The Name of the Rose (Unabridged) - Umberto Eco - Hörbuch

The Name of the Rose (Unabridged) Hörbuch

Umberto Eco

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This hugely engaging story of murder, superstition, religious politics and drama in a medieval monastery was one of the most striking novels to appear in the 1980s. The Name of the Rose is a thrilling story enriched with period detial and laced with tongue-in-cheek allusions to fictional characters, the most striking of which is the Francicscan friar William of Baskerville, who displays many characteristics of Sherlock Holmes. Although he looks at the past through a postmodern lens, Eco catapults his listeners into the dark medieval world as Brother William tries to discover why people are dying inexplicably and nastily in the monastery. There is something not altogether right within the library that is the pride of the establishment... The old man Adso, who was an impressionable novice at the time, tells the story.

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