Sex Stories About Bad Girls Have Better Sex - Part Three - Sarah Ann Miller - E-Book

Sex Stories About Bad Girls Have Better Sex - Part Three E-Book

Sarah Ann Miller

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Sex and erotic is important for every person. My short stories are for tolerant people. I write nasty and uninhibited stories. My words are very vulgar. That's how I like it during sex. I do not know any taboo. My stories tell of anal sex, group sex, femdom and cuckold, cheating, older women, young women with older men and much more. If you do not like that, you better read another book.

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Sex Stories About Bad Girls Have Better Sex - Part Three

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Sex Stories About Bad Girls Have Better Sex - Part Three

Good Behavior

I agreed to this. No one had put a gun to my head, no one had promised any sort of money transaction. Hell, that’d make me a prostitute, right? Agreeing to have sex with a stranger was one thing, but taking money was just down-right wrong.

But, let’s not forget that this is no ordinary stranger that you might pick up at a bar. Not some cute guy that bought you a drink, not the cable guy…no, this fella is none other than an inmate at the State Prison.

Recent studies had shown major improvement with inmates that had conjugal visits with their wives, and those men usually got out early for good behavior. But, not all of the inmates were married. Some of their crimes were mild, and didn’t they, too, deserve a little treat for being good boys?

A few of the staff psychiatrists and the warden had come up with a trial program. They would get willing participates to agree to have sex with an inmate, then evaluate his behavior later to see how he was progressing. And, if the inmate knew that this would mean getting out earlier, plus get laid, why wouldn’t he want to agree?

And, it would really help with the overcrowding issue…

I appeared calm as I sat outside the warden’s office, waiting for Helen to show me to my room. Helen was an officer, obviously, and would have to stay in the room with me, just in the case that my partner, the inmate, got a bit too rough…or tried to kill me.


I could back out at any time…so, why was I still here? Because I was too intrigued, too curious, and damn it, I was soaking wet just thinking about it.

We walked down the corridor to the warden’s suite, where a room had been prepared. Helen was going over all the rules again, which were more for my benefit than the inmate, of course. Code words to use if I felt threatened…I nodded and asked about their choice for me.

I was told his name was Adam. Funny, I don’t even know if that was indeed his name, or if it was an identity given due to the program. He was chosen not only for his small crime, but also good behavior during his time behind bars.

The doctors had asked me if I had certain preferences…white, black, Indian…I had held back a laugh when asked that, and wondered if they were going to ask me if I preferred my mate to be well hung or average? Did I want normal sex, anal? I mean, hello…this wasn’t a dating service. This was what it was, a new program to get the guy laid, and see if he would be a good boy after.

Aren’t all men good boys after they’ve had a little pussy? Seriously? Geesh.

Anyway, Helen received the call that he, Adam, or whoever, was on his way. I didn’t know if I should remove my clothes now, or wait. I did take off my jacket. The room, beautifully decorated as you would expect a nice hotel room to be, had suddenly gotten very warm.

I could feel my pulse quicken as the door opened and Adam walked in. He was tall, over 6 foot, and lean with a swimmer’s build. I usually liked my guys to be a bit thicker. With proper exercise and diet, maybe Adam could bulk up some.

Not that I was going to see him again. Right? Get a grip.

Helen introduced us. I fought the urge to giggle as I wondered why I hadn’t insisted on being called Eve. But, as I looked into his face, into his piercing blue eyes, I suddenly didn’t care what my name was. He wasn’t at all what I expected. He was clean shaven, his dark blonde hair was well trimmed. He reminded me of that actor, Viggo Mortensen.

Hmmm, this was going to be interesting.

Well, it was show time, I guess. Helen had gone over all the rules, again, with the both of us, and all the while he had looked me over. And, from the small grin Adam was trying to control, he approved.

I hadn’t gone to any crazy lengths to dress up, though…Hell, the clothes were going to be coming off anyway. But, I did play up my best assets, my green eyes. Just a little liner, some soft purple to make the green pop…

Okay, I maybe tousled my shoulder length copper tresses a bit more than usual. Bought new jeans and low cut top in a deep purple, my favorite color.

Also, wearing a sexy bra and panty set wouldn’t hurt either.

