Poetic Revolution - Rosa Stones - E-Book

Poetic Revolution E-Book

Rosa Stones

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A collection of poems written by Rosa Stones during the last 10 years, expressing each stage of my life growing up. From the rebelious attitude to the loving mother.

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Rosa Stones

Poetic Revolution

Collection of poems

This book is for all the lost souls who struggle in life. For those who've found company in books and pens. For everyone with a dream fearing to make it a reality. This book is dedicated specially for my Daughter Mariam, wishing to be one of her Role models. and to my son Athbi, both of you i hope i made you proud taking a small step into a bigger world.BookRix GmbH & Co. KG80331 Munich


THANK YOU From The heart. To My Amazing husband, Wonderful partner and a supportive Friend. You always encouraged me to follow my dreams and do what makes me happy. You are always there for me. Without you this wouldn’t have happened.

Copyright © 2020 Rosa Stones All rights reserved.

February 2019

For You

I have become an author

Writing a novel for you

For every memory you'll remember

Every smile every tear and dream too

Here I'll draw the laughter

I still hear in my heart when it met you

The blessings I've gained, son n daughter

Now every flower in my garden has bloomed

I might not have much to offer

Lived most of my life wearing blue

Though things are sad at the beginning

But the story gets better as you read through

Most my years I have suffered

You made it all up in just two

Now all my words written in color

After they were written in black or blue

I was once an author

The stories didn't quiet end up

But this time I give you this chapter

3rd act all smiles and all my love.

“My mind wanders

In lost cities

literally don't exist

In my mind 200 poems

Then I write only lyrics”

Chapter I

The Rebel

In Me

Zainab, The little Girl

Ya’ll too busy taking selfies.

Posting your faces like some kind of big deals

Ignoring the world while screaming world peace

Forgetting to pray for it as we kneel

What happens in the east, media tries to conceal

Most are so dumb, thinking media is real

And all we need to do in this world carry our degrees

While we need intellectuals

who’d speak the truth and lead

childhood innocence lost in your teens

as they grow we wonder why no one has a dream

a child raped and murdered thrown with heaps

but you all see is golden globe’s Operah’s speech

funny how the rich speaks of things only the poor needs