Acquisition and Loss of Ownership of Goods - Brigitta Lurger - E-Book

Acquisition and Loss of Ownership of Goods E-Book

Brigitta Lurger

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This volume contains the major result of the work undertaken by the international research group "Transfer of Movables" which was part of the Study Group on a European Civil Code. It covers the most important aspects of the law of property in movables, such as the transfer of ownership based on the transferor's right and the good faith acquisition of ownership. The suggested black letter provisions are accompanied by extensive explanatory comments and comparative notes providing information on the existing rules of the EU Member States. As compared to Book VIII of the DCFR, this volume contains additional and partly revised national notes, extended comments, translations of the black letter rules and adapted registers. The "Principles of European Law" are published in co-operation with Oxford University Press and Staempfli (Switzerland).

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