The Earth changes into the fifth dimension - Susanne Edelmann - E-Book

The Earth changes into the fifth dimension E-Book

Susanne Edelmann



The Earth is increasing its frequency and changes from the third to the fifth dimension. These means that the Earth and the humans are changing their habitat and this has a huge impact, on the entire planet, yet very practical to your own life as well. At the time now, not many people are aware of what is actually happening there, yet and if they sense it, they often do not understand the changing situations and the occurring phenomena. We would like to change this, among other things with this book. You should know, understand and grasp, whom you really are and what is happening in this challenging time.

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1. Introduction

3. Part 1: Awareness

3.1 You are not the one you think you are

3.2 When Consciousness takes over the leadership

3.3 Your home is not the earth

3.4 Consciousness is above matter

3.5 Everything is energy

4. Part 2: The Earth moves from the third to the fifth dimension

4.1 The laws are changing

4.11 Compensation

4.12 The law of cause and effect

4.13 The law of rhythm

4.14 The biological body

4.15 Your being becomes increasingly free and autonomous

4.2 Your society is changing

4.21 You are partly human and partly divine

4.22 Money does change

4.23 Decisions

5. Part 3: The planet Earth and its residents in the fifth dimension

5.1 Time

5.2 Life in a change of dimensions

5.3 The fifth dimension as a habitat

5.4 Energy-based life practically

5.5 Energy follows the intention

1. Introduction

You are not the ones you think you are and we think it is time to deal with it. In addition, the Earth changes from the third to the fifth dimension. The third dimension is a habitat where you can live and thus experiences limitations, a linear form of time and matter in all its variations. The fifth dimension is a habitat where beings can experience energy and Consciousness. The third dimension is a very diverse dimension where you can experience manifold. Thus, it is a very enriching dimension. On the other hand, it is a very limiting and tight dimension and many people dare to live much freer then they do actually. The Earth is increasing its frequency and changes from the third to the fifth dimension. These means that the Earth and the humans are changing their habitat and this has a huge impact, on the entire planet, yet very practical to your own life as well. At the time now, not many people are aware of what is actually happening there, yet and if they sense it, they often do not understand the changing situations and the occurring phenomena.

We would like to change this, among other things with this book. You should know, understand and grasp, whom you really are and what is happening in this challenging time.

This book divides into three parts:

In the first part

, we talk about "Consciousness" and the related paradigm shift, which is now approaching you.

In the second part

we talk about the change from the third to the fifth dimension and the very practical effects on the planet and your present and future life

In the third part

, we want to empower you, being a free and sovereign human. Yet, to tell you that you are one of the pioneers, who will accompany the earth into the fifth dimension and thus, install the new time on this planet.

We believe that it helps you, if you understand what is changing. At the same time, we are aware that each one of you will go his own way and thus, make his own experiences. We try to put into words what is sometimes difficult or sometimes even not apt to put into words.

Especially because you are still very much in the pattern of thinking of the third dimension and therefore reading our words from the point of view of this thought pattern, which in turn may alienate what we actually want to communicate to you. Therefore, as you read the lines, we ask you to keep focusing on your heart. To let the words flow through your heart and thus, to grasp the message behind the words.

“We” are in this book:

Tom-Lin-Son. We are a collective energy, made up of different beings from different planets of the Pleiades. Tom-Lin-Son is a synonym and stands for the fact that we want to inform, support and empower you. We believe that it is time to provide you with additional information. Information that will assist you on your challenging path and will lead you more quickly to self-empowerment.

It is not that we want to teach you, but we want to inform you rather concretely, support, but also empower you.

Lady Nayla Og-Min. Ascended Master, who is here, on planet Earth, to help shape the new time and to teach and empower.

Susanne Edelmann. Incarnation of Nayla Og-Min, who as a human woman has gone through the path of consciousness and attained enlightenment, which means nothing else than to be (fully) aware of yourself (again). Furthermore, human being, author, teacher and mentor.

Adamus St. Germain. Ascended Master. Not embodied at time, but very much involved in supporting people in the current challenging period on this planet.

P.S. Susanne lives in Switzerland and published this book a year ago in German (we are entering a new era). The present book is a translation of the German one. The written is thus an English translation of a German book partly based on American English and partly on Oxford English. In addition, we authors have energy-based mixed into a single energy and out of this form of energy, rewrote the book a bit. Interweaving our shared energy while using certain phrases (ancient times) or words as a kind of energetic coding that gives your divine essence, additional knowledge, far from the mental that you feel when reading the book. So please, do not be surprised by the sometimes, unusual grammar in this book. It bases on the circumstances described above.

May it serve you, this book!

With our Love

Susanne Edelmann - Nayla Og-Min - Tom-Lin-Son – Adamus St. Germain

3. Part 1: Awareness

3.1 You are not the one you think you are

You are not human. You live, currently, embodied as a human. You make experiences in this personification and you have done - at best - one thing or the other for the span of experience in which you are currently. Yet, what you live now, is NOT you. This is a very limited perception, a perception that keeps you small and dependent and far beyond the actual truth. Therefore, it is time for you to become aware, actually become aware of who you really are. You are much more than the human identity you currently occupy.

