Cloud Computing. DDoS, Blockchain, Regulation and Compliance - Manisha Kumari Deep - E-Book

Scientific Essay from the year 2018 in the subject Computer Science - Commercial Information Technology, grade: 2.5, , language: English, abstract: Cloud computing is a promising technology where computational power is provided over internet as per users demand just like the supplies daily utilities of tap water, electricity and gas provided as pay per use. The features of easy accessibility anywhere at any time and almost no burden of on-going operational expenses like running of data-centre makes it one of the fastest growing technologies with the overall business of cloud being anticipated to be above $40 billion by 2012. Here, cloud computing and its types have been discussed along with two emerging cloud deployment models and two emerging cloud service models. Block chains, Organic Network, Dynamic Trust Management Method (DTMM) and Cloud Compliance have been elaborated. Though data protection laws can be different with change in jurisdiction but here emphasis has been given on data policies existing in India based on IT Act (2000). Finally a reference model has been suggested for avoiding DDoS and Blockchain DDoS Attacks in Cloud Environment. The discussions has been concluded highlighting the recommendations and necessary actions needed for the same.

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