Pro Oracle GoldenGate for the DBA - Bobby Curtis - E-Book

Pro Oracle GoldenGate for the DBA E-Book

Bobby Curtis

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Take a simple approach to learning the Oracle GoldenGate product. This approach provides the in-depth perspective of GoldenGate from an implementer’s viewpoint; however, also addresses why the management viewpoint is important as well. Your journey through this book includes and architecture discussion of GoldenGate and the benefits of purchasing GoldenGate from a management perspective. Then the book quickly moves into advanced implementation components associated with GoldenGate. You’ll find many use-cases and instructions throughout the book to help with everything from easy to complex GoldenGate implementations.

An Oracle GoldenGate implementation generally consists of a group project, involving both business and technical resources. Pro Oracle GoldenGate for the DBA provides the viewpoint from the DBA’s vantage point. This approach provides the components of who, what, why, when, and how in defining the implementation and support of a GoldenGate project. The success of most technical projects require the support of multiple resource groups, and Pro Oracle GoldenGate for the DBA supplies the insight for the DBA member to understand the implementation and support process.

  • Takes you through justification, installation, and support.
  • Provides the DBA perspective toward a successful a result.
  • Covers from basic toward increasingly advanced implementations

What You Will Learn
  • Understand the core architecture of data replication using Oracle GoldenGate
  • Implement a one-way setup of a classic capture and an integrated capture and replication
  • Design, architect and implement a multi-master replication model
  • Replicate unsupported data types using tokens
  • Manage and troubleshoot multiple GoldenGate implementations
  • New features of GoldenGate supported in Oracle 12c
Who this Book is For
    Pro Oracle GoldenGate for the DBA is aimed squarely at Oracle database administrators who find themselves involved in GoldenGate integration projects. The book provides the DBA view into such projects, helping database administrators toward successful implementations and solid business results.

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