Try for a moment to focus your attention on the inside, asking, "who am I?" Take care now very attentive. Your heart often speaks in a very softly voice or subtle feelings that tell you far more than words ever can. Listen carefully. Do not give up and wait until you can hear the answer. Dialogue with one's inner divine core is not witchcraft and is easily possible for anyone. It is alone, your decision and your permission, which make it happen. That inner divine core; that is you. Your pure being. Your “I am”. That which stays, even when you leave this earth and your body again. YOU. A being much larger and brighter than the human identity and the human body you currently inhabit. Your I AM usually deviates quite a bit from the identity that you have created for yourself and your own social norms. Therefore, we encourage you to search for yourself and find it (again). The self that you actually are. If you are open and really want to know it, it will show itself to you. If you are once (again) fully aware of who you really are and thus, fully connected (again) with your inner, very own Consciousness, your being becomes holistically abundant.

In the present time of change in which you find yourself, your intimate connection with your inner essence is one of the very important keys. Consciousness guides you in a security that no other being on the outside can do for you. It is (your) Consciousness that knows. Any answers are already there in you. Feel into your "I am" as often as possible and you will be guided safely by your inner being.

Every situation carries several ways you can react. Yet, your reactions often follow biographical sequences. Even if you have the perception, you would have consciously chosen this one path. Mostly, old patterns shape your reactions and ways. Your thinking unconsciously follows recurring old ways, producing recurring old choices. Therefore, when making decisions, we encourage you to leave your mind and seek the right decision in your heart. Consciousness understands much further than the human mind will ever be able to do. It captures aspects, which often hide from your human thinking, and thus makes decisions that actually serve your highest and best. These decisions are often different from what you are used to, and sometimes they confuse your human mind and seem illogical. Do not try to understand them. Instead, confidently follow the direction suggested by Consciousness, observing (and ultimately recognizing) the wisdom and beauty of this (perhaps somewhat unusual) path.

Consciousness can also explain events to you in a much more comprehensive way than your human mind may do. If you like, put the questions that you encounter in your everyday life, in your heart’s space, the seat of Consciousness. If you are careful, you will receive the appropriate answers. Sometimes by means of an event that explains. Sometimes through an inner picture or a sudden comprehensive knowledge.

You may ask yourself “where exactly in me, can (my) Consciousness be perceived”? “Yet, how do I communicate with this part of me, in concrete terms”? Central questions that we would like to answer. Consciousness connects to you, in your energetic heart (energy point at the level of your nipples, in the middle of your chest area). If you like, retreat to a quiet and undisturbed place and direct your entire attention to the place of your energetic heart. Make conscious contact with your Consciousness and decide that you want to connect and be in this (connected) state.

Participate topics or questions you have in you with Consciousness and you always will get the right answers for you. (Your) Consciousness is your inner security and safe navigation at all times.

An ongoing relationship with Consciousness makes you increasingly sovereign and self-empowered, shaping your life.

You often think you are free. In fact, however, you are highly unfree because of all sorts of norms, expectations and social obligations. The guidelines you have to comply, resp. think you have to keep them, keep you away from your actual needs and desires. They separate you from the attachment to Consciousness, which in turn, causes you to feel insecure (again). You are alienating yourself from your inner self and doing things that do not really belong to you and thus do you not really good in the depths. You do it, because others expect so or "a human usually act on this way". However, this behavior does not really make you happy, much more, it leaves you empty, dull and disoriented.

We are aware that it takes a lot of courage to break away from all these requirements. In the end, you do not really need them. Your true security is in yourself. There you will also find everything you need. You do not need external guidelines. Your most individual guideline is in yourself. In your heart. In (your) Consciousness.

When you start to realize consciously, you increasingly recognize the great alien determination in which you live. You may never have questioned and the fact that was, accepted as given in your life. Honestly, however, this very fact has also given you confidence. With a clear specification, human knows what he has to do. If he does so as expected, he feels safe and right and he remains part of the group, the community or society.

You now have the opportunity to continue to live in this foreign determination and to make relevant experiences. Because, honestly, it also serves you. Every situation (even if you only focus on its incriminating side) serves you in some way. However, if you want to break away from it, we strongly recommend that you focus on your heart. The mental analysis that you are used to, does not really help you. Rather, it distracts you and leads you away from Consciousness and thus yourselves. If you choose the way out of the foreign determination, let it become your habit to retreat, very consciously several times a day, from your everyday life. Retreat to a quiet and sheltered place and lead your attention to your inner self / Consciousness. That is how you calibrate yourself repeatedly. Thus, you increasingly focus on your actual being.

The reduction to a human self has a big impact on the very practical life. Effects that have made interesting experiences possible. Yet, these experiences are consciously worthy of appreciation. You may not realize how valuable these experiences are and were, until much later. However, we - from our perspective - tell you: they are precious. Ultimately the essence that you take with you. The feeling of helplessness, for example or the experience of alienation. You know how these experiences feel. Many other beings do not know this great variety of emotions. Yet, they never will. Therefore, you experience, now and here, in this life just a wealth of experiences. Every experience is valuable. However, not every experience has to repeat. We agree with you. Therefore, you may decide at any time to experience certain experiences no more.

