The Way of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Leadership - Manisha Kumari Deep - E-Book

Essay from the year 2018 in the subject Business economics - Business Management, Corporate Governance, grade: 3, , course: Management, language: English, abstract: This is a fine description of the initiatives taken by the Prime minister of India and about how his leadership style is unique as well as versatile. Here an attempt has been made to establish a correlation between Prime Minister Narendra Modi's leadership style and self-organizing leadership style. His visions and initiatives have been discussed closely analyzing his leadership style. Different leadership styles and some leadership traits are stated. A different style of leadership for example self-organizing leadership has been discussed and an attempt is made to analyze and establish correlation with the leadership style of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Leadership is usually used as a measuring tool for organizational success. All the responsibility of a successful leadership lies on the shoulder of a leader. A failed organization marks with the failure of an unsuccessful leadership. Here overview of leadership and successful traits of a leader followed by theories and styles of leadership have been discussed. Here a different concept on leadership already proposed is discussed. Self-organized leadership has been introduced here with an intension of change to be experimented by leaders and organizations for more success. Self-organized leadership will adapt the principles prevailing in the nature for seamless organization and leadership. I have tried to correlate the vision and leadership style of honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi with self-organizing leadership style. I have discussed some of the major reforms and initiatives taken by him from existing long list like Digital India Mission, Swachh Bharat Mission, and Mann Ki Baat. He is regularly condemned as dangerous, a strongman, and a dictator by Indian and Western elites. Here an attempt has been made to understand his leadership style which is quite different and versatile.

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