Ayurvedic Detox - A guide To Losing Toxins From The Body - Anand Gupta - E-Book

Ayurvedic Detox - A guide To Losing Toxins From The Body E-Book

Anand Gupta

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By now most people have heard about Detoxing, either from a magazine, new article, blog or event through a friend. Yet the exact process and theory behind the practice is often neglected in the explanation. Why should someone detox? What benefits can come of it? How does someone detox? This easy to understand guide clears the mystery and reveals the secrets behind this ancient therapy. In this book you will learn: · What detoxification is - and what it isn't · The history behind detoxification · Ayurveda medicine and detoxification · Who should undergo a detoxification diet · Symptoms that detoxification can address or even resolve · Different types of detoxification · How to choose the right detoxification diet · When the best time to detox is · How to properly detox without undesirable side effects · Simple and easy Detox Tips that you can apply to your life today · Sample Diets · Recipes for detox and greater health · And much more A properly applied Ayurveda Detoxification can benefit anyone. With this guide, you can start your journey to greater health today.

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Chapter 1: Who Should Get A Detox Diet?

Chapter 2: Ayurveda And Types Of Detox

What is Ama?

What is Pancha Karma?

Chapter 3: Benefits of Ayurveda and Detox

Chapter 4: Simple Detox Tips

Benefits of Water and Lemon

Importance of Herbs And Spices

Dry Brush Your Skin

Chapter 5: Sample Diets

Chapter 6: Recipes For The Fighter In You

Easy Breakfast Recipe

Tridoshic Kitchadi

Chutney – Corriander

Sesame Chutney

Rehydration Tea

How to go about it?

Herbal Spice Tea

Ayurvedic Tea – a detoxing turmeric tea.


The Importance Of Ghee In Ayurveda

Spring cleansing juice

Rich Healthy Kitchadi

Tonic of Ginger

Moo To reduce excess moisture of ‘Kapha’

Moong Detox Soup

Chapter 7: Sample Detox Plans



A lot of you may have come across the term ‘detox’ and wondered about it. In this e-book, we aim to take you through the basics of detox, why you should do it and whether it has any benefits.

To start with, we shall learn about detoxification – what is detox?

Detox is short for ‘de-toxifying’ and the context refers to clearing out the impurities in our blood stream. Indulging in a session of detox will help your body heal naturally and get rid of both artificial and natural toxins that plague the different body tissues. People are often under the misconception that detox means fasting however, this is not true. What actually happens around detoxification is that you stop consuming foodstuffs that are bad for the body. Instead, the focus is on natural and healthy food items that help the kidneys and liver by extracting the harmful toxins. When these toxins are eliminated from the body, then you will feel fresher and more rejuvenated.

Some of the famous celebrities from Hollywood who have embraced Ayurveda in a big way include Gwyneth Paltrow and Adriana Lima.

She began detox diets when she had a breakdown a few years ago and now insists that she repeats detox diets throughout the year so as to avoid taxing her body. Adriana Lima is another Brazilian model and actress who follows a low carbohydrate diet and often does detoxification. Jennifer Anniston and Julia Roberts are other such celebrities who propagate the goodness of Ayurvedic treatments as they believe it restores balance to their mind and body.

Super model Naomi Campbell was in Kerala very recently to attend a seminar of Patanjali and its benefits.

The fact that celebrities are doing Ayurvedic detox diets should not stop us from our end goals.

To help burn the excess moisture of Kapha, this recipe will be appropriate for all doshas and it stimulates the digestive fire of the body. These doshas are categorised as Vata (Air), Pitta (Fire) and Kapha (Water). Vata corresponds to movement, Pitta of digestion or metabolism and Kapha or lubrication and structure. The imbalance of these doshas usually results to illnesses. It would interest you to know that there are certain personality traits that are synonymous with Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

People who are categorised as having the predominantly Vata constitution of air and space are said to be thin and fast. They love movement and travel but physically they often feel cold and dry. Despite this, they prefer the warm climates and food. A lot of times, they have cold hands and feet which make them loathe cold areas. Knowing these tips, you would do well to adapt to good sleeping patterns and healthy foodstuffs. One should opt for coked food that is warm and easy to digest. It would also help to add sweet berries, rice, nuts, small beans etc.