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Learn French for Beginners E-Book

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The Ultimate Beginners Guide on Learning French from Scratch in a Matter of Days

Would you like to:

  • Strike conversations in French?
  • Improve your French vocabulary daily?
  • Feel confident speaking with anyone?

But you:
  • Don’t have hours upon hours for learning?
  • Feel like this is just too hard for you?

You don't have to worry, because this is the last workbook you will need to learn French quickly and easily. Mastering just exactly what you need to start speaking & understanding it.

Every lesson you can find inside has been made by experts and adapted for persons that don't know a single word of French but are willing to learn. Even if you don't have much time on your hands, the lessons are designed so that you can stop whenever you want and continue at a later time.

With every lesson, you will expand your vocabulary, understand basic conversations better and better while developing confidence in your speaking abilities. The lessons are made in a way that even someone with 30 minutes available a day to get amazing results.

The topics are going to take you into real-life situations to get the most results out of this book.

Here is what this beginner's guide can offer you:
  • Introduction to speaking French: Action plan from scratch to get you speaking and understanding in a matter of days
  • Vocabulary made easy: Find the most commonly used French words and how to apply them in conversations
  • Daily Phrases On-Demand: Understand basic dialogs, how to ask and reply to questions, developing your French skills
  • Learn anywhere:  Learn French in the car, learn French at home, learn French on the road. On-demand learning to build your fluent French faster

If you are a beginner who is just starting out or you have a basic foundation this book will help you skyrocket your French skills and make you confident to chat in everyday situations that occur.

So what are you waiting for?

Scroll up, click on "Buy Now" and Get Your Copy Now!

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Pro Language Learning

Learn French for Beginners

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Table of contents

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Chapter One: Learning Strategies

Chapter Two: Pronouncing French

Chapter Three: Nouns and Articles

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Chapter Four: Pronouns

Chapter Five: Verbs

Chapter Six: Adjectives

Chapter Seven: Adverbs

Chapter Eight: Prepositions

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“ C'est toi pour moi, moi pour toi dans la vie, Il me l'a dit, l'a juré pour la vie et dès que je t'aperçois Alors je sens dans moi mon cœur qui bat.”

Nothing like good old Edith Piaf to accompany you on the road! You might not understand a word of it, but the song hits you to the core. That’s the power of French for you! Just listening to Edith’s wonderful voice and the richness of the words melodically cooing from your car radio as you speed along at 60kph makes you almost want to learn French.

But, actually, you can! If you think you need to sit down at some quiet library desk or have a ton of books piled up on your table to learn proper French, you’re mistaken! To learn any language, especially French, all you need to do is to want to learn French. Some people find it easier to learn through a book, and that’s great. But language needs to be used and heard, not just read. It makes more sense for you to listen to French rather than see French words. And what better way to learn French while you are on the go? You might be too busy to enroll in a full-time French course in a center. And perhaps the only time you can be alone is during your morning and afternoon car ride to and from work. Or you could be on a long car journey with nothing but the endless road stretching in front of you. Your time in the car might be more usefully employed than being annoyed by traffic or staring into empty space. Why not learn French on the road? Listening to this guide can take you to France and back, all while journeying in the comfort of your car.

This audio guide is also a journey, one that will take you to an appreciation, and, hopefully, mastery of the French language. While you are navigating along the road, we will take you on an exciting trip to France and all things French. We are going to invite a bunch of friends over to your car and together, and we can help you learn French in a fun way. As you go through your usual work routine, each lesson will help you see your environment in a more French way. We will use things you see on the road, common everyday situations, and familiar conversations to help you learn the language. You can pause at any time to take in new concepts, rewind lessons you didn’t quite get, and simply enjoy listening to French as French people would say it. Learning this language has never been more accessible and fun than in your own car.

Before you begin this exciting journey, it is good to establish a key element in your language quest. Even before attempting to learn any vocabulary words, or the rules of conjugation, we find that it’s best to pause and answer this very simple question: Why are you learning French? Is it because:

- You are planning a trip to Paris with your family, and you want to have a grasp of the language to navigate through your itinerary?

- You are courting a mademoiselle, and you’d like to impress her with some lines from the most romantic language in the world?

- You are going to spend a semester in a Grandes écoles as a foreign exchange program. You don’t want to stand out as being fluent only in English.

- You are binging on Palme d’Or films like Entre les murs or La Vie d'Adèle, and you just want to drop the subtitles?

- You are in love with French supermodels like Amelie Honore and Sandrine Marlier, and you want to increase your chance of dating them by ordering in French?!

It may be a catchy French song, a scrumptious beef Bourgignon, or the French national soccer team that encouraged you to like French. Whatever it is, hold on to that initial hook. That first love with French is something you should treasure and remember again and again. Imagine that feeling of listening to La Vie En Rose when you were walking down your wedding aisle or that unmistakable first bite into a real French mille-feuille. Capture that priceless moment when you first fell in love with French. Now, you might think this exercise is silly, but we find this approach is very effective when you begin learning any language. Many language books simply dive into the rigors of grammar and vocabulary. But we find that many people lose interest in learning the language once they hit the conjugations. French is hard, no doubt. But when you revisit that French epiphany, the love at first sight moment over and over again, the learning becomes easier. Your memory retention is enhanced when you can dig deep and remind yourself why you started this journey. Learning a language should be fun, not a chore you need to plod through. And with us in the background, we will build more precious French memories together. So start the car and bon voyage!