Bipolar II - (Beyond The Unhappy Diagnosis And Into A Happy Life) - Evelyn Tomson - E-Book

Bipolar II - (Beyond The Unhappy Diagnosis And Into A Happy Life) E-Book

Evelyn Tomson

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  • Veröffentlichungsjahr: 2021

Informational and positive look on the hard diagnosis. Lifting the stigma, finding that you are not alone in all this.

The book is a personal journey, finding what the disease is all about, managing the difficult moments of depressions and hypo-mania episodes until a stable effect is reached, the so-called remission. The author also shares her successes, talents and everything she has learned in an optimistic and positive way.


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Evelyn Tomson

Bipolar II

Beyond The Unhappy Diagnosis And Into A Happy Life

Copyright © 2021 - Evelyn Tomson

Publisher: Tektime

Table of Contents

What is BAR all about?

My 1st Episode of depression

A shift into mania, perhaps hypo-mania


A new beginning

A dream come true

Back to reality – D3

Poem 2002

Sonnet 2020

Number 13

The big surprise of 2017 – a cancer patient

About happiness and how I found it



Eliminating worries



Cover back:

“We all have the right to be happy, married or single, with kids or without, with a disease or without”.

What is BAR all about?

I started a research about BAR years ago in 2005 with nothing much to find in the Internet. Only that it was a disease that is quite difficult to diagnose, but at least it is curable, or better say treated with success. Today in 2021 there is much more information freely available, but a few people dare openly share they have it. Still the stigma that goes along with it is strong, because it is a mental illness. Nowadays doctors talk of 3 types of BAR (Bipolar Affective Disorder): Bipolar I, Bipolar II and Cyclothymic disorder. Here I am only giving you the names and the top 3 sites I found the latest information from. These are: 

Why is it bipolar? Because there are 2 ends of the pole: one is called Mania, the other end is Depression. When you are in Mania you do not need much sleep and you are very active, feelingelated, full of energy and ideas, often creative and you spend your days almost without fatigue. It may seem to be very positive to an on-looker. But a person who is Bipolar may accept some ideas of his as pre-dominant and act according to that. He/she might take an illusionary scenario as real, for example he might feel as being watched or pursued. And if he does not stop to rest and slow down, or is unable to decide which part of these ideas are untrue – he may end up in hospital.  

The other end of the pole is – melancholia or depression. You lose interest in your job, your life, family and friends. You have low energy, low self-esteem and if this goes on for longer than a month you might be heading for depression. Depressions can be mild or severe ones, depending on each case, individually. And they do not go away by themselves. You need to consult a doctor and try more than one medication sometimes, until you and your doctor find one that works for you and can bringyou back to normal – meaning you can work, live your life and even enjoy things.   














Severe mania 


Hypomania (mild to moderate mania) 


Normal, balanced mood 


Mild to moderate depression 


Severe depression 

So we can differentiate the following 5 conditions, according to 


The good news though is that many talented people are like that…mainly singers and actors but Mariah Carey – the famous singer – openly spoke about it in an article I found in 2018.  

I myself am not a singer, but I like singing Karaoke songs. It happens once or twice a year and especially when I go to Wonderland in summer time.  

In search of what is wrong with me – I read a lot of books about self-help and improvement and I can say that we all have the right to be happy. So I searched for happiness and I found it. In my work and in my friends circle in my home country and in the country I prefer to call Wonderland.  This was my starting point: We all have the right to be happy, married or single, with kids or without, with a disease or without. 

Here is the best place to mention the books I found helpful throughout my life, books that make you think outside of the box, lift your spirits up and help in all possible ways.  

Dale Carnegy: How to Stop Worrying and Start Living 

Dr. Joseph Murphy: The Power of Your Subconscious Mind 

Eckhart Tolle: The Power of Now 

Phonda Burn: The Secret 

Brenda Barnaby: Beyond the Secret. Happiness is possible 

Osho: The orange book – about meditation 

The works of Bayinsa Dunov , the books of Mirzakarim Norbekov 

Deepak Chopra: The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire 

N. C. Lazarev: Diangnistics of Karma – this last one I found heavy and difficult to understand.