Resistance and Stability of Polymers - Gottfried Wilhelm Ehrenstein - E-Book

Resistance and Stability of Polymers E-Book

Gottfried Wilhelm Ehrenstein

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The stability and resistance of polymeric materials determine whether they can be utilized in a given application. Authoritative and reliable material information is needed during the material selection process and this information must consider the influences of material manufacturing, compounding and stabilization, processing, part design, use and subsequent disposal/recycling.This book is based on the review of more than 1200 literature sources and represents a comprehensive overview of the current know-how regarding the stability and resistance of thermoplastics, thermosets, elastomers as well as the most commonly used reinforcements and additives. Extensive tables document material resistance to given media, facilitating appropriate material selection or stabilization for a given application.Contents Volume 1:Principles of AgingTesting MethodsStabilizationInfluence of Processing and UseResistance to Thermal and Thermal-Oxidative Loads, Weathering, Chemicals, Ionizing Radiation, Microorganisms, Biological Influences, and Mechanical LoadsCreep and Fatigue of Reinforced PolymersContents Volume 2:Chemical Resistance TablesWhite Lists of Media Influence (According to DIBt)ReferencesIndex

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