Pranayama:  Science of Breathing  Volume 2 - Anand Gupta - E-Book

Pranayama: Science of Breathing Volume 2 E-Book

Anand Gupta

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Raja Yoga, also known as the Eight-limbed Yoga or the Royal Yoga, is the height and ultimate form of Yoga, offering benefits for everyone and anyone seeking a higher level of control, peace and connection. Focused on eight elements, or limbs, Raja Yoga is a complete practice, one that pulls every aspect of the being together to create a better life and spirit. The stages, or limbs of Raja Yoga are: * Yama * Niyama * Asana * Pranayama * Pratyahara * Dharana * Dhyana * Samadhi This guide focuses on Pranayama, or the breathing aspects of Raja Yoga - the principle, benefits and methods of how this amazing and inclusive practice can bring you closer to mastery and calm. Breathing is fundamental to all, we do it instinctively from the moment we first grace the Earth. Understanding this process, and how to change it and improve it can offer a deeper awareness of self while creating an atmosphere where change and healing can occur. Using the methods and techniques set forth in this detailed book one can achieve weight loss, better posture, increased muscle control, a focused spirit and better mind and body.

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Chapter 1: What Is Raja Yoga?

Chapter 2: Stages Of Raja Yoga



















Chapter 3: Pranayama Exercises For Sound Body And Mind


Spinal breath

Walking Breath


Crocodile Posture

Corpse Posture

Alternate Nostril breathing

Rhythmic breathing


Surya/Chandra Bhedana Pranayama


Sitali / Sitakari

The Weight Loss Exercise

The Long Exhale

Nasal Snoring

Bhramari breathing technique



Shanmukhi Mudra

The Complete Breath


Nasal Decongestion Exercises


Sutra Neti



Variation of Sasankasana

The benefits of Sasankasana

Sheetali and Seetkari Pranayama





Jalandha bandhas

Uddiyana bandha


Deer seal

Samanu purification


In continuing with the various benefits and characteristics of Pranayama, this book delves into Raja Yoga and goes on to describe a few complex Yoga Asanas that will work wonders for your body if practised on a regular basis.

Because breathing is vital to us, breathing in the correct manner will add value to our lives, especially when it becomes a part of unconscious mind. The ancient practice of Pranayama lends credence to the theory that by engaging with the various body parts and admiring its natural rhythm, you are preparing your body to fight toxins in the best manner possible. Pranayama makes your body adaptable and helps you notice the little things that you may otherwise have missed. This e-book will also give an insight into understanding the most royal form of Yoga and how it can be utilised to help you gain the ultimate level of experience. Raja Yoga has eight limbs that in totality will help you experience Samadhi or true enlightenment which only few of our forefathers have obtained. By learning about the individual components, you will be better prepared to handle the struggles and issues that crop up in life.

Allow this eBook to be your instant guide whenever you find yourself in the throes of despair. All trivialities of life will be side stepped when you realise that what matters is you and you alone. We come into life alone, get attached to things and people and allow restrictions to be imposed upon us. It is this attachment that we need to break away from.

Keep an open mind and you will see that your spiritual journey feels more uplifting than ever. All you need are the right companions and some profound lessons to help you get through the days. Delve into the basics of Raja Yoga and watch it transform our life, little by little. If in the course of the book you feel the need to slow down, then take a break and reflect upon the day’s learning. If you need more insight or clarification, feel free to indulge in lengthy discussions because learning is enhanced when one debates and discards theories that do not make enough sense.

Here’s to a lifetime of good health and wisdom, gained by practice of this ancient Indian Yogic Asanas.

Happy learning!

Chapter 1: What Is Raja Yoga?