Selected Pearls from the Word - Barbara White Hege - E-Book

Selected Pearls from the Word E-Book

Barbara White Hege

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The Bible, the essential, powerful Word of God, has been described as a historical document, a biography, and the foundation for this world and all who are in it. It is, no doubt, the most important book ever written—a book that has saved lives, established destinies, and changed the course of this world.
Selected Pearls from the Word edifies believers, encourages them in their walk with God, and helps them to learn about and grow in Him and His Word. It expounds on twenty-two topics that are crucial for believers to understand if they are to be successful and fruitful in their walk with God, and each topic is peppered with selected Scriptures to help you grasp the truth of what God is saying. Some of the topics covered are:

  • Assurance of salvation for the believer
  • How we can know His Peace
  • The sacrifice of self and yielding our will to God
  • The Holy Spirit and how He relates to and works in us
  • Sin Has Consequences
  • Prayer: when and how to pray
And more.
Reading, understanding, and applying these Scriptural truths to your life will enhance your spiritual walk with Christ, help you to live victoriously, and empower you to overcome any difficult circumstances. Selected Pearls from the Word will surely be a valuable and cherished addition to your library.

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