Overcoming Anxiety - Alice Briggs - E-Book

Overcoming Anxiety E-Book

Alice Briggs

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Are you anxious and afraid?
Do you fear the present or the future?
Does worry consume your thoughts?

If so, you may need some healing from anxiety.

Anxiety tells you that the future is scary, and gives you pictures of all the horrible things that can and will go wrong. It churns all the fear in your stomach until you want to run away and hide. Anxiety says that nothing good will happen to you.

Anxiety lies.

This book will walk you through emotional and spiritual healing strategies from a Christian worldview so you won’t need to listen to those lies ever again. We’ll cover:

  • Generational Issues
  • Ungodly Beliefs and Lies
  • Emotional Wounds
  • Demonic Oppression
  • And more!
  • Plus strategies to walk out the healing you’ve received.
Are you ready to embrace the freedom and joy that come through fearless peace?
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Note: Each book in this series utilizes the same tools, but is tailored to each topic.

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Blessings to each of you with

courage to pursue freedom, hope,

joy, and the fulfillment of your destiny.


How to Read and Use this Book

This is a toolbox. Just like plumbing or building, you have an end goal in mind, but you can reach that goal via several paths. The chapters are tools, and you can use them in any order you choose. I’ve placed them in the order I’ve found effective for many, but I give you complete freedom to create the order that works best for you. I recommend that you leave the chapter on demonic oppression for last. You will find it easier to complete the other steps first.

Your path to healing is your own. It will not look like anyone else’s. That’s how it should be. The point is to continue to move forward.

Throughout the book, I have included scripted prayers for your use with this praying hands icon by each one in the margin so that you can easily find them. These prayers are suggestions only. Add more to the prayer or deviate from it entirely if you choose. This work is between you and God. Always follow his leading first. If you are familiar with the concepts I discuss, you can skip straight to the prayers.

You will also find sections with this journaling icon. These are perfect opportunities to journal or to listen and write what you hear the Lord saying to you about the topic.

Throughout the book, especially in the prayers, I’ll refer to the enemy. You are probably familiar with this term, but in case it is new to you, I wanted to include a brief explanation here. The Bible often refers to Satan or the devil as our enemy. In Revelation 12:9, he deceives the entire world. In 1 Peter 5:8, he is seeking people to devour. In John 10:10, he is the thief who comes to steal, kill, and destroy. The devil is not omnipresent as God is, so he is probably not personally attacking you. He has an unknown number (believed to be one-third of the angels per Revelation 12:4) of demons who go about doing his will. Thus, the enemy in this context refers to any demons who are working against God’s plans and purposes in our lives.

We don’t know their names, and we don’t need to. We refer to them according to their function: depression, affliction, poverty, etc. This is their primary activity in our lives. In Christ, we have complete authority over all the works of the enemy because of his death on the cross and his resurrection. In Matthew 28:18-19, after Christ was resurrected, he tells his disciples that all authority in heaven and earth had been given to him, and therefore they could go and make disciples. Because of this, some don’t even think that inner healing is necessary.

If we have all authority, then the enemy has none and can’t harass us. In my view and in the view of many others, there is a difference between what we can access and what we actively participate in. Often we aren’t aware of the enemy or of our authority, and so he operates more freely because of our ignorance than he has the right to do. A thief has no right to take my car or wallet, but he can still do so if I leave them unguarded. The spiritual realm functions in the same manner. Once the car or wallet is in his possession, I must take action to retrieve them.

Sometimes we give the enemy rights he would not otherwise have because we come into agreement with what he says about us. When we hear, “You’re stupid,” and we think, “Yes, that’s right, I’m stupid,” we give the enemy the right to keep repeating those lies to us. It’s as if we allow the enemy to use our car or wallet to do whatever he wants. We’ve given him that right. But because Christ gave us all authority, we can take those rights away from the enemy. I’ve designed the prayers in this book to do that for you.

I’ve structured the book in the order I typically find the most useful for gaining victory. But again, please use the book in whatever way works best for you and your journey.



For the purposes of these blog posts, I’m referring to a general state of anxiety or being anxious, not the diagnosed medical condition. If you feel that your anxiety is such that you need medical attention, please see your physician as the content here is not a replacement for medical care. 

Most of us can become anxious about various matters from time to time. Fears of what might happen overwhelm us, and our stress level increases. Sometimes these fears are reasonable, and sometimes they are not. Regardless, we do not benefit by reacting from a place of fear or anxiety.

Possible Roots

Perfectionism can be a root of anxiety, causing you to become fearful of failure when faced with a new experience. If you have perfectionistic tendencies, you might find the set of blog posts on that topic helpful. They can be found beginning here.

Anxiety may also be the result of traumatic circumstances that you’ve experienced that have left you in a higher state of alertness or with greater fears of the future because of what’s happened to you in the past.

Epigenetics is discovering that anxiety can also be a response to trauma experienced by your ancestors. This causes you to react to situations because of the trauma response hardwired into your DNA or your cellular memory. 

Father, I come before you this day because I need your help to access the freedom from anxiety. Jesus purchased for me on the cross. I take authority over myself, my space, and my will, and I submit myself to you and agree with you completely wherever you lead me through this process. I remove anything within myself that’s hiding this issue and cut off all enemy access, placing everything into Jesus’s hands. I ask you, Lord Jesus, to gather up and bind all warfare that would seek to hinder me from becoming free from anxiety or any other issue. Please send the angelic support I need.

I repent of all enemy rights and agreements and suspend them from all areas of access he has. I place them into Jesus’s hands to keep during my work. Thank you, Father, for your provision and protection. 

I ask you, Holy Spirit, for any blessings I need as I do this work. I ask for an anointing of power and authority as I address this issue. Please give me clarity of thought and intention and a breakthrough in healing. In Jesus’s name. Amen.