Demystifying Azure AI - Kasam Shaikh - E-Book

Demystifying Azure AI E-Book

Kasam Shaikh

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Explore artificial intelligence offerings by Microsoft Azure, along with its other services. This book will help you implement AI features in various Azure services to help build your organization and customers.

The book starts by introducing you to the Azure Cognitive Search service to create and use an application. You then will learn the built-in automatic tuning intelligence mechanism in Azure SQL Database. This is an important feature you can use to enable Azure SQL Database to optimize the performance of your queries. Next, you will go through AI services with Azure Integration Platform service and Azure Logic Apps to build a modern intelligent workflow in your application. Azure functions are discussed as a part of its server-less feature. The book concludes by teaching you how to work with Power Automate to analyze your business workflow. 

After reading this book, you will be able to understand and work with different Azure Cognitive Services in AI.

What You Will Learn
  • Get started with Azure Cognitive Search service
  • Use AI services with Low Code – Power Automate
  • Use AI services with Azure Integration services
  • Use AI services with Azure Server-less offerings
  • Use automatic tuning in Azure SQL database

Who This Book Is For

Aspiring Azure and AI professionals

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