases rapidly, it will help you to remain fundamentally stable. Something that, in turn, supports your process of becoming fully aware unfolding unencumbered. Therefore, we recommend that you - by making a conscious decision - connect to the energy of the dragons so that you can continue to run more stably.

However, do not be surprised if some topics of your basic or sacral chakra shows up and thus, challenge you to deal with one or the other fear again and to resolve it sustainably. The dragons energy works in the energetic centers in your lower abdomen and helps you to have a strong and stable inner foundation. An important prerequisite for being able to expand to your full size while remaining holistically stable.