Adam had already been unshackled and appeared to be waiting for me to make the first move. Neither of us spoke, perhaps afraid to say anything, or perhaps we just wanted to get down to…um, business.

I took the initiative, and walked forward, putting my hands softly on his face as I pulled him in for a kiss. Kissing was allowed, I had been told, and I was glad to hear of it. I may be dripping wet, but real foreplay was always a big turn on for me.

Adam smelled good, and I smiled as he placed his lips along my throat and very gently nipped. I gasped and felt him pull me closer to feel that, he too, was indeed ready.

Helen was in her spot, looking at a magazine, but prepared if anything should go wrong. I wondered if it bothered her to be in a room with two people that were clearly about to fuck each other. Oh, well, she signed on for this, too.

Adam started to lift my top, so I put my arms up, allowing him to pull it over my head. He then took his top over his head, before pulling me back to his lean chest. I shivered a bit as his hand came up my back to unhook my bra.

Once my breasts were freed, things definitely started to speed up. Adam bent to kiss each nipple, gently sucking one before turning attention to the other. I moaned my approval, yet wanted to remove everything else. Especially his pants. They were so in the way! I wanted to see him, touch him, taste him.

He took my hand and walked me to the bed, where he quickly realized just how turned on I was when he bent down between my legs to taste me. I tried to not scream out too loudly, didn’t want Helen to think anything was wrong. Oh, hell no…nothing wrong with this man having his tongue on my ever so anxious and sopping wet pussy.

I tried to reach for him, but he gently pushed my hand away, and shook his head no, as he continued feasting upon me. He lavished me, and I felt the wave starting to crash around me. He had both hands on my hips and continued to lap as I thrashed about, letting the orgasm finally rip through me.

Feeling somewhat blind now, I regained my breathing and reached for him, yet, again, he shook his head no. I looked at him surprisingly, and shrugged my shoulders as he gently rolled me onto my knees.

Ah! Here we go, and he wants to fuck me like his! No problem. I felt the tip of his cock gently, slowly, slide into me. A sigh of pure pleasure escaped both our lips, yet he wasn’t moving anymore.

I finally spoke up. Hell, I had to…I wanted so much more!

“Hey, Adam, um, you okay?”

He sounded like he was controlling his breathing, and whispered to me. “It’s just been awhile, and you feel too damned good. I don’t want to cum just yet.”

Oh, well, I didn’t think about that one. “Okay, just take your time, then,” I told him, as he softly kissed my shoulder, my neck; his hands were holding my breasts, gently kneading. Oh, my, but the man was feeling good, and damn, I didn’t know how much longer I could actually stay still.

I didn’t have to wait long, as Adam began slowly thrusting in and out of my ever so eager pussy. I moaned, loudly, as he began pumping faster, faster, and I felt myself start to slip over the edge again…“Oh, God, yesss! I moaned.” I can’t believe it! I came, again!

Adam was saying something, I couldn’t quite make out as he had his face buried in my shoulder. He repeated it again, “Sorry, ah, God….but I have to cum NOW!” he growled, pulling out and spilling along my back.

Neither of us moved for a second, although it did seem like an eternity as we got our breathing back to normal. He grabbed at a towel that was efficiently placed on the bed stand, and wiped away all remains of him.

I had been laying on my stomach, and rolled over onto my side to look at him. “Not that I am complaining, but why didn’t you want a blow job?” I just had to ask…

Adam only smiled. He had a very sexy smile, too. He just laughed. “It would have been over too quick, and I really wanted to be inside you instead.” Oh, well…yeah. Okay, then. I smiled back understandably, as he left the bed to start redressing.

Helen, still sitting in her chair, was still looking at the magazine and acting as if nothing were out of the ordinary. She either didn’t like sex, or could do one hell of a tune-out. I secretly wondered if she was turned on. It wasn’t like she was too old, at 53, she still had lots going on for her. She had a decent figure, nice eyes and smile. That is, when she did smile.

“Well, I don’t know what will happen from here,” I said to Adam, “but, I guess saying ‘thank you or nice to have met you’ doesn’t sound too appropriate, does it?” His lips formed into a small smile, and he gently leaned over to kiss my lips. “Who knows, maybe we can see each other again, someday,” he said, and walked over to Helen, who let him out for his guard to take him back to his cell.

