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The book about school E-Book

Connor Viva

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In this book you will find out about Joe Hamlioe and how long he lived to as well as some interseting fast about it and there will be about a few other news and stuff where you can find countine on chapter 1 in books 

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Connor Viva

The book about school

Not real

There will be stuff about school and how much money joe will make inside the book you will find out how long he lived to as well as other stuff thanks for reading the book BookRix GmbH & Co. KG80331 Munich

Chapter 1 1904

Joe Hamlioe was in grade 5. He was born in 1894 he was the 80th child. His brothers Mucker,Bruce,Bob,Lee,Dan,Donald,Ken,

Leanda,Nade,Nate,Nathan. Lee is 13 years old Bob is 13 years old Dan is 20 years old. Mucker,Dan,Ken and Nate are 34 years old. The rest of the childs are all 20+ years. Mucker had Miss.Leatode for grade 5. Joe now has Miss. Leatode. She is 90 years old. She has been a teacher for 45 years now. She started teaching in 1859.  She has $4,000. Her classroom is one of the newer and better looking rooms. She has a tv for herself and a laptop. She has a tv and her computer is hooked up to the tv she had $2.5 billion but gave 12% to her best teacher friend Miss. Hamburger. She is 104 years old. She has been a teacher in the same for 85 years. She started teaching when she was  19 years old. She was a full time teacher at the age of 19 years old. 


Chapter 2 1909

Joe is in grade 10 now and he is loving it. He wants to be a teacher when he's older. He is 15 years old now. He is going to all classes such as Science, Social Studies (Citizenship), Math,Music,Tech ,Art,Gym, And all of the other subjects he has school from 7:45am-6:45pm. He is busy and has breakfast at 6:30am. He wakes up at 4:30am. He goes to bed at 12:00am. Joe will only get 4 ½ hours of sleep while he is in school trying to be a teacher.  Joe is very good with math and everything the first test was from unit 1- Measurement he got 100% on it. In english He got 110% on his test because he had a long answer he needed to get 5 more loose leaf pages so his teacher Miss.Brownis gave him 5% more and he got the bonus question right. 


Chapter 3 - The grad party after grade 12.