The Moneypenny Diaries: Secret Chapters - Kate Westbrook - kostenlos E-Book

The Moneypenny Diaries: Secret Chapters E-Book

Kate Westbrook



Kate Westbrook, niece of the intrepid Miss Moneypenny and editor of her famous diaries, has uncovered two more of her aunt's formerly-classified adventures.Short stories First Date and For Your Eyes Only, James offer a tantalising (and candid) glimpse into the life of James Bond's confidante and co-conspiritor: the ever-resourceful Miss Moneypenny . . .

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About Kate Westbrook

Kate Westbrook was born in 1970 and educated at Cambridge and Harvard. She has a doctorate in history, specialising in the emergence of post-colonial political structures. She has worked in Africa and Latin America and is the author of numerous articles, as well as two novels, as yet unpublished. She is a fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge.

The Moneypenny Diaries by Kate Westbrook


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Short Stories:

The Moneypenny Diaries: Secret Chapters

The Moneypenny Diaries

Secret Chapters

First Date

For Your Eyes Only, James

Edited by Kate Westbrook



About Kate Westbrook The Moneypenny Diaries by Kate WestbrookTitle PageFirst DateFor Your Eyes Only, JamesAbout the Author: Samantha WeinbergAlso by Samantha Weinberg Copyright

First Date

‘Send up Commander Bond straightaway, will you Miss Moneypenny’. It was the first time I’d heard M’s voice on the intercom, clipped, commanding, as if he was issuing orders from the bridge. Which I suppose he was: I just wish I’d had a primer in able-seamanship before starting work as his private secretary.

I buzzed down to C Section and was told he’d be on his way. I knew who Bond was from my days as a cipher clerk, of course. He’s long been a favourite topic of Powder Vine speculation, but I’d never paid much attention. So when the door to my office swung open without a knock, I barely glanced up from the tower of weekend signals.

‘You can go straight in, Commander Bond,’ I said. ‘He’s expecting you.’

‘Don’t I even get a hello, how d’you do, Miss … Moneypenny I believe?’ replied an attractive deep voice with a slight lilt that I couldn’t immediately place.

I found myself looking into a pair of blue-grey eyes that appeared to be at once cold and inviting, like the Atlantic Ocean in mid-summer.

‘I’m sorry, I…’ I started to apologise, but he was already walking through the green baize door.

Twenty minutes later and it swung back open to reveal M shaking Bond’s hand. ‘Congratulations 007,’ I heard him say. ‘You’ll be a credit to your new Section, I have no doubt.’ By the time M had retreated, Bond was perched on the corner of my desk, one polished shoe swinging gently. A thick comma of black hair had fallen over his right eyebrow and his face was serious.

‘You know what that means Miss Moneypenny?’

‘You’re joining the 00 Section. Yes…’

‘It means,’ Bond continued before I could finish, ‘that we’re celebrating tonight. Oysters and pink champagne at Scott’s. It also means that you can’t say no, because I now have a licence to kill. I’ll meet you there at eight.’

He was gone before I could – I don’t know what: congratulate him? Apologise? Slap his face?