I simply stared at the closed door, thinking about what had just happened. Helen sat back down with her magazine, and waited for me to get dressed. I had my sexy bra and panties back on when the warden walked in.

“How was he? Did he behave himself? Better yet, did you enjoy yourself?” my husband asked, thrusting his hands in my hair and pulling me in, kissing me fiercely.

At this, Helen did exit the room, locking the door behind her. My bra and panties ended back up on the floor, and once again, I found myself on the bed, this time with the love of my life, and I couldn’t help but smile.

I sure hope the program works.

Life As A Cuckold Pair

There comes a point in your life when you look back at your mistakes and look to the future and what you want to make you happy. After a failed marriage and many failed relationships. I was doing just that, looking seriously at how I could make my future happier.

For a few years I had been interested in cuckoldry, after reading about it as a lifestyle in the old Forum magazines. To be quite honest I was never convinced that I was good enough as a lover and so the idea of cuckoldry grew in my mind.

The reason was simple really, I enjoyed the company of women and wanted them to be happy and content. I truly believe that my partner should be fulfilled in bed for a relationship to be strong.

However fantasy, want and need are two different things. I had made the classic mistake of expecting the porn version of cuckoldry to be like real life. You know the thing the hot looking Milf from videos and stories who always appear to be from a higher standing in society than the cuckold.

I had chosen women like this and to my credit had pulled a few. But once the relationship had progressed enough to feel safe to sound them out about bringing others into the mix it was soon made clear that they only wanted one man in the relationship, and my fantasies were not on the menu.

I took time out and left all the groups that I had joined to find a cuckoldress and began to think about the way to make my fantasy real. It was making me depressed and I got used to the idea of living the last years of my life single.

And then on a cold winters morning I saw her! I was having a cigarette through my window when she walked down my street obviously taking her dog to the local park. What made her stand out even from this distance was how she looked.

She looked to be about my age, late forties. But looked older, like life had not been kind to her. She had long dirty blonde hair which was piled on top of her head. She was slim, and she was dressed sexily for such a cold, damp day.

What do I mean by dressed sexily? Well for a start, what stood out to me was her tight bright red spandex trousers! She also had a black shiny puffer jacket and some black suede boots which looked like they had seen better times.

Now I know that I was trying to get away from the porno version of a cuckoldress and I was. But there was something different about her. She was giving off the aura of a woman who had been around the block a few times, and what’s more she looked like she was still looking for cock.

It was the next day that sealed things for me. Again she was out walking her dog and was dressed similar to the previous day. This time though she had a grey nylon jacket on. And the same suede boots and today Black shiny spandex trousers. This was the sign to me that she was looking for sex, as it was not the type of clothing you would expect to see on the street during day time. It was the sort of clothing you may expect to see in one of the trashier night clubs.

The next day I decided to take a walk about the time she would be walking her dog hoping to bump into her. And just as I thought she was going to be a no show, there she was. Just as I walked around the corner she appeared. Catching me quite unaware I just mumbled a hello as I made sure I gave her a good look over.

Yes, I wanted her to know that I was interested, but also wanted to make sure she was what I was expecting. And she was. She was haggered but still with an aura of sexiness. I walked past her with a smile and after a five second count turned around for a final look, just as she did the same. Perfection she had caught me looking.

I walked back to my place, and began to plan the second phase of my seduction. There are two pubs near me one is a family pub where they do food. The second is a rundown estate pub the kind of pub with a dart board, pool table etc. It is not the kind of pub that I would usually use. But I figured looking at her, it would, out of the two be the one she would use.

Luckily it was Christmas so there would be a good chance that she would be in the pub with friends, as most women don’t go in a pub by themselves around here! Especially a pub like this one. I dressed myself up a bit and put my best aftershave on and made my way to the boozer in question.

I got myself a pint and stood at the bar taking a look around hoping that she would be in. At first I did not spot her but then I heard some loud female laughing coming from one of the booths. I noticed that if I went to the juke box I would be able to see who was in there.

