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Highly Sensitive: The Practical Manual For Dealing With High Sensitivity And Highly Sensitive People (High Sensitivity Guide: Including Many Tips And Tricks For Private And Professional Everyday Life). Highly Sensitive living: Calm through all everyday situations without sensory overload! The phenomenon of high sensitivity is becoming more and more well-known. Not least because it seems to be an increasingly frequent phenomenon - even if too many Highly Sensitive people are still not really aware of their own special characteristics. But many have meanwhile recognized their special sensitivity and thus laid the foundation for a less irritating, stress-free, need-oriented and ultimately happier life. High sensitivity can be a great challenge for those affected - but it is not only a curse but also a blessing. This guide addresses the topic of "high sensitivity" and is therefore suitable for people who are affected themselves, as well as for relatives, parents of Highly Sensitive children or people who simply want to look more closely at the topic.

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Highly Sensitive:

The Practical Manual For Dealing With High Sensitivity And Highly Sensitive People

(High Sensitivity Guide: Including Many Tips And Tricks For Private And Professional Everyday Life)

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What is high sensibility?

What does high sensitivity mean?

How does high sensitivity work?

The Gift

The advantages of high sensitivity


Recognizing High Sensitivity

Special features of high sensitivity

High sensitivity - a new trend

Tired of impressions

High Sensitivity as High Giftedness

Wrong Therapies

High sensitivity and fears

Just stress or highly sensitive?

The biological side

Anxiety disorders

The Similarity of Stress, Anxiety and High Sensitivity

Dealing with one's own high sensitivity

Your own life

In the peace lies the strength

See high sensitivity as a gift

Dealing with other highly sensitive people

The normal respect

Negative feelings

Dealing with each other

High sensitivity in the partnership

Highly sensitive people are shy

Love as a burden


The Sex


Dealing with a highly sensitive partner

Conflict situations

Energy management

Taking High Sensitivity Seriously

Communication means listening

Communication means exchanging information

Acceptance and patience

Dealing with high sensitivity at work

High sensitivity and its two sides

Highly sensitive integration

The working day

The colleagues

Dealing with highly sensitive children

Recognizing High Sensitivity in a Child

The Gift

A disease-causing environment

Taking the child seriously

The accompaniment

Tips for dealing with high sensitivity on a daily basis

Take your time

Avoid dealing with the wrong people

Avoid crowds

Play someone else


The right routine makes the difference

The place of life

The right job

Cut yourself off

Bottom line


What is it that all people, each for themselves and all together, want? What wish do they have that always drives them? It's the desire to accept oneself. It is the desire to simply be at peace with oneself, to be satisfied with oneself, and to be able to suffer oneself.

Many people fight with themselves all their lives. They see themselves in a bad light, they have inferiority complexes and they even condemn themselves. This can affect everyone, and there are people for whom it is much more difficult to accept themselves. We're talking about the highly sensitive among us.

Highly sensitive people perceive everything much more strongly than others. That's why they suffer much more from rejection. But they experience the rejection from others, because they are not like them. The rejection is transmitted and in the end many highly sensitive people reject themselves.

But what many overlook is that high sensitivity, like so many other things, has two sides. That means it's as much a curse as a gift. What's the difference? Only what the affected person himself makes of it. That is why it is so important that you understand your unique position as a highly sensitive person and make the most of it for yourself. And there's a lot you can do with it.

However, not every reader of this book is directly affected by the subject of high sensitivity. There are also many indirectly affected people who have a highly sensitive person in their lives, a person who is important to them. This can be a friend, your own partner, your own child or a colleague at work.

Even for those not directly affected, the subject of high sensitivity is a double-edged sword. If you approach it correctly, undreamt-of possibilities open up, because then you have a special person with a special gift in your own environment. However, it has been tackled wrongly as a problem.

It's just a reality, just like life itself is. It always depends on how you deal with a thing and what you make of it. This is why it is so important to actually get to know and understand the topic, so that one can also see and make use of the many opportunities offered to a highly sensitive person.

Those who have made it, those who have dealt with and understood the subject of high sensitivity have taken a big step in the right direction. If you have now learned to use your gift, then it is time to acknowledge and accept yourself as the miracle that you are.

Anyone who, as an indirectly affected person, has managed to understand the subject and find the right way to deal with a highly sensitive friend, partner, child or colleague has a double chance of taking a big step. The first chance is for yourself. You can use the other person's gift. At the same time one can give thereby success experiences to the other humans. In addition, there is a sensitive approach and voilà, one has improved oneself and one's own life and rendered a great service to the highly gifted person who is so important to one. The latter can learn to respect himself, to accept himself, and simply to be proud of his own gift through good dealings and a sense of achievement.

This book combines three concerns at once. The first thing here is to impart the necessary knowledge on the subject of high sensitivity. This means that we look at what it actually stands for. In addition, we also provide an insight into the special features resulting from the high sensitivity for the person concerned and his environment.

Some highly sensitive people develop very special fears or their condition is confused with fears. Either way, it is important to understand the connection between fears and high sensitivity in order to keep them separate and learn how to deal with them properly.

Once the knowledge base has been laid, then it is a matter of the right handling. There are many facets in this area, so differentiation must be made here. This means that we look at how one, as a directly affected person, can deal with one's high sensitivity and make one's own life easier.

For those indirectly affected, there are various situations which we also illuminate individually. This is how we explain how to deal with a highly sensitive person in general. This refers predominantly to everyday situations such as those experienced with a friend or acquaintance.

After the general introduction we look at the special cases. How do you deal with a partner who is highly sensitive? Here special requirements are placed on the wife or husband of such a person and we want to take a closer look at these requirements.

After the partnership, it's all about the highly sensitive colleague. How does high sensitivity affect work and how do you deal with such a colleague? We look at this and above all see the advantages that the increased sensitivity brings with it.

In the next part, we will focus on the most complicated and at the same time most important area, dealing with a highly sensitive child. This topic requires a very special sensitivity and requires a lot of love and patience from the parents. Nevertheless, if you do everything right here as a parent, you can give the highly sensitive child an almost normal start in life.

The final part is made up of tips that make it easier to deal with the subject of high sensitivity on a daily basis. This is again about general tips for all situations in life, but they have a greater practical relevance.

We hope that this book will give people who are highly sensitive and those who interact with them better access to the subject and this gift. It is our concern to bring about more respect for those affected for themselves and for other people when dealing with them, and in the end we want to make life easier for all together.

What is high sensibility?

First of all, let us turn to the question of what high sensitivity actually is. Between 10 and 20% of the population are affected. Accordingly, it is important to understand the term itself as a first basis before continuing to deal with the subject.

What does high sensitivity mean?

High sensitivity describes a condition that humans can possess as a special characteristic. These people are far more sensitive than other people. Biologically, they have a nervous system which reacts to stimuli much more sensitively than is the case with the nervous systems of the average human being.