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Elijah Edache Ehoche

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The World is faced with an unprecedented increase of challenges and problems despite the advancements in Technology. So much questions, conspiracy theories and problems begging for answers.This is because we  are focused on the problems rather than the solution .We are what we think.To change the narrative, we must Think About The Solution. This eBook is a guide and serves as a first guide. In addition, please get expert advice.

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Elijah Edache Ehoche

Think About The Solution

This work is dedicated to my beloved Debbie; and all that are ready to move forward from problems to solution.BookRix GmbH & Co. KG80331 Munich

Table of Contents

Chapter OneThinkObjectivesTo identify• What it means to think• Why is thinking important?• Examples of thinkers• Action StepsChapter TwoThink AboutObjectivesTo identify What thinking about means Things to think about Benefits of things to think about Things not to think about Action StepsChapter ThreeObjectivesTo identify How to think Action Steps

Chapter FourThink About the SolutionObjectivesTo Identify  What it means to think about the solution with and embrace the problems  Isolate the problem Dissolve the problem Efforts to solve rather than cause problems Action StepsChapter Five On a Final Note

Chapter One: Think


“For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he…” Prov23:7(KJV)ObjectivesTo identify• What it means to think• Why is thinking important?• Examples of thinkers• Action Steps

What it means to thinkSeveral definitions for the term “think” abounds in the dictionary. However, one striking definition according to the Oxford dictionary is as follows:(Usually used in the progressive tense) to have ideas, words or images in your mind…

To think, therefore means the purposeful imagination, consideration, believing or assuming something in the mind. The ability to think is one of mans greatest gift ever. It is the most common natural resource that is highly underutilized. It is left for everyone to harness, improve and become better. Purposeful thinking involves the use of common sense and yet more than it. It involves maximizing your God giving natural resource to glorify God, for survival and betterment of humanity. God’s servant Bishop David Oyedepo, once said that God gave us brains so he could have some rest.Thinking is an activity, a very serious activity. It is a verb, an action word. Most people consider thinking as passive, something that is less important. But is thinking really important, if it is, why is it important?

Why is Thinking ImportantThink is very important for many reasons. Some includes the following:

1. Thinking involves your mind. Your mind is your inner person. Whatever involves your mind affects you because your mind is you.2. Thinking is energy active. Thinking is actually an activity that takes up your energy. Whether you like it or not a huge amount of your energy is naturally is used up by brain activity of which thinking is majorly involved. Scientifically, it has been reported that about 20% of the whole body energy is used by the brain whether asleep or awake. The neural activities and synapses even take up more energy depending on the task at hand. Ever wonder how stretched out, you feel after a rigorous reading exercise for an important examination or something? Imagine using up 2 out of every 10 of your total income daily. You can tell how much is left of the income. You don’t want this energy to burn off fruitlessly daily. This is why you must engage your mind.3. It is better to think before you act than act before you think. This is very true. Thinking before acting helps you weigh all possible actions and the resultant consequences. This preconception gives you a better chance of your desired outcome. Proper considerations boost your confidence level. However, we shall be looking more on this in subsequent chapters.4. If you think well, you would regret less. This follows closely with number 3. Purposeful thinking will reduce your exposure to unnecessary risk, which can preserve life, resources, time and prevent unnecessary regrets. The Lord, Jesus admonished us to count the cost before any adventure.5. You are what you think. This is mostly important, what you think is what you are. It is not exactly what other thinks of you, except if you think on what they think of you.

“For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he…” Prov23:7

This can be likened to a goat or any other ruminant regurgitating. Think of a goat, it goes to the pasture, quickly chews up some grasses, gets back to a resting place, regurgitates it back and begins to chew on over and over again.Thinking can be replaced with regurgitating. What a person thinks continuously makes the person.So many people have said you are what you do; you are what you eat etc. This is quite true but not to the extent of what you think. What goes on in your mind is what you really are.Now let’s go back and to that scripture:Prov23:7“For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he: Eat and drink, saith he to thee; but his heart is not with thee…”

The person illustrated in the scriptures inviting the other fellow spoke a good, polite inviting word to the other fellow:Eat and drink,He spoke, but that was not what he was really thinking. What was going on the speaker’s mind was totally different; he was not ready to give even a morsel to the guest. Although he was giving, deep down, he wasn’t a giver. What you do or say per time might only be temporary but the real you is thoughts. Your persistent thoughts is the real you. To change you, change the thinking.