A Manual of Qualitative Analysis and of Clinical Medical Chemistry - Charles Platt - E-Book

A Manual of Qualitative Analysis and of Clinical Medical Chemistry E-Book

Charles Platt

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As it now stands, the book presents a synopsis of the Non Metals, an outline of Qualitative Analysis with analytical schemes for both simple salts and complex mixtures, tests for the Alkaloids, the principles of Volumetric Quantitative Analysis, a section on the three organic classes of chief physiological interest — the Carbo hydrates, the Proteids, and the Fats, with a brief description of Ferments and Fermentation. The clinical section of the book treats of the Blood, the Urine, the Sweat, the Saliva, the Gastric Fluid, the Pancreatic Fluid, the Intestinal Fluid, Bile, Milk, and Water. This section is written in more detail, and includes, with the! Clinical tests possible with limited laboratory equipment, some of the more elaborate and exact methods used in advanced research. The Appendix, together with tables of Weights and Measures, contains a list of the Acid Radicals, a list of the Common Salts arranged according to solubility, a list of Reagents, with formulae and methods of preparation, and, finally, a complete list of the Poisons and Methods of Treatment.

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