We speak to you: YOU decide. It is always you, who decides. Start doing this deliberately and if you are insecure, do avoid of hand over the answer resp. responsibility to others. Seek the answer consistently within you. Take full responsibility for your life and make conscious decisions.

Consciousness can care for you far more than you have done before. However, this requires that you mentally let go of what you think should happen. You are often very overcast in all sorts of ideas, rituals, promises, etc. Consciousness is completely free and only decides for you. To your highest and best. Here in the now. You are not used to this. You usually think in favor of situations, relationships, things and / or other people. It is often strange to you to decide only in your own favor at all times. Therefore, we ask you to let go of completely your mind and get involved in the guidance of your Consciousness. There is no loss, no expulsion from society or family, no punishment, no persecution. Whatever your mind tries to whiten you, they are mental constructs that you may all let go.

That, which is right now and you carry as an impulse in you. That is what serves you right now to your highest and best and we encourage you to allow this at any time. In the knowingness, that what serves you for the highest and best also serves your environment for the highest and the best. The Church has sowed in the field of self-care all sorts of beliefs that have brought you away from yourself and your own wellbeing. You were confirmed to act for others first. This has brought yourself in a living of lack and you have felt small and unworthy. Your focus were on giving others and often on doing well for others. The norms of religions.

You may now choose the path of self-empowerment and, therefore, your complete own well-being. Even if this way seems to you at the beginning still somewhat unusual and foreign, you will be able to relax into it very soon and - we speak to you! – if you once got used to, you never want to go back.

You repeatedly try to create collateral. Supposed collateral, honestly. Mentally based constructs that give you a good and safe feeling. Ideas in which you can hold on to your thoughts and assure yourself that in the future you will have everything you need and desire. Underneath lays the conviction of neglecting. The fear of having too little and the possibility to lose. Supposed collateral do not serve you. In the end, they always leave behind a bit of uncertainty and thus demand further - supposed - collateral. If you like, take a moment for yourself. Breathe in and out a few times. Then, focus your perception on your here and now. Are you safe and secure right now? If not, what exactly can you change so that you are safe and secure? Do you feel well in your body? If not, what can you do practically so that you are comfortable in it? Do you have everything you need in the here and now? If not, what are you missing?

If you like, ask these questions repeatedly the next time and by doing so, recognize more and more: You have in the here and now at any time what you need right now. If it does not, usually your human self is limiting yourself and not caring enough for yourself. Therefore, it is often not just about recognizing that in the here and now, everything is there that you need and that is good for you, but to deliberately allow yourself to have and live in the here and now in abundance, what is good for you right now.

The third dimension is an experience of limitations. Wherever you go, limitations will meet you. Therefore, limitations are very familiar to you. Yet, much more, if you feel insecure in a way, you mostly involuntarily go into limitations and / or dependencies to feel safe again. An unconscious mechanism that limits your radius of life and leads you into a variety of dependencies. For a short while, it gives you a sense of security. Since, however, any security in the outside is always relatively safe, soon calls for new (supposed) collateral. A negative circle from which you can consciously get off. Connect consciously with your inner essence / Consciousness. The only real security lays in your heart. Consciousness leads you. For sure. At any time.

Maybe now you decide that you want to unfold and get out of this very limited illusion of the third dimension. Yet be aware; This decision not only gives you freedom, it causes, first of all, a big transition period.

3.2 When Consciousness takes over the leadership

When Consciousness takes over the lead, it starts a huge cleansing in your holistic system. Most people suppress repeatedly negative emotions. They talk their situation and the connected emotions nicely and stick the negative emotions in their belly. These emotions do not only burden your body, they also shape your current decisions and thus your current life. If now, Consciousness takes over the leadership, it first wants to get rid of these stocked and old emotions. For the blocked emotions to dissolve, however, they have to show up themselves again. Be felt in all their depth and only then they dissolve. This usually gives you an extremely troubled life phase. You can choose the easier or even a harder way. Both lead them to the same destination. Many of you, out of pure habit, choose the more difficult part: they impose themselves mentally in the emotions and the old, long-lived situations. They analyze for hours, impose themselves in the familiar constructs such as "guilt", "perpetrators and victims" and experience the emotions over and over again, without dissolving them. After a few days they are usually dissolved. Yet, this way is an enormously exhausting one. Because, there are many, many emotions that need dissolving and you exhaust yourself more and more as you continue to handle the dissolution process in the manner discussed. We therefore recommend that you consciously choose the simpler way: perceive the ascending emotion, give it space, feel it completely and then consciously inhale it into your energetic heart (heart chakra, in the middle of the chest) and allow it to dissolve. Keep your mind completely calm. It is not about analyzing. The focus is on dissolving and integrating. This does not work through the mind. Even if many of you were taught so.

Sometimes, it seems absurd to you what is happening to you right now. You seem to run around in a circle without knowing the meaning of your current path. Watch your steps. Go very consciously. It is not about arriving at a specific destination. It is much more important that you arrive more and more at yourself and thus, more and more become who you actually are.