The Reason Why She Plays the Piano - Ahn In Suk - E-Book

The Reason Why She Plays the Piano E-Book

Ahn In Suk

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Ahn In-sook, herself translated 92 poems on her first collection of poems. In the poet's words, she said that she faced painful but joyful moments while translating every poem. Each poem including her tears and laughter leaves a touching aftertaste with a balance of understated language and emotions. She captures the joys and sorrows of everyday life, and ordinary but special aspects of life and uses them as a subject of poetry as if talking with a friendly friend. The collection of poems is all in English, and the Korean version can refer to OsongForest's 『그녀가 피아노 치는 이유』.

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The reason why she plays the piano

Ahn In Suk

◊ Poet's Note
1. Don't Stay in Mind
Don't stay in mind
The reason why she plays the piano
I read poems when it rains
Calm sea
Rainy night
To be forgotten
Forgetting and living
A lost glove
Full moon hidden behind the clouds
Golden Way
A shot of soju with Dongtae Jjigae
A happy person does not write poetry
May I am happy...
At a rainy crosswalk
Separation from familiarity
Separation from familiarity 2
Dongji Red Bean Porridge
A cup of espresso
The day to go
After in a cast
Life's merry-go-round
2.Joy of Existence
Standing in front of the fountain
Walking around in the library
Traces of withered roses
A silent Spring says to me
Hwajeon 花煎
Between rain and rain
Mother of my best friend
Dear middle-aged man
Fatigue poisoning
Joy of existence
A bottle of soju in front of the grave
About the loneliness of autumn nights
Autumn bench
Fallen leaves
Sacks of fallen leaves
Autumn’s backside
First snow news
Bird's nest in empty branches
Winter forest
Since I am still living
The day I disappeared
Baby picture
Mom’s kimbap
3.Baguette Bread and Bread Burst
Lonely observer
​Weather forecast
Baguette Bread and Bread Burst
Caffe Latte
Wet hair
I have the right to make myself laugh
Apartment management fees
Courage to be hated
A dove on the platform
Cruel May
Mystery sky
Basketball star
At a hair salon
The end of a busy day
A lazy day
Autumn mosquito
Rainbow picture
Cheeky prayer for good fortune
Lotto saw the image of his mind
4.After a Long Journey
Street corner cafe
Rain and Poet
First snowing morning
Weekday morning train
May's Road
Early summer
Early fall morning
Cloudy autumn morning
Udobong de Jabu
Zen Meditation
Chopin's heart
Chopin Prelude Op.28, No. 4
Beethoven'Pathetique' No. 8, 2nd mov.
After a long journey
Spectacle cleaning cloths
Looking at the sea
Sprained my ankle in Auschwitz
A girl in a red coat in the movie, Schindler's List
The movie, 'Gloomy Sunday'
Silver poplar in the wind
Meditation on sufficientness

 ◊ Poet's Note

It was a heavy snowy morning on Dec. 30 when I just finished translating my first collection of 92 poems.It was a long and persistent job even more than writing poems itself. However, I felt like I am hugging my children right after giving birth while translating my poems, my babies. As such, I could face painful, but fantastic moments many times. Sometimes, I used to ponder where I stand. Somewhere my tears and laughter coexist or dream of, Somewhere I could fill myself or empty myself. Maybe I am on the road to somewhere with many of you who just look like me. Right, I am standing on the road somewhere with bittersweet tiredness.There were moments I wanted to flop down the place where I stood at a loss of what to do. Please, hang on in there and don’t stay in mind! Life just goes on.

Some say that this year has gone away for nothing owing to Covid-19. Likewise, it’s been a distressing and worrying year, which I’ve never experienced in my lifetime. Day by day, I hear heartbreaking news related to Covid-19. Some lost their beloved family members and friends, some lost their jobs, some cried for financial difficulty, and many of us are horrified with this invisible virus hindering our daily peaceful life. I just hope the tears and laughter in my poems comfort your hearts for a moment’s sake. 

Thank my family and friends who always have been my supporters.

 Ahn In Suk 


Chapter 1

Don't stay in mind

Don't stay in mind

I followed out the warm spring sunshine;

Flower buds and sprouts are formed on the branches

That endured the cold winter;

My mind along with the buds and sprouts on the branches 

Feels heart sore and sore.

Don't stay in mind:

Like the warm breeze of spring,

May only the warmth be left behind

And go.

Don't stay in mind:

Not to loved ones, nor hated ones.

Please don't stay in memories

That you miss hopelessly,

Please don't stay there.

When spring and summer come,

Autumn and winter are coming again.

Even if you miss the new spring again,

Please do not stay in mind.

Like a cat disappearing gently without any notice,

Like a butterfly dancing with the scent of flowers,

May you do not stay in there.


Just like inertia about the habit, we can't stop,

Sometimes since sorrows also have inertia,

There are days

That I can't take my eyes off the sunset.

Down in the dusk,

In a flashy lonely city,

There are days

When I melt in the red sunset and disappear.

The twinkling eyes in the darkness.

If the stars snoop them between the lights of the city,

Such inertia's alive again and,

There are days that I have heartache

Until when I disappear into the darkness.

The reason why she plays the piano

She was so light and easy to laugh

And she was easily moved to tears.

It was she that felt the weight of life was so light.

No further smile on her face.

Tear gland has become dry,

And she has lost her facial expression;

Her life has become a burden to drag.

She plays Chopin

To recover her tears;

She practices intensely

So as not to forget her sorrow.

If anyone asks why she plays the piano,

You can say that

It's to recover her tears and meet her smile.

I read poems when it rains

When it rains like today

Miss you;

Folding raindrops and drops from the umbrella,

Drop by a bookstore,

Cherish a pretty collection of poems in my hands.

When it’s raining like today,

Sitting alone by the window in a cafe

Where showing green trees between rains,

Read poems.

When it’s raining,

Miss those days;

Stealing your warmth from the mug,