Witching Hour - Marcel Weyers - E-Book

Witching Hour E-Book

Marcel Weyers



My name is Mary Willows. I am a witch. All my life Ive tried to make amends for my sisters misdeeds. I believed in her for so long, and I never gave up on her. But now it seems all is lost. In order to protect the people I care about most in the world, I have to make the ultimate sacrifice. But for love, no price is too high. Even if it means giving it up forever.

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Witching Hour – Undying Love

by Marcel Weyers

Volume 4 of the Witching Saga

eBook, published in April 2018

Copyright © Marcel Weyers, 2018


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All rights reserved.The characters and incidents portrayed in this book are the product of the author’s imagination or have been fictionalized. Any resemblance is entirely coincidental.

Marcel Weyers is an author, translator, editor, and video game developer. In 2011, his debut novel “Shadows” was released, which was the start of a trilogy.

For various video game developers, he translated free and commercial video games into German, including visual novels. His video game series “Sleepless Night” was translated into more than ten languages. For more information, please visit the Raven-Saga on Facebook or www.marcel-weyers.de.

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Salem, Massachusetts in the 17th century

Giving up hope, that’s out of the question for me. There is good and evil in all of us. In some, one more than the other. In this respect, I think me and my sister were two opposite poles. And while she has let herself be corrupted by evil, my goodness became my doom. Two extremes that were unable to find the center or to approach each other. Yeah, that’s one way to describe our sibling relationship. And to restore the balance in nature, a sacrifice must be made.

Be that as it may. I want to tell you my story. A story full of love, pain, and jealousy. A story in which I made a selfless sacrifice and lost my greatest treasure.

My name is Mary Willows, I’m a witch.

Chapter 1: Mary

Arriving in Salem we change our identity. I am no longer Maria Winterberg. From now on, my name is Mary Willows. It will be a while before I get used to not speaking German anymore, but English is no problem for me. I’ve always liked speaking English. Father always urged us to learn, even before … well, before all this happened to my sister. 

He has always been keen to educate us culturally, historically, and socially. Even as a little girl I learned a lot about history, including that of America. We visited the opera, enjoyed festivals, and got to know the customs and idiosyncrasies of the bourgeoisie – or as one would say here: upper-class. Elisabeth, I mean Elizabeth of course, never seemed particularly interested in these cultural gatherings, but rather in … other things. Mother, too, did not really approve of father's urge to teach us anything – of course not, since the view still holds that women have no business in school and should take care of the housework. But father has always been different in this respect and taught me one thing better: knowledge is power. 

I’ve been interested in everything since I can remember. I want to know more, learn more, experience more. I want to reach for the stars like Mrs. Eimmart. But I wonder if this will also be possible here – in Salem?