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Sophie Pfaff

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"About the book" Ways out of Chaos: How we declutter our life, home and soul! (Minimalism: Declutter your life, home, mind & soul) We live too fast, rush through overfull days, and there is always too much lying around. But that could change. Because: In every one of us is the stuff of the time-millionaire. We ourselves are the ones who turn the clock, because we are stuffing more and more into our everyday lives, and that makes our precious time of life short. We do not have too little time, but too much to do. In this way we ourselves bring the hectic pace into our lives, which we want to avoid. Never really get to the point, and always thinking somewhere else. A simple life with more success, freedom, happiness, money, love and time - that's what we all want. But in our modern performance-oriented society, however, this simplicity often falls by the wayside: consumption, ownership and performance seem to be the more important values, at least superficially. Minimalism as a way of life refers to a way of living that enables everyone to concentrate on the essential things. Minimalism can, but does not have to cover all areas of life. Whoever decides to want to live minimalistically, usually does so very consciously. The motives are almost always similar: # Pressure to perform and career constraints: Too much stress at work, in studies and in leisure time # Excessive lifestyle...body worship, shopping and social media communication: overtaxed by exaggeration and abundance # Manipulation by the marketing industry: social coercion to possess certain consumer goods Minimalism means self-determination and self-realization. Do not let others or society dictate what a good and right life should look like. Freeing yourself from black and white thinking, reducing ownership and responsibilities to save time and money and have more energy for family, friends, hobbies and travel. Start today by making the most of your life and building a positive mindset. Becoming a MINIMALIST...begins in the HEAD!

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Ways out of Chaos

Minimalism pure - Why less is more than just less Minimalism pure - Why less is more than just less Minimalism pure and simple does not mean giving up luxury Minimalism pure - everyone decides how far they want to go Minimalism as a life principle & lifestyle What is minimalism? Freeing from ballast and the desire for a simple life Opportunities and advantages of a minimalist life Minimalism is a process, not a state! Minimalism in everyday life: Consciously simplifying your everyday routine Why quantity grows and quality suffers 14 Minimalist strategies that deliberately create freedom in everyday life Minimalism in your own living dreams Creating space with brains, system and endurance Following the following principles is already half the battle Getting Started is Difficult - Simple Methods for Sorting Out Where to put all the sort things out? Travel to your perfect wardrobe & fashion style Don't let people or the fashion industry manipulate you? The way to the wardrobe full of favourite clothes Step-by-step to minimalism in the wardrobe with the stacking method Tips on how the next shopping trip does not turn into a consumer orgy Take a close look at fixed income and expenditure Take a close look at fixed income and expenditure Saving money through rational buying behaviour and conscious consumption 12 minimalist money saving tips in everyday life for everyone Monthly budget planning: What does the world cost? Minimalism at the workstation, in the office & home office Minimalist workplace design - that's how it works! Time management: Eliminating time wasters and organizing time more efficiently - that's how it works! To-do lists simplify the working day - here's how it works Eliminate time thieves step-by-step in everyday office life and use time efficiently Minimalist on (world)travel with hand luggage Minimalist on journeys with a little hand luggage The advantages of being on tour only with a backpack are plentiful Copyright

Minimalism pure - Why less is more than just less

Minimalism pure - Why less is more than just less

Confucius once said:"Life is simple, but we insist on making it complicated. There is much truth in these words. Many people load themselves too much on their private and professional lives, which means that they are constantly electrified. Some do not find a way out of the constant stress that can even make them ill. I have collected tips and advice for a minimalist life for you to make your life easier and less tedious. The best thing about it: A few of them can be implemented within an hour!

Minimalist supporters favour simple life: little consumption, clear wardrobe, food without packaging. At the beginning of the movement about ten years ago, minimalist people had to exchange views mainly via blogs on the web. In the meantime there are regular meetings in many German cities.

Furthermore, I think minimalism has a certain charm. The advantages are obvious. Fewer unnecessary things, less distractions, better energy and determination, and so on. So for some of you this is probably a great condition.

Minimalism pure and simple does not mean giving up luxury

Minimalist living doesn't mean that you live in a white apartment and sell your car, or that you have to get rid of your savings and give up your holiday and leisure time activities. Better said, you create freedom in your life by seeking the liberation of unnecessary stuff from ballast and also from purpose relationships, which you previously rated as comradeship / friendship. You don't necessarily live with less, instead you separate from unnecessary things and find more time to focus on the really important elements in your life. In the confrontation of a wardrobe full of barely worn fashion or 100 pairs of elegant shoes and a friendship, a great love or adventures in the daily routine, you won't have to think long about what means more to you and what you really value. Exactly in this case, the principle of minimalism comes into play and you can carry out a physical as well as an inner liberation in which you separate yourself from less important things and put your energy into your relationship, companionship or activities in your spare time.

Minimalism does not only go hand in hand with the redemption of unnecessary things, but also with a prudent and careful self-management. Be honest: how much money did you spend on unimportant things in the last calendar month instead of meeting your friends and having a nice evening? What added value does a piece of furniture that is categorized in the category of luxury and correspondingly expensive bring to you? Why minimalism is finding more and more followers and has become a creative, self-determined concept of life is due to the fact that more and more people are realizing that the fast-pacedness and the focus on possessions do not create happiness. There is no pretence for the extent of liberation from unnecessary things, nor for your beginning for a reduced life. You alone decide when, from what and how you would like to part and live minimalistically.

What do you need and what do you absolutely not need? If you want to start by freeing yourself from constraints and self-imposed regulations, the easiest way to start is to start on a small scale. You separate yourself from things that are absolutely unnecessary for you and do not bring any added value. You will quickly get to know a whole new joie de vivre and realize that you will feel better if you don't make useless investments in the first place and concentrate much more on friendships and love, on your fellow human beings and on yourself. Minimalism makes us happy and content.

Our property, our comfort, the way we spend our time and the flood of information we are exposed to keep us from what we actually want. We are wasting our money and our time and thus taking away our independence. The result: no time, no money, no satisfaction.

Minimalism pure - everyone decides how far they want to go