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Empower Your Success with Numerology and Astrology E-Book

Flo Maria

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Numerology, like astrology is a symbolic system, one of the many tools we can use to understand ourselves and our life purpose better. It is the study of numerical value which is often associated with the paranormal alongside astrology and similar to divinatory arts. Each number is a symbol of an energy force that has distinct traits. However, there is no perfect number among them. Numbers possess a dual nature and can represent either positive or a negative force. Exploring their meaning can help us discover our strengths and weaknesses. Most important, it guides us on our life's journey.   In this book, we will explore all the characteristics of number 1 through 9 including the major Master Numbers. Besides that, we will also take a look on the distinctive behavior traits on each number in every astrological zodiac. Furthermore, we are also exposed to a wider perspective on how does learning numerology benefit us in our daily life such as identifying and satisfying our customers, understanding our bosses' character, finding the right employees in work, meeting the expectation of our life partner and understanding our children or students' character.   Life is all about living to your fullest potential because only when you know yourself well, you can win the battles in life. Numerology helps you exactly in this mission. Numerology examines in details of what effects numbers have on people, why you make certain choices, how do you balance your strengths and weaknesses for better self- development and improve your relationships. Have faith and make the most from your understanding of Numerology using your intellect and wisdom.   Empower your success through your personal charm and the magnetism in your life path number that works harmoniously with the cycles of destiny occurring in life.    

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Flo Maria

Empower Your Success with Numerology and Astrology

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Introduction of Numerology

Definition & historyWhat numerology can do for you?How to calculate your life path number?2The characteristics of life path number 1-9 and How does the 12 astrological signs influence the characteristics of each life path number3Basic understanding on Karmic Numbers (13, 14, 16 and 19), and Master Numbers (11, 22, 33) 4How to tackle each type of customer following their life path number?5How to meet your boss’s expectations from different life path numbers?6How to hire the right staffs for the right jobs according to their life path numbers?7

How to enhance your relationship with life partner according to their life path number?   

8How to groom the children or students to excel in their academic according to their life path numbers?9World’s popular celebrities’ and politicians’ Life Path Numbers



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 Studying Numerology has been a passion for me about a decade ago, I have been exposed to the field when I was an insurance agent. One day my senior colleague called upon me to tell her my date of birth, she said she could help me to understand myself better knowing my strengths and weaknesses by looking at my life path number. After some calculations done, she told me that my life path number is 3 and I match perfectly well in the sales job. Most of the characteristics and behaviors she described about me were correct as though I was transparent to her. Of course, the analysis could not be 100% accurate for everyone due to the upbringing cultural background and life experience that’s influenced by the environment. Back then I didn’t really understand much of what she was telling me but by and by I have been learning from a mentor, books, and through my own observation of my clients’ behaviors during my presentation of my products to them after 15 years in the sales industry.


Since I learned Numerology and I realized I could understand more of human psychology and their behavior traits, in addition to that my learning doesn’t just limit to the field of Numerology. I expand the psychic study into more holistic approach to include learning Tarot reading, Astrology, Telepathy practice and Meditation. In Astrology, particularly learning of the 12 zodiac signs back to back with Numerology has helped me complement the analysis of individuals in higher accuracy. Sometimes I will also perform a tarot reading to understand the problem of my clients and what hinders them from making decision to buy my products. If the decision is related to financial, it could be my products are too expensive for them or they are having financial problem. Next, I will apply my telepathy skill via mind to mind talk to help them find solution. Eventually through meditation practice could help me enhance my intuition and sharpness of mind in me.


After learning numerology, besides getting more clarity in self- realization in order to enhance my strengths and overcoming my weaknesses. I could understand more about my customer’s personality and character. By knowing your customers well, you can skip much hassles in probing and fact- finding process. It’s been a very effective way to closing business deal faster and easier after mastering numerology.


Knowing yourself well by identifying your strengths and weaknesses, you are able to choose the best job that suits your talent and passion thus you will excel in your career.


Note: This eBook is a guide and serves as an initial guide. Please also get professional advice.