Delivering Applications with VMware App Volumes 4 - Peter von Oven - E-Book

Delivering Applications with VMware App Volumes 4 E-Book

Peter von Oven

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Acquire the skills to build an App Volumes environment for a proof of concept, a pilot, or a live production environment. Delivering Applications with VMware App Volumes 4 starts with an in-depth overview of where the solution fits within the market and its key features, introducing you to application layering and VMware App Volumes. Next, it explains how to install the software and use its management consoles to configure App Volumes. You will understand how to build and configure application layers for delivery and will learn to build and configure writeable volumes for user data and user-installed applications.

In the advanced management section, you will learn to customize package templates and integrate App Volumes with JMP. Along the way you will understand how to deliver published apps in MS RemoteApp using layered apps for scalability. In the next phase of the book you will install and configure App Volumes for different use cases: VMware Horizon View, VMware ThinApp, Microsoft RDSH, and Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops.

Throughout the chapters, you will be given hints and tips, along with best practices, all seen from the eyes of somebody who works with this technology day in, day out, and in many different types of environments and scenarios. 

What You Will Learn 

  • Understand the App Volumes architecture
  • Master the concept of application layering
  • Work with App Volumes,  application packages, and Writable Volumes 

Who This Book Is For

VMware professionals, system integrators, IT professionals, and consultants.

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