I was in luck, she was there and still in the black spandex trousers she was in earlier in the day which probably meant they had not been washed in days. They looked great with a nice tight black spandex t shirt. I felt my cock stir as I took a long look at her. She had obviously had a few and was with two friends giggling and drinking.

Just to be near her and in her eye sight, I set up the pool table and began to pot a few balls. I kept sneaking a look at her every now and then, and spotted that her friends had noticed me looking, and were nudging her and whispering in her ear.

She grabbed her cigarettes and vodka and I followed her to the outside shelter. It was cold so there was no one else there. I watched as she lit up a long cigarette and exhaled smoothly as she leant back on the wall with one leg up.

Just to get close, I asked her for a light. Her spandex covered knee brushed against my hard cock as I leant in for the light, and our eyes met. As I said thank you, I put my hand on her knee and squeezed. She smiled and our lips met in a hot passionate embrace.

Nora and I dated for about six months in a hot and steamy sex fuelled relationship. I just loved how trashy she could be and look. Soon it was time to find out whether she could become the woman I craved, one that would cuckold me! I cooked a meal and plied her with plenty of wine which I had laced with vodka.

Once I was sure she was feeling merry but not completely out of it, I slid my hand up her skirt as she lay back on the sofa. As I ran my finger over her satin pantied pussy, I took a deep breath and asked her if she ever still thought about other guys and missed the variety.

It was make or break time and I was sure she was going to answer in the negative. But I was shocked when she admitted she did miss her one night stands, as she loved to feel a new cock every now and then. This was the perfect answer for me, as it meant that she wanted different cocks but not get rid of me.

I told her that I would love to see her fuck other guys and that it would make me hot. As I spoke I felt her pussy moisten, and I rubbed harder on her pussy her hips moving up to meet me. “Yes, yes I want a new cock now” she cried clapping her hands . I asked if she felt like going to a local place known for dogging. Without much persuasion she panted, “fuck yes, let’s go.“

She went to shower and I looked in her wardrobe for something suitable for her to wear. I chose a short pvc skirt which was tight and only just long enough to cover her pussy. For a top it had to be an old t shirt which I ripped in strategic places to show off her nipples and bits of her tits. With a marker pen I wrote in big letters slut for cock.

When she came out of the shower she said she liked what I had done and found some old stockings which she ripped too before putting them on. She put the rest of the outfit on with some sexy ankle boots, as it would be soft under foot there.

I showed her a chastity device I had bought ages ago, and told her I would like her to lock me into it so I couldn’t intrude on her fun. She giggled but agreed forcing my cock into the device. I felt the spikes on the inside, and knew they would hurt if I got to excited. She kept the key putting it in her handbag, she grabbed the rest of the vodka and a short leather jacket she had, and we were on our way.

She made me stop at a garage to get her some more cigarettes and she asked if she should buy some condoms while we were there. I answered no, and was rewarded with a kiss and her saying “that’s completely the right answer.“ I watched as she walked into the shop. I noticed a lot of guys watching her every move, one guy spilling petrol down his car!

Soon we were off again, and I could almost smell her arousal. It did not take long before the wooded car park came in to view. Nora took a swig of vodka, and took two of her long cigarettes. She wiped the filtered ends in the juices coming from her pussy and gave one to me and one for herself.

We smoked them as I parked up in a discrete place, passing two cars on the way. “My god I cannot wait for some big cocks you naughty boy. You have put some filthy ideas into my mind, things I have always wanted to do, but never had the courage to do. Thank you for letting me do this and I have not said it yet, but I love you I have never had a boyfriend that has let me be myself.“

I told Nora I loved her too and we kissed, touching each other up as we did and getting really horny. I felt the time was right, plus I needed a break, as my cock was getting painful in its cage. From my pocket I took a bottle of poppers which we both took a good long sniff from. I really wanted Nora to fly and lose any inhibitions.

We heard a third car pull in not far from us and could see it was a guy about our age and big built. Nora put on the interior light and refreshed her lipstick and lip gloss.

Taking another big hit of the poppers she told me to put on the headlights and some music. She took off her jacket and stepped out of the car and stood in the glare of the headlights. Nora began to sway her hips to the music as I turned the interior light on, signalling to the other car owners that it was ok to approach.